Pelosi Turns This Fight Into A War
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just addressed a press conference to declare she and her fellow obstructionist Democrats would be fighting to oppose what SHE has labeled a “war on health care.”

This appears to be a response to the Trump administration making progress towards removing the Affordable Care Act or otherwise known as Obamacare.

Things picked up momentum this week when the Justice Department released a memo saying it would not defend the ACA in federal appeals court and a Texan judge ruled the whole program unconstitutional. 

This has set Pelosi off, saying that “The Trump administration radically expanded its war on health care this week … asking the court to strike down every last provision of the Affordable Care Act.”

It looks like health care will be next issue for Democrats to blow out of proportion as the speaker called on her fellow party members to come out of hiding to hinder a process that changes things for the better. 

“We will fight that. We will fight that in the Congress, we will fight that in the court, and we’ll fight it in the court of public opinion,” Pelosi announced.

Falling in line like good little drones, House Dems then introduced the Protecting Pre-existing Conditions and Making Health Care More Affordable Act in order to bolster the ACA. They claim the bill will “improve the affordability of, undo sabotage with respect to, and increase access to health insurance coverage.”

However President Trump is wiling to meet the challenge head on. He announced, “I understand health care now” and also stated “if the Supreme Court rules that ObamaCare is out, we’ll have a plan that is far better than ObamaCare.”

While Democrats reflexively attempt to block every move Trump makes, the president is busy listening to system and improving it. He has vowed that “The Republican Party will become ‘The Party of Healthcare!’” 

  1. When you hear WOP WOP WOP, IT’S NOT HELICOPTER BLADES above you. iT’S NUTZY PALOOOZI’S MOUTH SOUNDING OFF AGAIN. This crazy EYETALIAN (I can’t call her a lady) is in dementia and shouldn’t be loose on the streets; but that’s where she came from….the streets of Baltimore where she was miss car lift in a garage with all the boys.

    1. when it was passed (OBOMA CARE) PELOSI said you must pass it to find out what’s in it what a statement from a leader of the DEMACRATS you half to be stupid to say something like that about a bill the will effect the whole country

      1. Obamacare was so expensive people couldn’t afford it. After passing it, we all remember the STOOPID remark she made. It was not humorous! We “have to pass it so we can read it?” then people were being find for not signing up. It was too expensive. WAiting lines to see a dr. waiting lines to get x-rays and months to get surgery.. People died before getting treatment. Obama lied about this (as he did with everything ) I sugggest that every dem be supeonad to have their. TAX RETURNS TURNED IN FOR LASY 10 YRS. WOW! we would have to build a new detention center for all the cheaters. I think everyone, Democrats especially, needs to be investigated. to see what laws they broke. The Lobbyists would be put out of Business. The corruption uncovered in Dem party is so big it would take Federal COURTS years to investigate them all. “What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander!”

  2. No surprise there as the Dems have made it their mission to deny the President from implementing any of his policy’s ,that’s how strong their sick Demented Hate for him is, they only care about winning against him and pushing their Leftist policy’s ,they don’t give a tinkers damn about John Q public to them John Q Public is just a tool to use to get their Leftist Socialistic policy implemented and they will use any and all means necessary to implement their policy’s, they are morphing into a bunch of stinking Hypocritical power hungry Dictators.

  3. Of course Nancy if Trump said something was green you would say it was red really you all need to start worrying about the American ppl and not all the personal hate you have for trump you should be working together than trying to get revenge on trump because Hillary lost…get over it already

  4. Pelosi couldn’t fight her way out of anything! That whole party is disgusting!! They never worry about “Public Opinon”! I’m a nurse and Obamacare was a disaster from day one!! Doctors are overloaded with patients, appointments are scheduled quite a ways out, Doctors are choosing to go into specialty rather than family Practice, so finding doctors is very difficult!! Why don’t the Democrats wait and see what President Trumps plan looks like that. After all, nobody that voted on Obamacare even knew what they were voting for….Remember ” pass the bill, & you’ll know what’s in it??”

