Trump Warns This Would Undo US
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President Donald Trump has never been a supporter of socialism. During an interview with Breitbart News, the president shared his thoughts on the matter and its effect on the 2020 elections.

First Trump admitted that socialism was a rallying cry that was dangerously tempting to get behind, but that it ultimately failed. 

“Now with that being said, you always have to be very careful, because socialism is easy to campaign on but tough to govern on, because the country goes down the tubes. But when you tell people free medical, free education, no more student loans — all of the different things that you say — it’s a great thing to campaign on, but then ten years later the country is down the tubes. It’s gone,” Trump said.

“So, you always have to be careful with it, because you know you talk about single-payer, it sounds very seductive — single-payer — say what you want, but it’s a very seductive thing,” he added. “But it means you’re not going to have good healthcare, it means the country is not going to be able to afford it.”

Trump signaled that although socialism has seen a surge lately, it’s conservatives that are being bolstered as they rally to combat the threat.

  1. President Trump is right, I do not understand why the democrats are trying to destroy the United States but let there be no misunderstanding that is what they’re trying to do.
    I pray to God that people wake up before it’s too late.

  2. We only have to look at history to see what socialism really is. Nazi Germany being the worst example. America has always been the prize for the Worlds tyrants. And the Worlds tyrants have always been the enemy for Freedom loving people. World War II was the ultimate shoot out and Freedom won. But then arose communism another variant of socialism, built on lies to fool the people as always.

  3. This Country will not be a socialist Country. Trump will have the military behind him and the patriots. This Country will not be turned into another Venezuela. If these people want to live in a socialist country then they need to leave here and go there. This shit should not be allowed in this Country. Plain and simple.

  4. In my 75 plus years on this planet Earth I never thought I’d see the day that Americans would be so ignorant as to what is happening in their beloved country. Never! You can’t warn the people of today about anything that is harmful to them, their families, friends and freedoms. They have been so brainwashed by all the confusing and contradictions fed them over the years that to them it’s all hogwash and none of these bads things will ever happen enough to destroy America. Until it does. Then they’ll all be crying like babies, blaming everyone else, wondering why no one stopped it and why we all let it happen. We try to warn you, but you don’t listen. We tell you the Elitists are behind all of this chaos; mudslinging, character assassinations, fake news, riots, attacks on God and Christianity, eroding history, murdering unborn children, murdering born children (infanticide), demonizing political leaders, attacking citizens rights, messing up gender roles and I could go on and on – but you won’t believe me anyway. So as I get ready to meet my Lord and Savior I leave you with the Country you built, not the one our Forefathers took from God and made a great nation out of but the one you are destroying through apathy, ignorance and selfishness and leaving to your children and grandchildren. You asked for it- live with it!

    1. Some where in the King James of the Bible states that the sins of thy father’s will fall upon thy children generation after generations. Seems like that is beginning now. I agree with your statement above. I am in my 80+ years and have never seen the like of what is occurring today. America is a heterogeneity country and will not survive. It may take centuries for this to happen.

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