Ocasio-Cortez Flops Hard
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Don’t be surprised if you catch Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez having a little meltdown, her “Green New Deal” just failed to meet the minimum 60 votes required to advance to the Senate.

The measure came up short, with not a single senator voting to support it. Four members of the Democratic caucus actually voted against it, with most remaining Democrats opting to vote “present.”

AOC seemed to be expecting the proposal to fail, chiding those in attendance before the vote was made.

“We’re going to pay for this whether we pass a Green New Deal or not. We need to decide whether we’re going to pay to react or we’re going to pay to be proactive,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I’m very sad to say that the government knew that climate change was real starting as far back as 1989. I’m going to turn 30 this year, and for the entire 30 years of my lifetime, we did not make substantial investments to prepare our entire country for what we knew was coming.”

Despite her inflamed speech lawmakers have now proven that the radical deal, which many have shared would upend society, simply aren’t going to cut it in the U.S. legal system. Now maybe serious politicians can get try to get some work done. 

  1. As a highly educated,retired university
    administrator and Economics professor,
    I am astounded that ANYONE WITH A
    She knows absolutely nothing about either
    Economics or so-called climate change.
    Anyone who voted for her is as mentally
    impaired as her.

    1. Honestly, who on earth would vote for a women who truly doesn’t know how to do her research, before she speaks. It is a sad time in America to actually see that our youth truly don’t have a clue on how to run our country. Cortez has no respect for our country or the American people.

      1. She doesn’t do research. She is a “Parrot”. She only spits out what her handlers have prepared for her. She hasn’t had, nor is she capable of, an original thought of her own.

    2. I can’t believe Alex has an ECON degree from Boston College

      Unless, LIBERAL PROFESSORS have DESTROYED another college like BC



  2. Sorry but Ocasio-Cortez should not be in the US Congress. She is a very bad radical with a very bad agenda that will take down America. She needs to go ASAP. The American people do not need to be represented by people like her.

    1. Exactly!!! I can’t imagine why she was elected to begin with, but definitely don’t understand why she is allowed to stay. We really need to get her out of government.

    2. That’s exactly why she’s there. The hard left globalists put her there. The so-called elites of the planet have an agenda to take our country down. AOC is merely a mouthpiece for them. I have news for them. The True Americans will fight them even if it means their own lives. True Patriots have always put themselves in harms way for Freedom. They will do it again for there are MANY of them who exits today.

    1. Steven/Peter: AOC has an absolute right to be in Congress. She did the work necessary to win in her district. It’s all about her district. It’s not about the country as a whole. It’s especially NOT whether you like her or not. That said, I hope she’s a one-term congressman.

  3. WOW, she needs to look at history ! This has been brought up IN THE 60’S .This movement comes around to keep people looking at this when the Government is trying to stab the country in the back . Yes we do need to move to “Greener ” fuels but we are limited by technology of our time . This could work soon or not we will get there . AOC is just one crazy bitch that needs to go back to tending bar

  4. Shoot we don’t have to go to Mars to explore space all we got to do is just look inside that empty head. Man she is one brainless idiot she thinks she can bully Banks into doing what she wants or businesses to do what they want you know if they do what’s going to happen is people just work out those Banks good deal let him go under they’re the ones probably the Obama propped up in the first place. screw the commiecrats.

    1. Come on Mr. Copeland. Let’s have maybe a half ounce of human decency & not act like the Democrats. These last two years, they have all been acting very badly & the worst part about it is, they have no answers for anything. If AOC & the rest of her freshman class in congress is the best they can do, then this country is in big trouble. I don’t agree with anything Whoopie says but the one thing that I do agree with her about is when she told AOC that she needs to get her ass somewhere & sit down & learn what it is she is supposed to be doing. I really hope it happens soon.

