Democrats Terrified Trump May Do This
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Congressional Democrats are tripping over themselves over the thought that President Trump could possibly pardon his former campaign manager Paul Manafort. 

Several Democrats are now issuing warnings in the hope that they won’t have to confront Trump on the matter.

Senator Mark Warner took to Twitter to declare that any such action would be considered “a gross abuse of power.”

Meanwhile, reporting from The Hill exposed that Sen. Tim Kaine believes “Congress would erupt,” if Manafort walked.

Finally, Sen. Dick Blumenthal added his coinciding views via a statement to MSNBC. 

“I think that pardoning Paul Manafort would, in effect, send a message you can break the law, defy the justice system,” said Blumenthal, “and then be rewarded by the president of the United States.”

Despite Democrats mounting fear, when President Trump was asked if he would pardon Manafort he replied, “I have not even given it a thought as of this moment.”

    1. It certainly is no coincidence that I fully agree with everyone’ comments thus far (11 not counting mine). The true criminal action began with the Obama campaign and the medias’ subsequent slobbering love affair with a non-American citizen, a Muslim and a person that has multiple social security cards going by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. that name was/is false because he never legally changed his name from Barry Soetero. The adulation continued throughout his “coronation” calling him the Messiah. No one raised ANY conceern when he publicly announced that HE was going to FUNDAMENTALLY change the United States.
      Ignoring the Constitution time after time he personally told Congress that he was going to do things his way and circumvent them if they tried to obstruct his plans. He successfully corrupted the FBI, CIA, DOJ, State Department, IRS and very likely the NSA itself. The criminal activities were profound and Hillary Clinton, named Secretary of State managed to have her OWN PERSONAL COMPUTER in her home unprotected thus allowing National Secrets to float freely among our enemies. That was a criminal act beyond measure, added on to the destruction of files, computer discs and files. She accepted pay for p0lay multimillion dollar “contributions” to the Clinton Foundation and gave away nuclear technology to Russia as well as China — all for money contributions to her and Bill’s Foundation. She, nor anyone else connected with the misappropriation and crime of allowing national secrets to be stolen (given away) by foreign governments, have been charged with ANY crime. The corruption and criminal activity continues ALL within the DEMOCRATIC Party.

  1. I have to smile when reading this Connecticut boob’s statement that says ,
    (“I think that pardoning Paul Manafort would, in effect, send a message you can break the law, defy the justice system,” said Blumenthal, “and then be rewarded by the president of the United States.” ) Hey, you numbskull, When I recall all the real crooks Bill Clinton released and the disgusting stuff Hillary and Obama and Rice got away with when four Americans died horrible deaths because of their dereliction to duty…and then have some faker like Blumenthal make this kind of comment, I want to have just three minutes alone with that S.O.B. It’s perfectly alright when Democrats in high places fail to do their duty but lie about men like President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh….I watched this schmedrick during the Kavanaugh hearings and was sick to my stomach watching and listening to Richard Blumenthal, the “Stolen Valor” criminal’s antics…He should be Horse whipped and Tarred and Feathered just for showing his ugly face in congress!

  2. President Trump will probably pardon Manafort at the end of his first term after he wins or loses reelection in 2020! January 19, 2021 would be the optimal date for Manafort’s and Flynn’s pardon and the date that the Socialist/Liberal/Demwits have heart attacks!

  3. There is so much worse abuse going on in our government that Manafort looks like a misdemeanor. Get real, we could line more than half of Washington up with crimes in DC that have been ignored and covered up. Including murder!!!

  4. I think the republicans need to get a second counsel to investigate the dems and start prosecuting all of them like Obama’s Clinton’s comets all the dam dems and start impeaching them like waters all the illegals who do nothing except steal cheat lie etc. I hope trump pardons Flynn and manafort but as for Cohen he could rot in hell

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