Bawling Democrats Challenge Mueller Report
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With Attorney General William Barr announcing that the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report show no collusion between President Trump’s election campaign and Russia, Democrats are still wailing and claiming “some collusion” occurred anyway.

Chairman of the House judiciary committee Rep. Jerrold Nalder appeared on nearly every Sunday morning broadcast to announce that Democrats would continue to seek impeachment and that, “we know there’s been collusion. Why there’s been no indictments, we don’t know.”

 2020 candidate Beto O’Rourke made similar statements while campaigning in South Carolina saying Trump, “beyond a shadow of a doubt, sought to however ham-handedly, collude with the Russian government, a foreign power, to undermine and influence our elections.” 

Democrats are finally succumbing to their dementia as they refuse to recognize the evidence in front of them.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz plainly identified the problem in response to Nadler’s comments saying, “They fully intend to impeach the president and they don’t care about the basis.” 

  1. All the Democ-Rats want is POWER GRAB! They do not care about you and me, or COUNTRY.
    They want to seize the power, so that they can spread the money to their constituents.
    The Domoc-Rats do not care about the FUTURE either. Their Future is BANKRUPT COUNTRY of no way to return.
    Why can’t they accept Mueller’s 2 years investigation? No adult can’t understand it.

      1. Pelosi, Scumer, and the open-borders Marxist Democrats have declared war on America and are relentlesy attacking the American president, in addition to obstructing border security and national security. Eventually their attacks on a sitting president will be seen as attacks on America itself. Then what?? Will the country finally recognize them for what they are?? Will they be held accountable??

  2. Here’s an idea, let them go on their fishing expedition and look like the fools they are. Come this next election cycle, make them the butt of all the jokes. Just as the Republicans learned in the 90’s over Clinton’s impeachment, they will lose BIG TIME.

  3. we the people should be tired of the demacratic partys BS! , we the people should get rid of them all,!
    we have more important problems to deal with ,tired of the demarats trying to devert people away from
    the more important problems we the people have to deal with, you shure dont see senate or congress morons get put out of jobs ! you also dont see them suffering foreclosure or bankrupcys we the people should fire them all, they just line their pocket with taxpayers money for doing nothing to help the nomal population<

  4. Have you noticed that most of the Democrats that are forcing their demands on the political front are from California ????

    Example: Pelosi wants to lower the voting age to 16 years old. Abolish the Electoral College, because Clinton won the popular vote, due to California voting 59% Democrat that would succeed the popular vote for Michigan, Illinois and Iowa , a state that is completely dominated by the Democrats. Add, a day off to be provide for everyone to attending the voting poles and a vote can be cast on voting day without any way to verify that the voter is a registered voter.

    The Democrats want to secure that a Democrat will be elected as president in 2020. The “New Green Plan” is to influence immigrants, illegal immigrants, low income population. Separation from Whites and Blacks with “Racism” and “White Supremacist”. The advocating that women now have the voting power. My question is: Is this what America is about ???? I do not see any unity only separation, fear and fake promisee from the Democrats.

    Whatever the Democrats want they use California as a proving ground, Sanctuary State, illegal immigrants are issued drivers licenses, welfare for all, $15.00 hourly wage, cannabis beer and the list goes on. Currently the Governor of California wants to tax water at $10.00 per month, per house hold. The only thing California is missing is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

    The word “Justice” only applies to the Democrats being just us (the Democrats) to dictate and control the American people for position, prestige and wealth. Just look at the laughing stock of Democrats that are seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.

    By the by, Pelosi and Sanders refuse to submit their tax records.

    I have lived in California since 1947.

  5. This is living breathing proof we need an Article 5 Convention of the States, if for no other reason than to revamp Congress. These people evidently have wayyyyy too much time on their hands. They are going to waste Tax Payer Time{They are on our clock} and Money{Extorted from our living wages through a punitive tax system} to beat a dead horse because MUeller’s witch hunt could not legally give them reason to impeach or drive President Trump from office. First off the Founders all said in their journals and speeches Congress is never to be a career, it is a service to the nation and the people. They did not want to create an American Aristocracy because European Aristocracy was the source of the people’s problems in the New World. So we need to cut the Senate term to 4 years and limit it to two terms {Eight Years like the President} and the House should be limited to 4 terms {Eight Years also}. Since Congress is an elected service to the nation why do they have a pension when it isn’t a career? Eliminate the pension and the benefits. Who gave them the right to vote themselves a pension in the first place??? Limit the session time so they can make sure there is a budget for the coming fiscal year and the military is provided for, that is all they were supposed to do anyway. And cut their pay. The left in Congress have been performing wayyy below their pay grade anyway and in what job do the employees get to set their pay and take money gratuitously from the till. Time to yank these slackers back in line.

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