    1. Hi from Canada, the home of free free free health care! I have heard many of President Trump’s idea’s for US Health Care, the most important one (I think it is anyways) is keeping the approval if you already have an existing condition. It is sickening to watch Democrats stand or sit there and say that Trump is NOT going to keep that in whatever new health care plan he does. I watched as Bernie Sanders told a bold face lie and say the same, including the statement that every Democrat, that’s Liberal in Canada, loves to say….”thousands of people will die!”
      About the free health care here. First of all, I know that you know that nothing is free and we Canadian taxpayers pay for this free health care! It wasn’t always that way. We had to pay for our own health care believe it or not. If you lost your job, the first thing to worry about was getting $$$ to pay for your H/C for three months – it was the law that you paid for 3 months. Then, the Government said they were going to pay for half. Can you imagine Lynne, going to a job interview now and be told that they, your prospective employer, would be covering all H/C costs? Moving forward the Government paid for all of it, yahoo you thought! Let me educate you on what will happen, and it will happen if the Democrats are elected and all is free! The Government will start spending the tax $$$$$ collected specifically for H/C on other things, then Government begins to cut here and there..saying that they can’t afford things like Physiotherapy or Physical therapy as it is called in the US. Then eye exams will not be paid for anymore. Then you realize that you have to get supplemental insurance that WILL cover this, if you can afford it. Beware of the Free Free Free call to the voters, because all it means is that you are giving your power away. Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi have multiple homes and are not wanting for $$$, they have a few million to spare..oh, and Nancy has a WALL around her house Sure, so is President Trump – I don’t think that he has a wall around his house though. The difference is that Bernie and Nancy could care less if Americans cannot get a simple eye exam anymore and can’t afford to pay cash for one…or Americans can’t have physical therapy for their broken leg once the cast if off. It happened here and I know that it may just be a small thing, but, there are people who don’t take their kids to the eye MD because they can’t afford it, same with Physical therapy! When i had my knee replacement, it cost me $95.00 for the assessment at the Physical therapy clinic and for every weekly visit, and you HAVE to have therapy for knee replacement…..that weekly visit was $75!

  5. speaker pelosi i doubt that you will even read this but with your beloved obam care my copay would have been 2500 dollars! now i know that is just a drop in the bucket for you and your health care is FREE all tax paying citizens I SAID ALL TAX PAYING CITIZENS not the illegals that are in bed with, should get the same thing you do , oh but that would cost too much .if you had to live on what the typical people made old woman you would jump out of a you remember FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE? didnt think so,how about you stop being a dork and try working with the president yeah THE PRESIDENT to make things better for the people paying your g/////m wages! someday you will wake up but it will be too late for you to do any good!


  7. This guy trump is a total ass hole as well as an arrogant smuck, he dont want a black president taking credit for something good. President Obama is a better and smarter person he would ever hope to be. I can just only hope this guy trump does not get re elected again.

    1. Frank Donato: Show me how much Nobummmmmer followed the Constitution. What this illegal person has done was to turn this country into a third world or worse country. His ACA was the biggest lie foisted by his godless party on the American public. You can keep your doctor . . big lie, your health premiums will go down by $2500 per year . . . mine went up by that much. You can keep . . . . it didn’t matter, what he said was a ONE BIG LIE after another. All he wanted to do was to infuse muslimes into this country to overthrow this Representative Repubic and replace it with sharia law . . . something that is diametrically opposed to the Constutition. A law passed in 1952 was supposed to bar anyone who would not assimilate and embrace OUR CONSTUTITIONAL WAY OF LIFE. Quit drinking your famous Nobammmmmmer Kool-Aid, you are also suffering from TDS. See your local shrink to get, if possible, your head out of that very dark place.

    2. Hay Frank Hillary lost and Obama is gone thank goodness, I believe you must be a Idiot if you thank Obama was a better President, The only thing he did was get rich off the American People, selling our country to the people that hate us.

