Magazine Calls For Boycott Of Beloved Chain
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Once again the LGBTQ crowd is ramping up to fight against chicken sandwiches. The declaration of war has been made by New York Magazine after it called for a boycott of Chik-fil-A restaurants. 

The magazine is making the call to support San Antonio airport, which refused to allow the chicken chain to set up a location on airport property due to what it called a “legacy of anti-LGBTQ” behaviors.

It should be noted that Chik-fil-A has not refused to serve any gay patrons, nor has it refused someone employment based on such a fact. Liberal bleeding hearts have just decided that any restaurant with a religious affiliation is bad.

Chris Crowley, who works for New York Magazine released an article titled “The Great New York Chicken Sandwiches That Aren’t From Chick-fil-A” where he offered poor food substitutes while blasting the chain as “chicken-sandwich overlords” that donate to anti-LGBTQ groups.

Crowley seems to directly be seeking confrontation in the call to boycott as he states that anyone who enjoys buying food from Chik-fil-A is supporting “our nation’s hate-mongers.”

If anyone is spreading hate, it’s the people who can shut up and enjoy a sandwich. 

  1. This is more of the Progressive Socialists’ attack on Christian based businesses. My son worked for Chik-fil-A while he was in high school and loved the experience. This Company encourages their young employees to strive to do the best they can at their job and teaches good work ethics. Yes they close on Sundays so their employees may spend time with their families and attend Church if they want to. They have social and personal principles a large part of our society lost somewhere along the way and for this the Socialists Elite in our society cannot abide these good people being successful, because it disrupts their plans to corrupt our youth.

    1. You beat me to it again, Gideon. I won’t even add to your well-worded comment except to say one thing. These situations are so sad. As Christians, I believe we try to do the right thing by not fighting against people different than us. But the other side sure does not abide by that. It is a small number of people, but they insist everyone celebrate their lifestyle, which we are not willing to do. Since we, too, are a small group, I don’t understand why this should bother them so much.

    2. The LGBTQ group are a bunch of sicko losers. They just cause trouble wherever they go. If i had young children they would be homeschooled so they wouldn’t be subjected to the sick libs teaching sick sexual acts.

  2. Why is it so hard to blend in and live and let live. I don’t
    agree with the LGBTQ lifestyle but I am not calling for
    a boycott against you. Chic Filet is a Christian store
    with their own values. If you go in there and order a
    sandwich they don’t ask anything about you. They wait
    on you with respect.
    Why not try doing the same thing. They are entitled to
    whatever choice they want. So give them the same
    respect you desire.

  3. The San Antonio airport and the reporter should read the court rulings about this Chick-fil-a has not done anything wrong. Keep pushing and they will both will loose in a suit that they can not afford, defamation and religious percussion is illegal or are they above the law

  4. While I find it disgusting the left feels they have to try to destroy others because they don’t like their business practices or beliefs, the New Yorker Magazine? They are still in business?

  5. The left has tried this before. Where I live in Savannah, there were not enough parking spaces and lines were outside the restaurant. I decided to come back later and the lines were the same. Bring on your boycott leftist kooks, I am sure Chick-fil-A will be happy to triple or quadruple their profits for the duration of the boycott.

  6. I work as an armed guard in a hospital andthere is a Chick-fil-A down the street. If I go in wearing my uniform and eat in, my meal is free because they appreciate my “armed presence ” within their store. I have been work at my hospital for just over a year now and have only taken advantage of this on 3 occasions as I feel that going in there and doing so regularly would be abusing the offer. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing at all. I’m just running my mouth the exact same way the boycotters and protesters are.

  7. Just a question when are the powers that be going to protect WASPs every one else has gotten special legislation to protect them how about us or dont we count we are only the ones who made America great dont we deserve special protection under the law

  8. The LGBetc, needs to get a life! If they had told them they couldn’t come in and buy food because they are gay, whatever, , they would have a case, but the fact the owner is a Christian and closes on Sunday, is not their problem. Grow up!

  9. A study was run by a UCLA group & undertaken on two groups of people, the first group was required to give their identifying information, Name, DOB, address etc., and the second group was anonymous. The groups were given an identical questionnaire regarding their opinions on gay topics, marriage, etc., and it was interesting to note the number who were wholeheartedly supportive of the LGBT lifestyle were in the group who had to give identifying information. Those who took the anonymous survey answered MUCH differently. If you had to give your name 80% approved, if you could give your honest opinion the support dropped to 42% so they may have what they want in the liberal community but they do NOT have the real support of the majority of Americans. Homosexuality has been considered aberrant sexual behavior throughout recorded history. Do they REALLY believe they will change peoples opinions in a few scant decades? Liberals have a disgusting way of gaining support, shaming! You get a label if you do not agree with their beliefs.
    Apologies for ranting on, however, this really made me mad. You get tired of hearing about their little snits, day in and day out. They need to get on with their lives, God will be their judge in the end and Christians know from Romans Chapter 1 just what God thinks of their activities. It is the only sin in the New Testament which God says is ‘deserving of death’. Unfortunately, too many Christians stop at Romans Chapter 1 & fail to go on to Chapter 2 to see that God tells us to let them be, HE WILL BE THEIR JUDGE and considering what He had to say about them in Romans Chapter 1, I am sure His judgment will not be an easy one. These little churches who like to go around spouting what their punishment will be are in direct violation of Gods commands in Romans Chapter 2 and their judgment will be almost as bad. THE WORD OF GOD, THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER.
    God Bless,

  10. Some of tge most family friendly people, and staff. They put out great ads, in fact one always makes me cry, everyone has a story. Just something for the gay people to complain about. They want to promote acc3ptance and unity, but if you disagree with them, watch out! You are a hate monger and or racist. Most hypocritical people on the planet. Not willing for a free and open discussion. We can agree to disagree, but not them. Ass clowns the lot of them.

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