Pelosi Backs Off Impeachment
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is finally admitting defeat when she shared that barring “overwhelming” new evidence she would not seek to impeach President Donald Trump.

Pelosi stunningly shared that, “I’m not for impeachment,” during an interview with Washington Post. 

“This is news. I’m going to give you some news right now because I haven’t said this to any press person before. But since you asked, and I’ve been thinking about this: Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it,” Pelosi said.

An odd declaration after Democrats have relentlessly searched for an offense Trump has made that they could deem worthy of impeachment. The truth is that as Democrats are forced to admit that President Trump has been nothing but a great and effective leader they’d rather claim that the process isn’t worth it than admit they’ve been wrong.

  1. This isnt a Pelosi choice. Trump gave her a deal she couldnt refuse (ala Godfather). Trump has dirt on all these people like Pelosi and even republicans that refuse to join the team. But smartly he is using it behind the scenes to preserve his image of Mr Nice Guy. Far from it. There is nary a politician that doesn’t have something to hide if you can go back far enough. You find that item and you can destroy any political career. I am guessing President has a team of investigators drilling down the background of his worst enemies even Soros. Hes a jew that sold out his people to the Nazi mass murderers. Nothing more hated. He has stayed ahead of it till now but I dont think President Trump will hesitate to use it when in survivable mode.

    1. Trump has in his possession the “Declassified FISA Memos and warrants. If he releases them to public view, multiples of the top Democrat Party leaders will be politically destroyed and criminally charged.
      including the former Presidential administration.
      AKA, heads will roll.
      Pelosi knows he has them
      I’ve been thinking he would release them a little more than 6-months before the 2020 elections, guaranteeing another WIN for him and his Party.

    2. WITH YOU 100%………

      Never, Never, EVER Underestimate PRESIDENT TRUMP…….HE’S GOD’S VESSEL…..
      And GOD is not about to let him fail for AMERICA and AMERICANS………
      Look at all the STUPID SUCKERS that have gone up against him since he came down that GOLDEN STAIRCASE………They are gone and he is still here and STANDING TALL……..


      1. So good to finally read such a wonderful comment about this President. You are so right. Read the book “The Paradigm” . God has a plan for America folks. He will not let America fall into Socialism or continue to murder the unborn and remove his name from everything any longer. The past Presidents since the Clintons were in the White House started the downfall of America by removing God from everything and promoting sinful activities starting in the White House. The Christians prayed for God to save America and he is doing just that. He saved Israel 3000 years ago from the clutches of sin from horrible Kings. Now he is saving America. He will win again in 2020, He will get that wall built, And the murder of the unborn will cease .

  2. Nancy Pelosi, is not for the American people, although we have allot of idiots who vote for the Democratic party. These anti-Semitics must be kicked out of office. And since the Democrats won’t do it, then those that are against it, must rule them out of office. America must stop illegal immigrants from entering our boarder. Change the whole rules in a hurry. I have to admit, that there are some Republicans that are weasels. Scared of their own shadow to do the right thing for the American people, as are the Democrats. By the way how come theLiberal Jews know how to speak up for blacks, but they hush up for their own kind, I call them, “The Jews”. Frauds.

  3. Bipartisan House and Senate Intelligence Committee investigations found no “direct evidence” that President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election.
    Presidential Harassment is unlawful, should be prosecuted by law
    Senate INTEL found NO COLLUSIONS after 2 years of investigation.
    Going after fake news & fake media, you will find yourself stumbled.

    1. The people going after Trump`s collusion should be fined by the day. They have to give back the money the taxpayers laid out for this fictitious document that came from out of the country? All these people do is show up at their job site?????????? This is not what I would call a real job? Either get on or go down in flames. They coined the phrase a Nothing Burger its as moldy as this investigation.

  4. No, it’s because she has inside info that mueller has a crap sandwich in his hand instead of ANY evidence. The insane LEFT has already divided the country!

  5. Nancy, yo come to sense from broken record. Trump is the only president ever talked about trade and budget deficit!
    Your IDOL Obama racked up un-precedent budget deficit more than all the presidents accumulated.
    This scum probably think so proud, because he handed out so much to his cronies.
    You can’t bankrupt the country if you a sensible politician. If Nancy does not have any idea to face the national problem, leave it to a man with GUT, TRUMP!

  6. The election clock is ticking . Generalette SanFran Feces Nan has determined that Impeachment Hill 2020 is not worth dying on. First and foremost, she realizes the mutiny within the Dem ranks has to be quelled. Auntie Max, Pencil Neck and The Wadler Nadler will chafe at the loss of MSM attention but the Bronx BarMaid, Palestinian Princess (aka Hamas Honey) and Somali Escapee simply have to be suppressed. How fitting the DNC chose Milwaukee as the site for the 2020 convention. It’s one of the most segregated cites in the country. Better yet is the fact that is near the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI. At the rate their going, they may need multiple clown cars for all of the POTUS wannbe’s!

  7. She had no choice but to give up. But as far as the country goes, she and the others have divided this country. To the point that people like myself can’t say or talk about what we’ve been seeing and hearing. It’s got to the point that it goes back to the lesson my dad taught me over 50yrs ago. I am to be seen not heard and speak only when spoken to. We are not kids. But that is what the Democrats want. That’s what socialism is and was. Look at the facts

  8. I am 68 years old, I have worked extremely hard all my life, I can not live on my Social security, but we give it to those who enter our Country illegally, I am not eligible for Medicaid, but we give it to those who enter illegally, I can not receive food stamps, but….. Guess who can get this benefit??? I am totally sick of the system!!!! Let President Trump repair what Obama destroyed!!