  8. Ms. Pelosi, WE THE PEOPLE have NEVER liked the ACA because it is ANYTHING BUT affordable. It’s a sham and has always been an unfair law. It does NOT cover anything until the family who has it is bankrupt. That is NOT fair and it is NOT what INSURANCE was meant to do. Insurance is meant to keep you FROM going bankrupt — and the ACA DOES NOT DO THAT.

  9. I endured the burden of the “Affordable Care Act” a.k.a. “Obama Care” for one year before transferring to Medicare. The adage; “if you want to keep your healthcare provided you can” A.C.A notified me that I would be assigned to a new network of doctors that was not of my choice. So relieved to transition into Medicare! I sincerely hope that they revise A.C.A. for all who have to receive it.

  10. Who cares they are the destroyercrats and obama care sucked, all the lies he told us about how our rates wouldn’t go up we could keep our doctors and so on all lies my rates tripled and limited doctors what a hot mess.

    1. We must remember that SHE was the LIAR who illegally and unconstitutionally vetted ole brokeback barry as being eligible to hold our highest office, FULLY KNOWING that he was not! She was the same dictator who rammed that ovomitcare down our throats, fully KNOWING that we did not want it. She ALSO was the scumbag who lead her blind and ignorant sheep down Pennsylvania Avenue, waving her Speaker’s gavel for all to see her show of “power.” It is time President Trump put a muzzle on that delusional old has-been by arresting her for obstruction and willful failure her sworn oath to protect and defend.

  11. Pelosi is tuningup her Sharia Muslim trio and she Pelolosi wants to be their new Calif when ISIS STARTS THE FIGHTING with their Democrat buddies. Down with the Sharia ISIS Fighters and their Calif Pelose are there no Democrat Men who can straighten out the Sharia Democrat women?

  12. The sooner we get people who have sold our country down the drain out of the U.S. Senate & out of the U.S. Congress, the better off our country will be. Bye Bye Pelosi.
    Every parent, child, sister or brother of someone who has been raped or killed by illegals and MS-13 Ganagstas is searching for a way to communicate to these murderers and raposts and MS=13 Gangstas the addresses of all of Nancy Pelosis’ grandchildren and where they go to school and participate in everyday activities. EQUAL JUSTICE, NANCY…………………………This goes double and triple for “governor” of Caifornia.
    Pelosi, Feinstein are against the wall but not against the walls which they have installed around their compounds. The only way to get a message across to a MULE is to hit it in the private parts with a big metal bar………………………….

  13. If Ms Nancy goes too far protesting Obama’s changes and disasterous “reign”, she will be eating sawdust. Obama committed over 300 SERIOUS illegal acts, frauds, robbed the US Treasury, paid our money out for serious acts AGAINST the American voters, secretly sent millions to Iran, (bribes) and so many offenses against the American voters, was an illegal president, is a suspect of the “Deep State’s” plans to sabotage President Trumps presidency, even BEFORE he was elected. If any or all of this comes out (and it eventually will), the Dems need to find a real hiding place, because many of them were involved in frauds, illegal acts… would be like opening Pandora’s Box..beware.

  14. pelosi addressed a conference — was she able to complete a statement of over 2 words without losing her thought or her mind ???? She needs to be careful with her empty threats and who she’s threatening — she will eat her words sooner than later.

  15. Government should maybe monitor insurance rates. Devise a system that one must qualify for government insurance just like welfare and Medicaid. I know a young woman who told me I had a responsibility to help pay because without Obamacare she couldn’t afford health insurance for her two children. Guess what. She just had another child! Very mature and responsible on her part. I don’t begrudge good health for anyone but I’m 69 and still paying taxes. Is she willing to pay my expenses such as dental care which I can’t afford? Guess it doesn’t matter if I can eat nutritional food. But when I die who’ll replace my taxes so she can have health insurance and probably another child?

  16. the Alzheimer’s ridden old hag of a witch belongs in a mental institution or she needs to be sent to Gitmo for reason and sedition. i prefer her going to Gitmo along with all of her other communist demon-rat obstructionists who hat America and there own skin color.