    2. R and D mean nothing. Catholics have controlled the USA since 1956….”All aboard the Alexandria Occasional Cortex (AOC) CATHOLIC failure Express.  Last train from New York to Australia leaving in 15 minutes.  ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS GET ON FREEEE ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS GET FREEEE HEALTH INSURANCE. ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS GET FREEEEE WELFARE. Your estimated time of arrival in Sydney is 4 days and 10 hours.  And just as a reminder: No beef will be served, at any time during your trip. Thank you for traveling with the Alexandria Occasional Cortex CATHOLIC TRAITOR FAILURE Express.” In the meantime vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor, and failure forever.

  5. She is a total air head and has no clue. How she got voted in tells something for those in NY. That state will go bankrupt real quick with what is going on there.. She has no idea what a socialism country lives like.. She should go to Venezuela and see how those people are living.. She is just out there and makes absolutely no sense. Every time she opens her mouth she inserts foot.

    1. Doris, google “Mr. Reagan.” What he’s espousing is truly scary for any patriots that are left in the country. We’d better nip this movement in the bud or the future looks very glum, indeed.

  6. Ocasio is a complete fraud, owes back taxes, broke campaign fund rules, used phony addresses to qualify for office,
    and is told what to say everyday and when! She is nothing more than a puppet for the liberal progressives of the socialist democrat party and is beholden to them! She no more represents her constituents than I do!!
    We have to stop giving her so much coverage!! Seriously, if BS was music, she’s a brass band!
    Hopefully karma will not be kind to her!!!
    God save America from this madness! Trump 2020 is our only hope!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Many people think that AOC is dangerous, but only do that if you think a chihuahua with really big chompers is dangerous!

  8. She and her kind bear watching carefully. She’s the first of many more to come. Forget her making a decision. She is being directed by her “handlers” who have an agenda. She won the beauty contest for this group of radicals and will “parrot” their program totally.

  9. R and D mean nothing. Catholics have controlled the USA since 1956….”All aboard the Alexandria Occasional Cortex (AOC) CATHOLIC failure Express.  Last train from New York to Australia leaving in 15 minutes.  ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS GET ON FREEEE ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS GET FREEEE HEALTH INSURANCE. ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS GET FREEEEE WELFARE. Your estimated time of arrival in Sydney is 4 days and 10 hours.  And just as a reminder: No beef will be served, at any time during your trip. Thank you for traveling with the Alexandria Occasional Cortex CATHOLIC TRAITOR FAILURE Express.” In the meantime vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor, and failure forever.

    1. Damn al. I am a Catholic and I resent what you said. I am an American, I can’t stand AOC, and I stand up for my country and what is right. I would love to see her gone. Do not generalize. I know a lot of patriotic Catholics.

  10. I can’t believe this bimbo got elected. If her IQ was 1 point lower you would have to water her to sustain life. If she would ever run against President Trump he would not have to campaign because there is no way this clown could possible win. I am sure glad that the democrats have nobody that could beat the republicans.

  11. Oh, NOOooo ….. She will have to get in her limousine and be driven down to the malt shop.
    Here I was ready to dig a well, install a wind generator and purchase a horse.
    Now she will have to time to justify the missing $888,000 campaign funds.
    “You can’t fix stupid”.
    KenP, I would like to know who these Democrat “Handlers” are !!!! Why do the Democrats want to financially ruin America ???

  12. McConnell screwed over the nation and the world by attacking the Green New Deal.
    We need it and what it would do for the American people and the people of the world.

    1. Grover……..you are just another one of those college educated brainwashed souls who can’t think for themselves. Reason should tell you that our country nor any other country in the world can’t come up with 90 Trillian $ it will taken to completely revamp everyone’s way of life. I suppose you have the money laying around the house to cover it. If you do……….then have at it. Since you are so concerned with the environment, maybe you should set the first example. Maybe you should get rid of your house / apartment / car / anything that is produced by patrolium / grow your own food instead of purchasing from stores / stop wearing your sneakers or NIKES / stop wearing storbaught clothing and make them yourself / stop eating thereby reducing any so-called carbon footprint and greenhouse gasses that are a result of your excrement / You see where I’m going with this. You and AOC are total idiots if you think your plans (Green New Deal) is really the answer. Our creator designed this planet and all the natural responses to to ANY effect this planet and inhabitants does naturally. The whole ideology behind so-called climate change is the BIGGEST Hoax and fraud EVER perpetrated against the worlds taxpayers. The elites behind all this are THIEVES. Wake up Grover…..

