Brutal Border Murder Proves Threat Without This
Image credit: reporteindigo

In the town of Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, which is just south of Roma, Texas, Mexican authorities are investigating the discovery of a headless body, adding to a list of ghastly crimes occurring in the region.

State police officers discovered the mutilated corpse as well as a charred SUV in the town that shares the Roma–Ciudad Miguel Alemán International Bridge over the U.S. border.

This is just the most recent murder to plague the town that has become a prime smuggling area used by Mexico’s Gulf Cartel. When the gang funded with a rival faction of Los Zetas called “Cartel Del Noreste,” more than 30 gunmen were killed and subsequently incinerated. 

The growing violence is a dire warning for the United States that building a border wall is something that should be done immediately, before the obscene violence starts to crop up in American cities as well. 

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