President’s Image Too Much For Snowflakes
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The list of things that offend some of today’s college students is reaching a level that would be laughable, if it wasn’t so outright unpatriotic. 

Students at George Washington University, named for the founding American president, have voted in their student elections to have the schools mascot removed. 

George the Colonial, has been a mascot for the University since 1926 and is considered to be a nod to President George Washington for which the university was also chartered in 1821.

Yet 54 percent of the GW students who voted deemed the mascot inappropriate. They claim the word “Colonial” embodies a history of oppression. 

One student described the mascot as “a little white supremacisty.” While another complained that “the word colonial invokes an image of white men coming to take people’s land.”

Yet Abigal Marone of Campus Reform pointed out on Fox News that, “what’s missing in this debate is any sort of common sense whatsoever.”

She explained that “there’s a huge difference between a colonial, which is our mascot, and anyone who lived during colonial times, and colonialism, which is what students are saying this mascot is representative of, which is not the case at all.”

The small number of students that voted in these elections do not have the power to remove the mascot however, and it is unlikely that school officials will be retiring George the Colonial anytime soon.

  1. Hello, parents. Are you listening? Do you care that your kids are totally ignorant of our true history? Or are you also total ignoramuses, as well?

  2. These imbeciles are getting wackier…. Abigal Marone is totally correct in saying there is lacking any common sense
    on the part of these so-called students!

  3. Colonial means colonies, of everyday people, races,creeds escaping europe tyranny and over taxing, no opportunity. The problem here is we need to seek out these far left instructors indoctrinating Marist BS to these young people.

  4. How long are we going to allow communists to erase our rich history in this country. Saul Alinsky’s diatribe, his book, Rules for Radicals (1971) needs to be outlawed in America, that is the what they are using to destroy our country by erasing our history, religion, and our constitution, and we stand and watch them do it.

  5. I want these stupid little morons to have to explain the difference between La Raza, black lives matter and white supremacy. Then I want them to have to do a multi regression analysis on global temperature for the last 5000 years. Then I want them to do a report about why the global has be warming for 500 years but the curve has flattened. How does that fit with popular cultures global warming theory. If they cant come to a conclusion that makes sense they get dumped from school.

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