Hollywood Liberals Throw Mueller Under the Bus!
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The people of Tinsel Town are a fickle bunch. Despite having a near fanatical obsession with special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, now that it’s been released liberal celebrities are now turning their noses up at what they call “irrelevant” results. 

Rob Reiner was riling up liberals across the board with his rally to “FIGHT!”

Rosie O’Donnell completely dismissed the summary given by Attorney General William Barr, claiming “only the full report matters.” 

While Bette Midler is mouthing off about “con artists” hijacking justice.

Fortunately, the great thing about facts is that they are true whether or not people believe in them. Barr has declared that Mueller’s report found no collusion, these whiny celebs will just have to suck it up.

  1. Talk about ass clowns, nobody cares what they think or say, so they scream the loudest. Again, if you dont think like tgem, or believe like them, they dismiss you as a hillbilly, white trash. All of them need to wake up and try to understand, that what rob reiner, rosie odonel and bette milder says does not matter, and nobody cares. So i respectfully say to them and the rest of the hollywood liberals, shit the fuck up and stay on your house, and do what youre paid to do.

    1. little davey-
      You’re not the boss of us you cretin. trump will end his live in prison or some other equally miserable place- the only question is when. We will do our best to speed him along while you deplorables continue to try to take down the United States. That won’t tuern out well for you or them.

      1. and your a ignorant fool the only one that has tried to destroy our country is the idiot # 44 and his man wife he s the one that set back race relations 50 years with his lying back stabbing America hating oh you poor neglected African AMERICANS we will help you BUT instead of helping them him & the demrats did not keep their word and their poverty got even worst and if you would pull your head out of your rear and google all the jobs that president trump has created for not only people of color but for women and for anyone else that wants a job they just have to get off their duffs as the old saying goes GOD helps those who help them selves

    1. Bette, you are a raging NUT! if there is a crisis, it is of your making!
      Get over it. A two year investigation could not find any chargeable offenses against President Trump. Liberals are the trash of this country. Grow up !
      You are Hollywood uneducated trash and will pay at the box office. No one is going to see movies anymore.

  2. Only liberals can break the law. Jussie smellett just proved that. America, we are going to have a civil war soon. Those that hate America vs those that Love America. Get ready to battle the commie socialist

  3. I’s amazing how important these HOLLYWOOD HACKS think they are. They actually believe their opinion matters;. these over payed hacks think because they played a role they should decide how our country is run. BULLSH_T!

    1. yes Robert Dimmock its it amazing how these sewer rats of sewer wood aka Hollywood think that they are so important hahahahahahahahahahaha they are a bunch of idiots that should really pull their heads out of the sand a lot of them promised that if Mr. Trump WON AND THANK GOD HE DID that they were all moving out of the country but its really a big disappointment the idiots are all still here running their big stupid mouths if the F. B. I. & THE C. I. A. WOULD DO THEIR JOBS AND GO AFTER ALL OF THEM THAT HAS THREATENED OUR PRESIDENTS LIFE AND HIS CHILDRENS LIFE THAT IN IT SELVE IS TREASON WHICH IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH TO BAD THAT THAT DOESNT HAPPEN WE COULD SURE CLEAN UP OUR PLANET WITH THEM ALL GONE eliminate California & new York & Chicago and boy wouldn’t we have a great country I am soooo happy that Mr. . Trump beat out THE UGLY OLD BACK STABBING America HATING HAGG THAT ALL SHE WANTED TO DO WAS TO FOLLOW IN THE FOOT STEPS OF # 44 AND DESTROY OUR WAY OF LIFE & OUR COUNTRY ALL FOR POWER

  4. What a den of backstabbing haters. They were all for Muller and his so-called investigations of our President, but now that there was nothing found of any collusion by our Great President, they have turning on Muller with a hate almost as strong as their hate for our Wonderful and Great President.
    Is their very own black hearted hatred for good destroying them from within their own souls?
    The Lord God knows the hearts of every man, woman and child. One day and soon the judgement of a righteous God is going to fall on each of us.
    Come quickly Lord Jesus for Your own await Your promised return as these last of the last days are upon this world.

