Team Of Trump Haters Call It Quits
Image credit: wxxv25

Thank goodness, most bad things don’t last forever. The disaster pairing that is adult film star Stormy Daniels and her sleezy lawyer Michael Avenatti are finally going their separate ways.

The news that the duo, which has consistantly tried and failed to beat President Donald Trump in court, was splitting first came from a tweet Daniels made.

In what seemed like a response, Avenatti released his own statement on Twitter. It appeared to suggest the separation was decided by his team, rather than him getting canned by a porn star. 

It looks like the pair has finally lost enough money trying to attack President Trump that they may have learned a lesson.

  1. Was the whole Stormy issues just another set up? Storm’s attorney took advantage of her.
    Glad Trump’s winning.
    I live on Borders in CA. What a mess. O was in Ohio during the riots, 1965. The crime is worse now.
    Drugs cartels are taking over towns.
    Democrats don’t care.

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