Chicago PD Make Demands After Smollett Case
Image credit: abcnews

In Chicago the fallout of the botched legal case of actor Jussie Smollett continues as Chicago police officers are protesting the judgement. 

Off-duty Chicago PD joined a group of nearly 300 people in protest. They assembled outside the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and called for her to resign. Foxx was responsible for dropping the charges against Smollett.

Smollett, is a black and gay actor that was charged with staging a hate crime against himself and filing multiple false police reports. 

Foxx led the prosecution that dropped the charges, stunning local law enforcement who had not been notified of the decision.

So Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police organized the protest. President of a local chapter of the police union Kevin Graham shared that, “We are here to let people know that we want justice in Cook County.”

Protestors bore pins that read “Foxx Must Go!” while carrying sign that read “Resign now” and “Who let the Foxx in the henhouse.”

    1. What a travesty of justice! The rich and connected can get away with anything I guess. Friends in high places is not justice.

  1. She should resign and then brought up on charges of obstruction of Justice. And if there is a state law Bias.

    1. She will probably have a better paying job with with Jesse’s rainbow coalition or Obama’s deep state. the whole thing smells like a sellout of justice for personal gain. Chicago gangster politics. When the bribes are equal, justice prevails.

  2. It is difficult to stay focused on reality while a good portion of the country is totally insane. I mean the left in all it’s permutations. The MSM. The Democrats. and the Communist useful idiots.

  3. I hope and pray that this Krum Fox is fired and jailed – The collusion between her – the obamas and soros is outrageous. She is not qualified to be Chicago’s Attorney General. It appears she can be BOUGHT AND SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER.

  4. FURTHER– networks cancelled Roseanne Barr’s show and Tim Allens because they only spoke their politics. How come this gay freaks show is still on…….DON’T WATCH THE SHOW AND MAKE A LIST OF THEIR SPONSORS AND STOP[ BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS.

  5. “Smollett, is a black and gay actor”…and I am a white and straight non-actor. So what?

    Why is this included in every media account of this story? If someone like me had done this I guarantee you it would not say ‘NAME, is a white and straight non-actor.’ It absolutely wouldn’t. It might say, ‘NAME, appears to be a Trump supporting white nationalist (even though that would be incorrect).

    The point is the media is routinely editorializing in its news stories. STOP IT!

  6. White courts, DA’s office Police Departments has been dropping cases that should have been tried and indicted but now we have a black man who killed no one have not robbed or hurt anyone but yet the KKK lynching mob want him dead get a life people.

  7. Why is it in the Democrat controlled cities, the cops are the Real victims? They make legitimate arrests then some “Wuss” politician drops the charges. Hey Cops, look for other cities to work in, where the Law is still the law.

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