  18. Obamacare is a total disaster and costs too much with limited benefits and should be completely repealed. It would have been had the late Senator McCain told the truth about his going to vote to dissolve it. He lied just like Obama lied.

  19. Because of obamacare the rich ass worthless dems are getting richer and regular people cant even afford insurance.. if this country does not get its shit together there will be a war in the states like peloski wants… you might get your wish get out of governament and take the rest of the nut cases with u….

  20. This from the idiot that said they had to pass the bill so they could read it and see what was in it. I would think that the thing to do was read it and then either pass it or deny it. This woman does not have her head screwed on straight. She and the rest of the Democratic women need to go back and read the History of this country.

  21. because nancy doo IT’S NOT AFFORDABLE!!! It should have NEVER been expanded the way it was It could have expanded welfare to include obama’s children another obama fcuk up

  22. The Obama care act are also known as the “‘Affordable cares act ” has been a bee sting in the butts,of both the Democrat,s and Republicans,s ,( etc ) Political ball game,and who comes out the Losers,the Public,and voter,s,and not with out standing the Lawyer,s on both sides. If the Democrats have a
    better plain,then why in “HELL’ did they not summit it,then under the past ( Democratic,President,Barrack Obama, Things change some good and some bad,but it appears on the surface ,that the Democrats,went along with our Past ( Communist) President,and his rope -A- Dope agenda,but American,s fought back off the Ropes and Knocked him down,and yet their
    was no knock out,only a crooked political System,he was not taken out of the ring,due the split decision . NASTY NANCY PELOSI,Kiss the back side
    of a Goats Butt. Your Mind is like your face are a dried up prune !

  23. Obstructionists go to prison. We can hardly wait for you to enter prison old woman! You are the worst traitor to our Republic and such a disgrace! Your arrogance is delusional and you and your vile and evil democraps will all be in prison and if not, you certainly will be voted out. You are a liar and a cheat and we know it. YOu are in bed with the cartels and have lined your coffers with drug money and taxpayer money. If we look in the dictionary (after we get you in prison) you can look under traitor, or evil, or satanist, or never a true America, and you will see your picture. Good riddance to you Pelousy and your democrap tribe and ways.

  24. Pelosi needs to step down! This pos is not working for the people she is working for the corrupt deep state.

    These are not your grandfather’s Democrats

    The Democrats’ obstinate refusal to fund a physical barrier on our southern border is the starkest illustration yet that they are no longer a political party dedicated to the protection and prosperity of the United States. The party has been captured by cultural Marxists who are radically hostile to America’s founding principles, its history, and its people. It’s no exaggeration to recognize the reality that the Democratic Party is engaged in an ideological war against the historic American nation, which the party’s members despise.

    Post-Civil War Democrats fashioned themselves as champions of America’s working classes and defenders the freedoms contained in the Bill of Rights. Those Democrats were patriotic and believed that while the founders’ promise had yet to be fully realized, their ideals of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” were profound and sacred truths.

    That all changed beginning with the cultural revolution of the 1960s, as cultural Marxists began their long march to take over America’s universities, media, courts, and popular culture. These Democrats fancied themselves revolutionaries who believed that because of its flaws, America was irredeemable. Their motto was “tear it all down.” While tattered remnants of those old-style Democrats survive on the margins, they are no longer an animating force within the party.

    If you think I exaggerate, consider how the Democrats turned their backs on labor unions, once the surest path to the middle class for men and women who worked with their hands and backs. The Dems threw unions under the bus in favor of radical environmentalists who oppose coal mining, oil drilling, and pipelines. Those high-paying jobs were sacrificed by the Democrats to the false god of global warming. The jobs and fossil fuel production didn’t vanish, mind you – they just moved overseas, beyond the reach of American workers.

    At the same time, millions of high-paying manufacturing jobs were shipped offshore to appease the gods of globalism. Even now, the Dems are all on board with their Tech Titan masters in Silicon Valley as they scheme to put millions of professional drivers out of work with self-driving trucks. Union workers, who had been faithful and committed Democratic Party supporters, were left out in the cold until Trump came along and championed their interests.

