Doorstep Delivered Insults From This Candidate
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One candidate is looking to make the presidential election far more contentious by delivering their first speech as a candidate on the doorstep of the Trump International Hotel.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand chose to attack Trump with a barrage of insults all issued from one of his most iconic properties. 

Her prepared remarks indicating she considered the location a “shrine to greed, division and vanity,” and hopes to demonstrate that to those gathered at the event.

If that wasn’t enough, Gillibrand has also prepared this statement for delivery, “President Trump is tearing apart the moral fabric of our country,” she recorded. “He demonizes the vulnerable and he punches down…Our President is a coward.”

A disgusting and classless showing from yet another Democratic candidate. Something she can be sure the President won’t forget as he picks up steam on his own campaign. 

  1. As with 99.9% of classless malignant narcissists sociopathic DemoCraps she is nothing but a idiotic clueless DOUCHEBAG!!!! She makes me angry & sick at the same time.!

  2. Gillibrand and her liberal Democrat Socialist Communists are tearing the moral fabric of America apart. She, in particular, will flip her position, say any lie, deny it, change it tomorrow, for more power. Ask the Clintons. They’re experts. Gillibrand is a complete political whore.

  3. Anyone who listens to 1 word this worthless female says is a moron. She has not accomplished 1 thing for New York State except to follow the scumbag schumer around like a little lap dog. She has done NOTHING of importance – absolutely nothing. Her running for president is a complete astrocity.

  4. I don’t know what kind of swill this woman was fed, but it was definitely poison to her mind. To take to Trump property and spout all her lies was despicable. Nobody should take her seriously, and I would hope that most people would recognize that. To give SS benefits to those who haven’t worked will deplete Social Security faster than you can say “where’s my money” for those of us who have paid in for years. I began working at age 17 and paid consistently until I retired with a serious disability in 1995. I have no other income of my own and live with a daughter and her husband and my 100% disabled husband. Why should we give up what we earned for those who have no right to be here????

  5. I think you protest a little too much. Too bad you won’t do anything in the election, heck you probably won’t even be the representative for the Democratic Party. But if by some small chance you are, we will be glad to debate you when the time is here. You should just quit now because if I were a Democrat I would not vote for you because you in my book are not qualified to be president and I damn sure wouldn’t vote for you because you are a woman, even though you are a disgrace to the female gender.

  6. Gillibrand is the loser, totally conceited and acts like she has a broomstick up her ass, a clone of Pelosi. Let her whine when Trump kicks ass again in the 2020 Election. Proud of Trump, he’s not letting the assholes destroy the country. American Legal Citizens need to join the fight and put extreme pressure on all legislators, politicians, to do their jobs and look out for the country, not harass Trump. What a waste of money on all the attorneys and expenses, could have built many miles of border wall!

  7. Gillibrand, is ‘just another wannabee-somebody’. That, is just another one of the 432’thousand-Dem. Candidates-that want to ‘Mouth off’ & get rich quick-while doing nothing!

  8. Yeah, yeah, yeah another democRAT spouting hate and what a terrible man Trump is, yet this man is doing more for America than all the democRATS and RINOs in congress, all they want to do is obstruct every viable plan the president wants to implement to make this country prosperous and free from illegal border jumpers also they want to have open borders, turn this country into another Cuba or Venezuela while the everyday citizen will face starvation or worse

  9. Where does these candidates get their information? Shouldn’t they have to prove their accusations?
    The president who gives his paycheck away every year is greedy? The president is not a coward when you consider he has to face people like her everyday. He is not tearing apart this country, he is trying to mend this country and give it back to the people who it belongs to. You’re good at throwing out accusations sweetie, so what are you promising to do?

  10. Communists, liberals, racists, Democrats and other low-lives and bottom feeders of this free and proud country want to reverse the results of our elections; good luck little merdes!

  11. Who the hell are you Gillibrand? What a disrespectful piece of excrement! How dare you say things about the President of the United States. You want to defame someone? You just did, Yourself! You dishonored yourself and your country. You dishonor the people who work for you and you care nothing about the people who you want to vote for you. The best thing you can do for yourself, and for everyone else is for you to bow out gracefully right now. But I am betting you won’t because you are a typical democrap who is only in it for the selfish reasons of boosting yourself, and no one else. Hope you enjoy hell, you are headed there faster then you think.

  12. Almost everybody knows who they are and what they are.
    The individual who has no concern for his fellow man will have the greatest difficulty in life, it is from this individual
    that all human failures stem.
    This is not something I made up.
    A smart man said something like this many years ago.
    Refur to the first sentence.

  13. Furthermore she is married to an Englishman who wants us to follow the U.K. down the drain.
    London in the early sixties, along with Paris and New York, was on top of the world, life was fantastic. I LIVED IT. Then the socialists got in…replaced those who ran the trains with politicians, for just one example, and they ran them into the ground, delays before a station, at a station, after a station. ticket prices exploded. I bought a car (unheard of for a young girl in those days) and made it across the country home for weekends faster than the damned train! It’s astounding that Gillibrand’s husband does not know what P.M baggy pants Harold Wilson did to the U.K.? The downhill trend started then. Need I say more?

    1. Katee, I’ve been saying for the last couple years or so that the lefties need to listen to Michael Jackson and start with the man/woman in the mirror if they want to make a change…

  14. She is another idiot! Dems never learn, they just can’t understand why many Americans think they are evil and lying hippocrites! Oh well, life goes on!

  15. The nerve of her….using the front of his Trump Hotel to make her speech…using his hotel to try to
    draw a crowd for her speech . What a classless woman uttering pure hate… who would want to
    vote for that. MAGA

  16. Gillibrand is everything tht is wrong with America. Her ideas are borrowed from socialist maniacs. The other notions are anti-American or sadistic. She will back anything stupid to get attention because she has no decent agenda of her own. She is a follower of loons and gifted with lying and vomiting useless bullcrap. Another Democrat loser

  17. K.Gillibrand is just another Virus in The NY System.I lived in NY for over 60 years.THANK GOD I’m Out of that Hell Hole.Killing innocent Babies via abortion through the 9th month of pregnancy.What a Sick State New York has become.I’m ashamed to admit living there for so long and Allowing The far left Agenda to grow and tear away at the Fabric of Our Heterosexual Union called Marriage.Today in NY,The LGBTQ is getting more Respect than Our Hetero unions because of Sympathy for them or because of mis-treatment to them.Get Rid of K.Gillibrand and All those who feel similar to her.Lets Clean up Our Government.

  18. how can you say all them mean things about President Trump when he’s the only president in this decade thats actually doing what he promised. GO HOME AND WASH YOUR DISHES,YOUR ACTUALLY TALKING OUT OF YOUR BUTT RIGHT NOW.

  19. No big surprise. They have no agenda that many Americans agree with so all they can do is attack. Nothing positive, just childish insults. It is what Democrats do.

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