Actors Line Up To Throw Smollett Under The Bus
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So much of Hollywood has been willing to stand behind “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett. Supporting his bogus claims and endorsing his character. But even after all the charges against Smollett have been dropped, the American public is in outrage. That negativity may finally have reached a level that celebs can’t ignore. 

Hollywood started to turn on Smollett most recently when Chris Rock spoke while hosting the NAACP Image Awards. 

“They said no Jussie Smollett jokes,” Rock said. “I know. What a waste of light skin. You know what I could do with that light skin? That curly hair? My career would be out of here. F***ing running Hollywood.”

Now actor and comedian Tracy Morgan has come out against Smollett, blasting his claims while on The Tonight Show.

Morgan pointed out all the glaringly obvious reasons why the story just doesn’t add up. 

When host Jimmy Fallon asked Morgan whether he believed Smollett Morgan replied, “Nah man! First of all, racist people don’t be jumping nobody in the polar vortex. It’s too cold. You be racist in the spring.”

Morgan further disbelieves that racist would have any knowledge of who Smollett is as he shared, “racists don’t be watching Empire.”

Finally the celebrity admitted it was odd that despite being attacked, Smollett still had the presence of mind to save his Subway sandwich. “I think it was pepperoni and cheese, I don’t know,” Morgan laughed.

These are thoughts that nearly every American has had regarding the case, fueling anger that Smollett could so blatantly get away with making false claims of racist attacks.

However it’s a bit late for Hollywood to start agreeing, only after the backlash has proven to be something that won’t just go away because a prosecutor dismissed it. 


    1. He should be locked up for starting a hate crime isn’t that a law about doing something like that, he should be paying for all the time of the law enforcements agency’s time and and manpower. Then burn the sob!!

      1. One of Obama’s appointed judges left him off. Glad he is getting what he deserves. He should be in Jail. Hope the judge gets fired. Never be able to get license for attorney or judge.
        Trump 2020
        Build the wall
        Deport Illegals
        Arrest any government officials standing in ICE way.
        Vett and quarantine all refugees and asylum people.

  2. Americans just need to stand up and say look at false claim of hatred is still a form of hatred and it must be put out it’s a fire that must be put out and America must unite in this effort to put it out on both sides of the aisle after all this is still America is it now we are still a free country with freedom of speech freedom of expression and our basic freedoms guaranteed to us under our constitution we should support those things and we should abolish hate where ever we find

    1. Yeah, It would look like Jussie Smollette really screwed up. What he did was really unconscionable. What he did deflects attention from the real racist acts that are perpetrated on a daily basis and gives cover to the practicing racist that are committing violent acts on a regular basis. This violent history has been goin on in this country since this has been a country. There is a monument to lynching in Montgomery, Alabama. What Smollette did dishoners every person that has suffered and died as a result of racism. Just so you know, even though he was a perpetrator, there are still acts of racist violence being committed on a daily basis. Maybe instead of being in denial about it some of the people that are doing it should stop.

  3. inconsistencies and discrepancies abound in that story – leaves it pretty obvious about the intent…they did give him a chance – tried to ‘believe and support him’ – but there is just too much that doesn’t make sense. opportunist – wanting publicity–make his ‘name known’ – all sound more reasonable to what happened……and don’t go strutting around saying they found not guilty… kind of like with Hillary, they just failed to prosecute. for whatever the reason–if ‘fix was in’ by ‘higher up politicos/legal eagles, whatever’ — that still doesn’t mean ‘innocent of charges’.

  4. I’m a patient man. As long as justice is dealt out in my lifetime, it will be worth it.
    But let’s not make me wait five years either.
    The Dems are spoiled working the system.
    You are suppose to believe them if they say they are not guilty even though the evidence says otherwise. Deleting 30,000 subpoenaed emails makes Mary Woods 18 minute “accidental “ recording erasure look like child’s play. Until someone, anyone involved in this disgrace actually checks into hotel Leavenworth, I remain a skeptic.

    1. How right you are! I am from Canada and watch Fox a lot and their coverage about Jessie Smullett. Such obvious political interference, especially when it came out that Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff called Kim Foxx about making this thing go away. I am glad that at the NAACP awards Chris Rock ignored the warning of “no jokes about Jessie!” What is find even more astonishing is that there wasn’t even an attempt to hide anything, like the call from the Obamas by proxy! Of course, I know it is because of the MSM there. That this man staged this as a hate anything Donald Trump crime is disgusting. Also, as one, like you, who was there to see Watergate – you are so right about the erased tape issue! I forgot about that! I have been following those two reporters, Jon Soloman and Sara Carter who have uncovered all the stuff about those FISA courts and are now working on the Uranium One deal, along with investigating if Obama knew all about the “insurance” policy put in place when Hillary lost the election. It is like reading an Agatha Christie mystery novel and having to tune in to Hannity each night to read another chapter! As for this issue, Jessie Smulett and Kim Foxx should be on their knees thank the Lord that their actions didn’t spark an all out race war that would make Watts look like a day in the park!