  13. I remember 00’bozo “crying” too……DIDN’T “help” to keep him in office either, though…..Thank God for that….AND hillary NEVER even “made it IN”…..HA, HA, HA…….!!!

  14. Would someone read her some of Al Gore’s books. As I recall he said we should have been ice free in the Arctic several years ago and underwater here in Newport Beach, CA by now. How about her going over to China and India and taking a look of all the pollution they emit. You might tell her that all that pollution that’s spewed out there doesn’t stay there but is blown to us with the prevailing winds.

  15. as a person whom has been involved in Pollution control, her plan was way to far Left. She stated that for her 30 years there has not been any improvement on climate change. Will here is a bit you may not know..in 1968 the PCV valve came mandatory on ALL ENGINES manufactured for a vehicle in the U.S. PCV means Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve. This little valve stopped the vapors from an engine from just free venting into the air. Then in 1983 the Cat was installed on all engines to reduce Carbon Monoxide and the CARB Stats show that since we just implemented those things the pollution in our air has not gotten any worse. Did you know that when a Volcano erupts, it puts out more CO2 in one spurt than man does in 10 years. Fact, man is not the challenge here…she is!!

  16. The way to destroy the Constitution is to put something else above it. This is being done constantly by the enemy of the USA..
    Know who the enemy really is. A third of all elected are not Americans, they are CATHOLICS. You have to know who the enemy is….They are ILLEGAL ALIEN “C” INVADERS. .Catholics do not assimilate …Catholics want the INVASION, CONQUEST, SUBJUGATION, THEN ELIMINATION TO CONTINUE. …… Look south of the USA. This has been the plan for a thousand years……. There is not one successful “C” nation on earth……. Vote for ANY “C” and you vote for treason. R and D mean nothing to a CATHOLIC “C” traitor. All Catholics are traitors….. Vote for ANY “C” and you vote for a traitor. Vote for ANY “C” and you vote for a traitor and failure forever.

  17. Boston u should prohibit this commie flunkie from ever using their likenesses in her creds. NO WAY she has a degree from any reputable school.

  18. Communism and the new green deal makes as much sense as AOC and her NAZI Commie Demoncrats liberal minions and RINOs do! That’s why it fails every time it rears its ugly head! Stop America from becoming another commie shit hole like all the lib run states!

  19. There are roughly 30 million men in the USA the spent large portions of their life defending the USA against socialism and communism..
    Sooner or later, she and her familiars will come face to face with them.
    It will not go well for the liberal cretins

    1. Jerry……You hit the nail right on the head! most commies don’t understand the will of Real Americans. They don’t even understand what 1776 was all about. They will sooner or later! If they think it can’t happen again, they better think twice. There’s enough Real American Patriots out here that will overwhelm them. The left want Gun Control because they fear everything! They go through MELTDOWN every time they see a gun or hear about some shooting incident. When the bullets of revolution start flying, they’ll have no way to fight back.

  20. AOC is brain-dead respecting real-life common sense. Her undergraduate segree is supposedly in economics. Apparently, she missed the class(es) dealing in the actual facets of a functioning economy. She is a waste of time, votes, and oxygen.

  21. How has she known that even when she was born, there was climate change? She’s known for 30 years that we needed to do something. How does she know that we only are going to live for twelve more years? Al Gore said the same thing about 15 years ago and we’re still here. Not one of his predictions has ever come true. She should come up with hard evidence, rather than talking in “pie in the sky” theories. If she says all of these climate scientists agree with her, then let her get around a couple hundred to come before Congress, to back her up.

  22. We live in a hydro Chrstian society I want to know why are you taking out all your frustrations on the Chrstians you are bigots and as much as AOC she will return to the gutter from where she came from

  23. If she ha a degree in Climitologt rather than Socialist bull crap she might have an argument. Nut that would have meant study and trips to various parts of the world under harsh conditions. Then she Mojave an idea whtmy deserts that used to be rich and vertical became wastelands. But she is nothing more than a pimple is the ads of a jackass.

