Report Reveals Trump’s Plan For SCOTUS
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President Donald Trump’s last nomination of a justice to the Supreme Court of the United States caused a national spectacle. However he already has plans for his next nomination in the case that a position opens up. 

That opportunity may come sooner than later. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been serving for over 25 years with the court, and despite her claims to remain could vacate while Trump is is president. 

If that happens, Axios has reported that Trump is expecting such an event and has already chosen who would replace her. 

The outlet reports that Trump has spoken in private numerous times that he would like to appoint Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the position.

“I’m saving her for Ginsburg,” Trump is reported to have said.

Trump previously named Barrett as a potential nomination when he ultimately decided on Kavanaugh. Trump cited that the choice was made because he didn’t think moderates like Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski would support Barrett, given her stance against abortion.

However things may be smoother for Barrett in the future and it appears that Trump has kept his eye on her in just such an event that the 86-year-old Ginsburg retires.

  1. With all due respect for Ruth Ginsberg I am concerned that as an elderly person she may not be able to perform at the level required of a Supreme Court Justice. I would prefer to see her evaluated for dementia.

  2. What a nut case he is. I have a new appointee for President. I can’t wait as it can’t come soon enough.

  3. I have seen over almost 60yrs, a President nominates and seats a judge. Although each says they have no political views or supports one party or the other. They all have had and still do have political views. They are human. But a judge is to recite and execute the laws. Not put personal feelings or thoughts behind rulings. Let’s all think about that.

  4. If Jesus Christ were alive and Trump appointed him the Democrats would vote against him. Unfortunately the Congress of the US has just about ceased to function in regards to looking after the business of the American people.

  5. All bets are off on the reaction from the Dems if POTUS Trump is re-elected in 2020 and the Republicans retain the US Senate. That would definately increase the chances that he gets to replace Ginsburg and probably Breyer. We know he is a liberal, just not sure he’s the kind that wants to ‘die in the saddle’ like Buzzy, Feinstein and San Fran Nan. Thomas is another retirement possibility. A wild card could be Sotomayer. She’s not a picture of a health for a lady in her age group. Pictures show a hunched over, tired looking women, with a history of other issues. So, tighten your chin strap and prepare for a wild ride from here to November 2020.

      1. Yes, I too care about the children of the future and it sure isn’t with the demented Democrats who want to kill babies in the womb and after birth too…, even if it is born alive. You appear to be just another Democrat hypocrite with a mouthful of conflicting words!! No one can care about the future of children if they support abortion!!!!!

        1. I do not condone abortion as a means of birth control, but I feel there are events that warrant this most difficult decision to be made. Incest resulting in pregnancy, rape resulting in pregnancy and if the woman’s life is at stake due to the pregnancy. I do not take the decision that a woman takes to have an abortion lightly because it is/can be a very, very traumatic decision…one that will more than likely remain in her subconscious for the rest of her life. My heart goes out to the woman that has to make that choice based on the reasons I listed.

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