White House Shuts Down Democrat ‘Requests’
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Democrats looking to meddle in the affairs of President Donald Trump got a hard rejection when the White House denied their request for intel on Trump’s private meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the beginning of the month, Democrats involved with House intelligence, foreign affairs and oversight committees all made requests for the details of dialogue between Trump and Putin. 

Recently Pat Cipollone of the White House counsel sent letters to each of the three committee’s chairmen, rejecting all requests. 

“The president must be free to engage in discussions with foreign leaders without fear that those communications will be disclosed and used as fodder for partisan political purposes,” Cipollone wrote, “No foreign leader would engage in private conversations with the president, or the president’s senior advisors, if such conversations were subject to public disclosure (or disclosure to committees of Congress).”

Cipollone also pointed out that “the conduct of foreign affairs is a matter that the Constitution assigns exclusively to the President.” 

  1. What, not Pelosi Galore, Adam Shiff for Brains, Dianne Frankenstein, Chuck Shiester, Wacky Waters and Chiquita Kruschev?

  2. The democrats are destroying their own party. The American people are tired of the whining, screaming, and false statements of the Dems. They have no person to run ethically against Trump. They have, still, one agenda- Destroy Trump! They are all (Dems) patheticly ruined. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT RUINED POLITICALLY RUINED IF THEY CONTINUE TO TRY TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP. THE ones on the democratic side are nothing but shallow minded hypocrites. They are the ones that keep holding the spoon stirring the pot even after the Reports say no COLLUSION!

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