  5. It took another illegal liberal act to twist a sick actor into freedom. Smallett should be prosecuted but it took an Obama crony, disusing it with Michelle to pull strings with the liberal DA to get this jerk off. Don’t worry, this is not over yet. Bring charges against the Obama’s, the Lady DA, and Smollett. Put him away and get him out of TV and let him get the punishment he deserves. SICK liberal deamoncrats!!!

  6. This Smollett incident has exposed so many left-wing extremists for what they are. They clearly believe that even though Smolett wasn’t attacked by right-wing Trump lovers, he could have been, and so they will support him despite how absurd they become in so doing.
    Consider the following:
    For the NAACP Image Awards, host Chris Rock was admonished “no Jussie Smollett jokes”. But they’re always fine with the most distorted and vile jokes about Donald Trump, his wife and family, or anyone in his administration . Tune into any late-night talk show and you will perceive the same censored approach. The absurdity of Smollett’s claims and actions would literally consume all of the talking heads if the transparent and idiotic stunt had been pulled by some white Republican. Don’t you understand how vicious the conspiracy is in managing what you see and hear?
    Now regarding the asinine claims of Smollett. As has been observed, the idea that a couple of right-wing thugs would wait in sub-zero cold on the off-chance that Smollett might walk by, is absurd on its face (did I mention the sub-zero thing?). Add in the overwhelming evidence that the two Nigerians who actually “attacked” Smollett were on Smollett’s payroll. Then comes Smollett’s attorney to respond to the observation that although Smollett claimed he was ambushed by two white guys wearing MAGA hats, the two Nigerians are clearly not white (have you seen their photo?). She says that they could have been wearing white face-paint. Well now, that explains everything!
    OK, let’s add up his defense: He didn’t make anything up. He was attacked after midnight in sub-zero cold by two Nigerians who worked for him, who wore white face paint and MAGA hats, thus confusing Smollett into thinking he had been attacked by elements of the huge right-wing racist population that inhabits his neighborhood.
    OK, makes sense! Nothing to see here, move on! And drop the charges against Smollett. Oh, and no Jussie Smollett jokes, OK?
    You’d have to be a mental degenerate to buy that absurd garbage, but that’s just what Jessie Jackson has done, and just what many celebrities have done. And just what late-night talk show hosts have done by refusing to lampoon both Smollett and his attorney (obviously cut from the same mental bolt of cloth as Jussie was).

  7. As far as the MSM, this is already in the rearview mirror and fading fast. By July 4th, he’ll be in the ‘oh, ya, that guy crowd’. Notice how what’s his name, the NFL martyr has more or less disappeared, too? Do not waste anymore emotional energy on these losers.

  8. He is done. I worked in Hollywood for 40 years. I know how thing work there. His career is over. Why would any producer harm the bottom line when the are many actors looking for work? Kathy Griffin made a bad joke and she is history. Roseanne Barr made a careless comment and she is done. Smollett committed a hate crime hoax, and skated. He is toast.

  9. Poor liberal actors did you decide the people weren’t going to stand for covering up a crime and that you you were backing a losing horse. The lady DA and the Obamas should spend time in jail for helping with the crime that by letting Smollett off. I hope Chicago goes after that guy and makes him pay for all the man power that was spent on his lies and false crime just for publicity. No one should ever employ him again.

  10. I heard Obama is a friend or ‘acquaintance’ so the do-nothing former White House occupant has actually DONE something – of ciourse as you’d expect the WRONG thing. Chicago too, Obama’s home town! These politicians never cease sticking their nose in where it should not be
    James b Polk

  11. Smollette must have the charges re-instated and the DA also need to be charged with misconduct. His charges were dropped because he has ties to Obama and his cronies and this was used to sweep everything under the rug. Well Obama isn’t President and Michelle is no longer the First Trannie so they did this secretly using influence to drop all charges. This is conspiracy and the FBI needs to investigate this and bring those involved up on charges, even if it is Obama himself.

  12. This whole facade is another clear example of how connected ppl get away with committing crimes. The Mayor & Michelle Obama should be called out as well for excusing his actions. Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this? Sealing the records? Talk about racial profiling…






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