    Committed civil libertarians were also jettisoned by the Democrats. Once champions of free speech, the Dems now work in myriad ways on college campuses, in popular culture, and on social media to censor opposing points of view, often through violence and intimidation.

    Second Amendment rights are likewise under constant assault from the Democrats, who know that an unarmed, docile populace is a prerequisite for state control. And Fourth Amendment rights to privacy have been so violated as to now be rights in name only.

    The Dems have filled the void created by the abandonment of these constituencies and once cherished beliefs with a toxic stew of grievance and identity politics. They’ve cobbled together a coalition of people who believe that government is their salvation and that any shortfall of their own is the fault of an oppressive, bigoted America.

    Where once they believed in equal rights, they now push racial preferences and quotas. Where once they believed in free enterprise and market capitalism, they now openly advocate socialism. Belief in strong, traditional families has been replaced by advocacy of redefining marriage and men in women’s sports and bathrooms. Once antiwar, they now openly advocate for endless, globalist wars of no discernible national interest for America’s young men and women to fight and die in.

    The problem with all this is that America is still marginally a traditionally conservative nation, and none of these leftist policies enjoys majority support outside liberal coastal and big-city bastions, so the new Democrats are pretending desperately to be the Democrats of old just long enough to complete the transformation of the nation to fit their Marxist ideology.

    The way Democrats mean to complete the transformation is through mass immigration – both legal and illegal. They have been importing a new electorate that has little history, understanding, or appreciation of free enterprise and civil rights. These new voters are more concerned with day-to-day economic survival than “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – ironically because of the very socialist governments they are fleeing.

    This is the reason why the Democrats are so adamantly opposed to a physical barrier on the border – not because they believe that it doesn’t work, but because they know that it does.

    1. William Thorp. I could not have expressed what you just did in a more perfect way. I could go on and on until i sound like Maxine Waters. But then i would have to have my friends shoot me. Your biggest point is that not only but mostly the democrats. Have there own agenda. It is a self serving agenda certainly not what there party still thinks they are. . It is not new. They have had plans to destroy this country since its creation. They just stop hiding those plans in 2016. By knowing what you know .I have a hunch that you may have even been one of them. I was for over 30 years. I believed what they said, voted the way i was told. I was a union ironworker in san francisco. . Back then they at least appeared to care about the working man and his family. I even donated and voted straight ticket. I voted obama first term. Them for some reason i began to actually pay attention to them. i also came to my own conclusion. My transformation took a few years. I first had to open my mind up to the fact we were being lied do that i had to do research and yes start thinking for myself. today i am a hardcore conservative. in my early sixties. It helped that i remember my dad paying the doctor 35$ cash total to provide care when my little sis was born. no government , no FDA rules to follow . that was when health care was at its best. There where very few government regulations. competition set the costs. My point is liberals are sheep . It is not even there fault. They have been brain washed since there birth and taught the other side is the root of all evils. we were told how to vote, who to donate too. what to think how to act. even what outraged us. anybody that does not fit in that line of thinking . Must be destroyed. Why else could they possibly still think Trump committed a crime to beat hillary. also lets face the fact that washington has completely forgotten why they are there. to represent us. they think it is us that should serve them. We will not fix this. only way is total start over .It is a miracle with all the corrupted voting and fixes that Trump won. we must act fast and do the convention of states. it is our best chance to save us. Please be patient with the idiot libs. some of them may wake up. if so we will need them. i wish i could make them see the truth .


  26. uumm Does Pelosi still get air plane rides for FREE on the TAXPAYERS DIME when she flies back and forth to Calif each week end to her home… costing her NOTHING.. I sure would love to have a job like that where I was flown all across the nation from my house to my JOB at tax payers expense……. imagine that??? No one else in Congress gets that same treatment do they??

  27. If She likes it so well, let’s see all of Congress go on it.
    If they had to go on it, I sure bet they would side with President Trump.