  9. She and the Demoncrats would lose even more votes in 2020. Not only would we just end up with good preacher Pence from Indiana, but we would have a lot less Democrats to contend with in either House. MAGA. Trump-Pence 2020.

  10. The Mueller farce is coming to an end, and panicking Pelosi is trying to distance herself from it. Sorry Nancy. The ship is sinking and you are going down.

  11. I do not trust her! I believe she has something else that will surface and create more problems and dissension!

  12. Being the politician she is, she realizes that they cannot pull off an impeachment and that if she attempts it that the democrats will lose heavily in the 2020 elections.
    The ridiculus attacks on president Trump one minute after won the election was one of the most immature acts politicians have done in a long time.

  13. She realizes that the democrats have already lost in 2020 and is trying to change people’s minds back to the dems. She had lost the battle and soon will havee lost the war.

  14. I think she knows PRESIDENT TRUMP is not bluffing , when he says he will de-classify all of the classified files, and she has a lot to hide, and with her party of insane terrorist and communist baby killers. She has more problems in house than, the house down the street. But never turn you back on the EVIL WITCH-BITCH of the WEST. She can not be trusted. Can,t wait to see her next distraction event .

    1. I guess Pelosi might have to seek more plastic surgery since she and her face have fallen below recovery. Her honesty should be judged by her observance of her so-called Catholicism that her “conscience” allows her to vote for immorality: abortion, same sex “marraiage”, gender neutral restrooms, sex change surgery paid for by the military, etc. etc. Would that all knowledgeable , God-fearing voters way the evidence of what the Democrats have dumped on our culture and what used to be a “nation, under God. and vote for those who have the “right stuff” to turn this country around so that we will , once more, be the “Shining city on a hill”.

  15. The old hag wants to keep her job. She’s about to get impeached her self. She had stepped on to many ties. And it’s starting to hurt. She still need her lush arse removed from office.

  16. This is the MOST Un-American Congress on record. They are the most self centered, greedy vultures anyone could imagine. They are the most inhumane beings, supporting abortion up and during delivery; for giving our Social Security to illegals and supporting (representing) illegals and not THE AMERICAN citizen. We have way too much poverty, abuse, hatred, and crime in this country for ANYONE in Congress to even think about help for other than our own country. WAKE UP AMERICA!! or we will all wake up to socialism controlling us.

  17. She lost. But did you notice she still couldn’t tell the truth about it? Called it off “because he’s not worth it”. Give me a break! How long are we going to put up with these brainless incompetents? These are the people that were sent to Washington to look out for the American people. They fail us miserably on a daily basis.

  18. LOVE the President TRUMP . Best we ever had. PRESIDENT TRUMP is hardest working man on earth ,- For the American people. Pelosi is weird. But she’s an American and therefore we gotta tolerate her. Lol!

  19. Divisiveness?? That and chaos via ANTIFA, BLM, White Supremacy, and the 24/7/365 negative and lying reporting ignoring all the accomplishments made since start of 2017 is their mantra since booing God out of the party and DNC in ’12 and ’16. Now they can’t discern not tell the truth even when to their own advantage.
    Consider the railing accusations against Trump. Most of those charges disappeared and backfired and we now see these accusations truly reflect the criminality and lifestyle of those making these charges. Pelosi is trying to distance herself from that backlash.

  20. I do not believe President Trump has doe anything that would hurt our country. I believe with all mu heart that Cortez, Omah ans Tlib should be removed from Congress. If they continue to be allowed to stay there our country will completely fall. Peloski won’t be able to prevent this if she continues to give in to these Congresswomen.

  21. I was raised a dem.,but the dems of my father’s day is not the dem we have to deal with today .I think the dems of 40 yrs ago would change parties when they saw what they have done to our country. My grandmother said the only good thing Hoover ever did he changed a lot of republicans into democrats ,now Obama,Pelosi,Schumer and the muslims that have been elected are going to turn many back to the republicans. I HOPE we can not afford not to take the next election very serious

  22. It appears I am in a group of Like Minded People Tonight. What a nice group of people you are. Trump needs to win the next election as they are speaking about a Jubilee and I think he is the only one with his chosen administration that can straighten us out and put us onto a path of The Great American USA again.. He still needs to fulfill one campaign promise and that is to DRAIN THE SWAMP.
    I also think before long the new kids on the Demo block will be blasted out of our government. The old cronies are too scared to turn their backs on them. They will stop at nothing and might even call in their ISIS teammates to shake the cronies from the moss laden trees hanging over the swamps..

  23. The ENEMEDIA is guilty of dividing the country, along with others: the “not my President”, “never trumpers”, “the FBI, as in Comey, McCabe, etc”, “the Democrats with Mueller”, “the Metoo movement”, “Hollywood”, etc., etc., etbloddycetera. Will ALL THIS be remembered or brought up by anyone come 2020? Hope like hell it is!

  24. Evidence is the proof in the pudding!.it was obvious where Obama stood and what he didn’t accomplish (destroyed) and yet the loony lefties were 100% behind him! President Trump has clearly proven his accomplishments domestic and foreign and yet the lefty looney media refuses to acknowledge the obvious! MAGA and Again!

  25. I think they should produce all of the evidence and the dems should forge full steam ahead and proceed with impeachment.

  26. This is the beginning of the Destruction of the Democrat-Communist-KKK-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
    That being said, it’s time the Democrats consider committing SUICIDE. Come on just do it now, you know you want to before you are all incarcerated for CRIMES against The United States of America.
    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American HERO. MAGA

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