  5. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Democrat Party and their Garbagewood followers will never stop until America is destroyed. The American people allow themselves to believe we are a Democracy and not a Republic. America was always a Republic And be thankful it is. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party and their sick followers will do everything they can Lie, Steal, cheat, harass, threaten, beat, brutalize and even kill anyone who believes in truth, America and capitalism. It’s not good enough for people to say do what you want You have free will. They want to force people to accept whatever they want to do. Like that will justify their choices and mean something on the day we all will have to give account.

  6. Exactly what you’d expect from this ultra liberal crowd. They didn’t get the answers they wanted so now the rest of the world is all wrong. Only THEY have the right answers!! Now. Who really cares what this crowd thinks?

  7. No they are not throwing him under the bus. They are calming he is now irrelevant such a surprise. These are the same people that want the American public to follow them in lock step. They just don’t get it they are irrelevant ones. No one cares about their politics and if they want to continue to make money they should keep their PIE HOLE shut. Because they do nothing but drive people away with what they have to say. Maybe someday they will wise up but most likely not.

  8. Only the Demonsrats think the truth is a trivial nuisance. They want it their way and to h-ll with the rest of us. Democrats have been liars and not cared about our country for years. The Hollywood nuts have become a$$ holes.

  9. lets boycott all of these – RICH – non Americans who have not contributed one thing to this country that doesn’t have $$$$$ signs attached to it for their benefit – just shut up & act – no one cares what you have to say – WHAT HAVE ANY OF DONE FOR AMERICA1

  10. I’m no fan of Mueller’s but I’m also no fan of the Follywood liberals freak show that proves daily they’re so stupid they don’t know they’re stupid.

    1. They are NOT throwing Mueller under the bus. Jeesh, you know that! Quit lying. And they are NOT saying Mueller is irrelevant. They are saying BARR is irrelevant! And he definitely is.

  11. The Democrats will never apologize they are always right and will never eat humble pie,this is why we need to draining the swamp And on another note.Good thing I’m not president I get the military To march into California and arrest the governor and legislatures Judges mayors and anybody else that goes along with the sanctuary State. These people want to succeed from the union and throw our constitutional rights right out the window they are bad losers and will not support our president. And as I see it they are treasonous. It’s time to stand up against these Democrats in the far left socialist they are leading us down a dangerous path. Remember people these Hollywood actors are exactly what they are actors and should keep their opinions to themselves and do what they get paid for acting . I say one thing boycott these actors and TV celebrities and hit them where it counts and their pocketbooks fan or not we then need to draw a line.

  12. Hey Jimmy, you think things are bad under our current president? If he doesn’t get reelected in 2020, your socialist democrat goons are going to take over and then the country goes into a death spiral. In a few years after 2020 you won’t even be able to eat well or wipe your ass with real toilet paper. You democrats are going to be the death of our once proud nation. I took an oath during the Vietnam war to protect the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Your socialist thugs are domestic enemies and patriots like me will become the worst nightmare for people like you.

  13. Be damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. When will these overpaid, overpriviledged people get a real job so they won’t have time to bash first the President and his family, Republicans in general, and no Mueller. Was he supposed to manufacture proof of collusion?

  14. I just dont understand the fawning intrest in anything these people have to say. 200 years ago actors were the lowest of the low, they were on the same rung of the social ladder as prostitutes and grave diggers. How have they become the “DEITY” of so many in such a sort time. They are no better now than they were then and what they have to say is worth about as much as a bag of crap. Wake up folks and use your own mind not the rhetoric of a group that know nothing but make-believe

  15. Unfortunately, People like Rob Rhiner and MOST Celebrities live IN A FANTASY WORLD UNLIKE US REAL LIFE everyday people. Whatever a celebrity thinks has NEVER MATTERED TO ME OR us common people

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