  28. I understand you’re surrounded by guards with guns you have walls around your properties on more than one property and is worth around 98 million dollars you’ll be taking three pensions home from Converse when you do decide to leave while you’re taking up space in Congress and not accomplishing anything you have four compounds I think someone would open up a bus service bring all the Caravans to your for homes have them scale your walls and make bed in your home you can’t possibly live in all four of them accidentally you should put them through school pay for their college that makes it free for them and you’re giving back to the illegal community of which you’re happy and while you’re at it love to see films of you giving money to the people on the streets or adopting a few children from South America I could go on money that you’re making Congress why don’t you donate it to the people over the Border or at least give some of it to our workers to help with the medicines at the border so at least they won’t have any types of diseases as you allow them to become overcrowded and have nowhere to go we wouldn’t want our young children to become sick from a disease that was eradicated in our country many years ago so thanks to the demons the democrap that you push up in Congress you and your pals Pat each other on the back and sliding money in your back pockets horrible people Do America a favor pull your lip over your head and swallow thank you Walter Matthau have a good day

  29. There are no words strong enough to truly describe Pelosi and her “party”. In my opinion they are nothing but a bunch of of money, publicity, crooked people without a care or compassion to anyone but themselves NO SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT EVER! NO SOCIALIZED MEDICARE. I pity the people who believe in socialism..Look at all of the people from countries whose government is “social”.

  30. Interesting… in 1956 when as a draftee the military was inducted into the social security program, without choice. The month enacted I received an pay increase of something like $15 a month and the social security costs was Bout $17 for a net loss of $2, which at the time my pay was about $114 a month so it was an impact. By the way this included the enactment of Medicare, the very program they want to give to…. well virtually everyone including illegals. All of this and they want to call it an entitlement. Does this not bother you all?

  31. The way the government has handled the Veterans Administration should raise a red flag in front of anyone desiring a single-payer, run by the government healthcare system for EVERYBODY. The government already has way too much power. Handing it total control over our healtcare system should easily be seen as the wrong way to go.

  32. Better not get your panties in a wad, nanny goat, you are biting off way more than you can chew and WE ARE GONNA SOCK IT TO YA!!

  33. There is no version of health with requirements by the government that can be affordable. The government demands control of licensing, schooling and legal standards. The government demands control of approval drug approval. Medical methods approval, and medical device approval. You want affordable health care: make more doctors faster, short drug approval time, reduce medical device approval time. Create free medical schools in exchange for 15 years work in a government clinic. More supply before more demand. That’s how you get affordable health care.

  34. In no way shape or form is Obama care is affordable and not for the working class after Obama care started it went from 84 a month to 670 dollars a month real affordable

  35. It took them less than 4 days to pass the ACA which was more then 2200 long – 4 1/2 reams of paper and after 10 years they can not find a fix to the act – WTF is the matter?

    Who could read 2200 pages in 4 days so they could vote with some intelligence on what they were voting on.
    The high premiums required to pay for the ACA insurance was anything but affordable to anyone who earns less than $100,000 per year.

  36. In 1964 the government of India would send any person interested in being a doctor to America with full ride and they could bring their family for the time they are studying medicine and in return they were required to do 10 year of service to the government and after the time of service was up then they could could go into private practice or stay in service to the government.

    India would pick the university the person would attend based on the speciality they wanted to study.

    I learned about this from personal interviews I did with several families in this government program.

  37. Pelosi is like the rest of them demo Rats they all big garden tools and Nancy is in the lead with chuck the gut in second place. You dem o rats don’t get up early enough to out think Trump that’s why he wins every time against fake people that spreds them selves like peanut butter

  38. Pelosi take a hike and take all your idiot friends with you. You are nobody and certainly not the President of the United States of America!!!!! What’s wrong with you? Didn’t anyone let you know that Donald J. Trump is the President? And will continue to be. O, you poor thing….too much adrenochrome? Your brain is dying at a rapid pace. Just face it and resign and go on home.

