How The DOJ Kept Hillary Out Of Jail
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In 2016, the FBI was incredibly close to leveling charges against Hillary Clinton. Now recently released transcripts of a congressional testimony from a former FBI lawyer show how close the investigation was and how the Department of Justice stepped in to save Hillary.

Lisa Page provided testimony to a joint task force of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees that helped to clarify why then FBI Director James Comey made statements condemning Clinton’s use of a private email, but failed to make any charges against her. 

When questioned if the FBI possibly protected Hillary out of preference over Trump, Page clarified that despite not filing charges the FBI had heavily considered doing so and the subject only dropped when it was brought up with the Department of Justice.

“We had multiple conversations, multiple conversations with the Justice Department about charging gross negligence,” Page shared.

“The Justice Department’s assessment was that it was both constitutionally vague, so that they did not actually feel that they could permissibly bring that charge,” Page added.

Ultimately when Page was asked if she believed the information to be a command to to pursue Hillary from the DOJ, she answered, “That’s correct.”

  1. From the very beginning I could hear in Comeys voice that restricted and deep tone, that normally say’s a lie is coming, and I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about and sure as Hell he said, what he was told to say from Clapper, so that the wording would be sure, to let Her, the Demonic and most hated Hillary Clinton escape going to prison. We, The American people were so relieved that the FBI and DOJ were going to do their jobs, and We were as wrong as anyone could be.
    Now we can Hope that Justice will find it’s way back to all the Departments, that make our government work like it’s suppose to. Sadly so long as George Soros/Barry Sotoroe along with the Deep state and Shadow government, are allowed to continue protecting the Members of the Swamp, we will Not see Justice until they are all arrested for committing Treason against We The People, The Constitution and our Freedom and Sovereignty.

  2. Its called Favoritism – and that disease is in every government departmental office. I see it everywhere in our organization. You know what – as long as Diversity backs up the leadership, you have no leg to stand on. Classes that the governments gives on diversity is a job. Yet, they still spread that disease. Several people in El Grande Casa Blanca are above the law. If a private, or event an officer was caught like Hillary, believes me, they will spend 20 years. No is NO equality in the Justice System, and they are the biggest of them all. foe a pound of drugs 30 years, for killing someone 9 years.

  3. Democrats want to rule like HITLER point blank. They are trying to rid all of our freedom and bring to US what is happening overseas. Trump is trying to keep us afloat and pelosi, feinstein and all Democrats want to sink us. People open your eyes! What right do the Democrats have in letting illegals vote here? Is it the only way they can win? What’s good for the goose (r) is good for the gander (d) one would think but it’s not!!!!!

  4. Pres Trump has been obstructed by the SEDITIOUS Deep State from BEFORE the 2016 Primary. There are MANY COMPLICIT in this TYRANNY and they are terrified of the American People, because of our CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS! They KNOW the depth of their depravity, their 33 degrees of crimes against humanity, their embezzlement of our TAX FUNDS accounts and our GOLD RESERVES. They also know THE PUNISHMENTS THAT AWAIT THEM ONCE IT IS REVEALED TO THE PUBLIC what they have been doing.

    But don’t take my word for it. Research it for yourselves like I am doing. Look for the “Rabbit Hole”. Research it. Leave behind the FAKE NEWS of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc., and find the Truth ((they)) don’t want you to know, then SPREAD TRUTH EVERYWHERE. Their Dark deeds are all being brought to the Light. I will keep exposing them for who and what they really are. PIZZAGATE PEDOGATE ADRENOCHROME KURU CANNIBALISM, etc. CIA, FBI, DOJ, DNC, GOP, HOUSE, SENATE, CONGRESS, PRESIDENTS 41, 42, 43, 44 all GUILTY. The Main Stream Media is owned by the criminals they are protecting. Thousands are complicit accomplices in their REIGN OF TERROR. Other Countries, they say, hate America. That’s true, but not for the reason the corrupt politicians tell us. It is our Government leaders they hate, because these politicians, Heads of State, have been strong-arming and blackmailing entire Governments World Wide by supplying the desires of the most depraved appetites in existence thru Hillary Clinton’s worldwide child sex trafficking ring. Now that Donald J Trump is POTUS, he is working diligently, with other Governments and Officials, to get to the bottom level of the depravity and to restore the reputation of the American People, every day, while the guilty continue to obstruct and destroy.

    The Guilty have purposefully destroyed evidence of their TREASON by KILLING INNOCENT AMERICANS. They are guilty of torturing, raping and murdering little children and babies, among those they have also trafficked all over the World! They have constantly been fanning flames for continual smokes screens with their onslaught of FALSE FLAGS to keep the Awakening Americans from fully discovering their TREACHERY and DEBAUCHERY. Make no mistake, these corrupt politicians and their puppets are going to be brought to JUSTICE. It is no longer a matter of IF, it is now only a matter of WHEN. We, THE PEOPLE will NOT REST UNTIL we see each and everyone who is GUILTY PAY for their ANARCHY. The Guilty can run, but they will not be able to hide. No One in the World can help them or stop this Storm that is coming. The People are bringing ALL CRIMINALS to JUSTICE.

    . Good luck to us all and God Bless every one

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