  24. Global temperature has not risen since 1998, the Arctic is still icebound, Al Gore’s famous prediction of no snow in Europe or American temperate zone have made laughingstocks of GW enthusiasts.

  25. Who in the hell elected this snowflake nitwit to a public office and why all the media attention ? Guess it pays to be cute and speak nonsense….great entertainment !

  26. AOC needs to go back to bartending or taco bell. It’s obvious she knows nothing about our history and she thinks she knows but she doesn’t. Climate change has been a topic back in the 60’s and even possibly before that. Her Omar and Rashida are definitely the 3 stooges. One is dumb, dumber, and the dumbest. They are the weak link to the incompetent lying ass divisive hypocritical liberal Democrats.

  27. What hurts is that a portion of our tax paying dollars pays her $174,000.00 per yearly salary. Now, is the pit in your stomach feel like mine? VOTE RESPONSIBLY or DRINK ENOUGH YOU DO NOT MAKE IT TO THE POLLING BOOTH!!!!!!

  28. I believe Cortez true agenda is to take down America. She is a major radical that has made numerous negative comments about Americans. I don’t think she can be trusted!

  29. Simply put, she is staunch radical. This should say it all we need to know. Radicalism does not work with a capitalistic system that has brought this country to an enviable prosperity in the entire world. She should get off her phony platform; in fact, getting out of government all together so others can get the real work done.

  30. She should start by practicing what she preaches. No more plane rides and follow what else she has in that new green deal. Do you think she change her mind? Let her ride a bicycle to work from new york to washington. Why doesn’t she talk to china. Also stop cutting so many of our trees down. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  31. This Congressperson has a build up of methane gas in her cranium cavity causing her to act like a retired bartender. Get some smarts and get rid of the farts Cortez. Hopefully they still have that bartending gig still available.

  32. it’s about time AOC received a reality check. Her New Green Deal turned out to be a Big Brown Turd. I mean, come on, no air travel, no cow emissions, no fossil fuel, every building across the USA to be retrofitted with solar paneling. And who was going to pay for this bad dream? Invariably, the bill would have been sent to all American citizens to cough up God Knows How Much more money. Let’s not forget her “error in judgement” when it came to closing the door on Amazon.com in New York. How many jobs did she screw up? How much new business did she lose for the city? And she was surprised that her Green Deal fell flat? Wake up, AOC. Forget about becoming the new poster child for the Democratic Party. How about just doing the job you were elected to do by the people in the Bronx. Remember, you work for them. They don’t work for you.

  33. AOC is non-functioning. She is managed by handlers. She won a beauty queen contest to be the “selected” person to run for the office. She hasn’t had an original thought and is certainly not what we need in the US House of Representatives. If this is representation we are in a real world of hurt.

  34. As I have commented several times: Give AOC Enough Rope and Time and she will hang herself and all others who sympathize with her silliness and egomania. With not even ONE SENATOR voting FOR her House Bill that is necessary for it to be presented to the Senate, she has placed The Noose Around Her Own Neck and was seen in tears. You will now begin to see her “Socialist Cadre’ peeling off her marches and gatherings. She will have to admit that SHE IS NOT IN CHARGE of anything, nor is she a female Dr. King, Gandhi, Queen Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Lady Godiva but only amounts to a “Tokyo Rose”
    (Iva Toguri Aquino), who gained notoriety as the mythical Tokyo Rose and was the seventh person to be convicted of treason in U.S. history. Following the Japanese surrender in September 1945, American troops began searching for all Japanese military leaders and others who may have committed war crimes to convict them. Tokyo Rose was done for and lived a miserable life until she was ninety years old. AOC will never amount to that status – but will suffer a miserable life when all of he lies, cheating and thieving are tallied and she is held accountable. Dr. David McCoy, Professor Emeritus – Social Scientist and Scholar.

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