  39. If w go along With the Democrats on Health care then our Health is gone we might all be dead in 12 years like AOC says Not only will they stop there Socialism will take over EVERYTHING. I WOULD LIKE TO SAY TO ONCE SOCIALISM, ITS DICTATORSHIP

  40. Pelosi, you ignorant person, we never doubted you Democrats wouldn’t “FIGHT IT”…That’s all you’ve done in over 2 years…and you are destroying your party because of that! Stupid fools…

  41. Nancy Pelosi,Schuck Shumer.AOC,Ilham Omar.Tlaib,Soros,and the rest of the Demoncrats,need to resign,and go away ,in no way or shape are you people Politicians,all you are is the lowest,lower than a snake. I can not believe there are people that believe in what you nut jobs have to say ,or your agenda.People cant you see these here Idiots are going to sell our country to the muslims,as a matter of fact ,Obama,and Clinton have already made deals with terrorist countries,and that is why the attack on the President will not stop.The Democratic Party made deals in return for money for the 2017 elections to make sure hillary won ,and they lost,so now they owe all the bid donors,their share,that is why they are running like chickens with no heads on,because they owe a lot of big Gamers promises they could not keep.

  42. With all their talk about how great the aca was I always wondered if any of the dems who voted for its passage ever signed up for it or why they exempted themselves from it??

  43. Now is she fighting for Americans to get Healthcare or is this for the illegals!? Because the Democrats have been fighting tooth and nails for Everyone EXCEPT for Americans! So if it’s for Americans at least the Democrats would be actually doing something for their pay! But I will believe this when I see it!! Lmao

  44. “Now that we’ve passed it,you can read it.” said what?
    0bama care was written to fail so Hillary could “save us” actual destory us with single payer.
    This is evident to it failing and costs skyrocketing and being out down as unconstitutional

  45. I’m gonna veer away from the political end to say this. Pelosi would have done herself a favor if she would have had that face “fixed” when she got the boob job. Wouldn’t have changed the political sabotage but it would have been easier to “look” toward.

  46. Democrats…LOOK OUT! for Pelosi is pushing to get you to protect her original stupidity and arrogance that pressured you, her fellow Democrats, to vote for the AHC/Obimbo Care….before even letting you read it, saying ” vote for it NOW read it later”…thus putting them in jeopardy because they made a piece of crap Law. Now, once as a dumb gesture to give a failing Obama a “Legacy” (since he had done nothing) and time was running out for him…she is now looking like a jack ass who wants you to take the blame…GOOD LUCK with that!

    So just sit back, and let her “pay the Piper”… she put the pressure on you without giving a bat’s rear-end for your position or inputs…it is HER turn to sweat and squirm!

  47. Pelosi you and your Democratic party have all dishonored your oath of office you and other Democrats have not done one thing that you were elected for . you have done nothing but try to destroy America and you damn sure have not done anything but put the American citizens in harms way you and your democrats need to be impeached for treason against America, actually you should been thrown in jail and the key thrown away. you lie cheat and steal from the American people,you should be ashamed of yourself if I was you I wouldn’t show my face in public.

  48. Our employees in government (all on capital hill) need to be under the exact same healthcare as we are (if not leaner). That would mean that Chuck and Nancy and all the rest over 65 would be looking for coverage A.B.C.& D on our medicare plans.
    Term limits next, Please!


  50. Democrats will oppose health care , Democrats will impeach Trump , Democrats will get Trumps Tax Returns, Democrats will destroy Attorney William Barr , Democrats will oppose Trumps July 4, National Address to America, Democrat will oppose The Wall , Democrats will oppose abortion laws ,Democrats will oppose Britt Kavanagh , Democrats oppose Nike , Democrats oppose the National Athem Democrats oppose everything and have been saying this sense day one and have NOT accomplished anything so far 1 Why because they have NOT Accomplished anything period and never will , IMPEACH , IMPEACH. IMPEACH, OPPOSE ,OPPOSE , OPPOSE . Disgusting PIG’s with no agenda for America . TRUMP 20/20 MAGA ! Vote Republican and save your country from these delusional Morons

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