Pelosi & Schumer Issue Threat To Trump
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have again risen up to cause dismay within the United States.

The two Democrats prove they are determined not only to refuse to cooperate but to actively thwart Trump’s attempts to get the wall built. 

After President Trump signified that he would request more than $8 billion for border funding in the 2020 budget, Pelosi and Schumer have stated they are willing to begin another government shutdown. 

“President Trump hurt millions of Americans and caused widespread chaos when he recklessly shut down the government to try to get his expensive and ineffective wall, which he promised would be paid for by Mexico,” the ranking Democrats began.

“Congress refused to fund his wall and he was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government. The same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again,” the leaders continued. “We hope he learned his lesson.”

It appears that the Democrats are the ones who have forgotten the damage and public outcry over the initial shutdown. If anyone needs to study past lessons, it’s them. 

  1. These two are acting very unamerican, we need that way, without it they will pour into this country and they will bankrupt it in no time, they want everything for nothing,everything, and there is thousands of them. Get rid of Pelosi and Schumer both need to be replaced, they are not acting as they should, we did not have them there to fight with the opposing party we expected them to get along and do what was right for us, and letting thousands of people come into this country and expect to get everything they want or need free, is not doing what we need to have them do.

    1. You are right. WE NEED THE WALL. Its also a shame for all those who came here legally and did it right. Not only that , they wave their flag in our America. Pelosi is turning 79 on march 26th and I think it’s time for her to go home to her gated home . I dont know if anyone seen the news where she stated she “cant work with president Bush anymore” when it was Obama who was in office. She’s an idiot. As for Chuck, when was the last time he cried for you or fought for you the American people. And that little high school girl Cortez needs to go. She is what’s wrong with the younger generation. She hasn’t a clue. She wants to be some kind of super hero and get all the attention. “Look what I can do” shes basically saying. Go back to school and get out of diapers before going into politics. We the people need to step up and do something to get our country back and get those in government who are only there for their own careers out of there. Wasting all this money on investigating Trump when theres typhus (mid-evil disease) starting in California from people defecating in the streets. Hello people, wake up….

      1. Yes, we need the wall and we need these two obstinate individuals to learn to work for the good of the country and work together rather than being totally negative and “Against” any and everything that come out. They are a disgrace and an embarrassment and in my opinion very destructive.

    2. Absolutely correct they should either get on board or be gone. One other thing the wall certainly works how could anyone think it doesn’t Trump is doing an excellent job given with all the money he stopped from leaving this country to other countries even enemies there should be plenty to finish the wall

    3. Dumb ass Dems and Their socialism platform you nuckleheads forget this is the land of the free. You so called leaders of the dem party have more problems in you party than you can handle. How in the hell do you think you can fun this country when you have messed the party. ????

    4. Russ: You expect them to get along with a president that’s nuts? He can’t be trusted on anything. You expect Pelosi and Schumer to do what’s right for “us?” Who’s “us? You voted last November for one representative and one senator. Were any of them Pelosi and Schumer? If not, then you have to blame voters in other districts.

    5. CA voting fraud needs to be investigated. That should take care of Nancy
      Harris has voted for illegals over Citizen’s. She would open the borders to everyone.
      Deporting illegals and non-vetted refugees. Vett every one because of Obama’s open borders. False visas and lottery. We have no idea what the UN allowed to our country
      Trump is making Our Country Great and no Muslim or foreign laws. Our constitution and immigration laws
      Trump 2020

  2. Who are these two accountable to? I realize they are elected in their liberal districts but refusal to secure the security of our people is treasonous.
    And Pelosi is having signing ceremonies like she is the President. She hands everyone a pen after signing. Such arrogance…

    1. Right on BJ. These two say we don’t have a border crisis. I live about 40 mile North of San Diego. San Diego is only one of many entry points along our border. Polosi (this is her home state) and Shumer and the tree huggers need to come down and visit the entry point. It it’s not chaos and an invasion trying everyday to happen I don’t know what it is. Of course the news here has not covered any of the Democrats coming down to observe happenings. So, guess they guess it’s just a nice place to camp and have a picnic!!

    1. Patricia you are so right. Another alarming thing that we are already confronted with is the census. Apparently census takers in 2020 will not be allowed to determine citizenship. Not a good idea. More alarming is that congressional districts are made up by number of “residents” (legal or illegal). It is estimated that in California along ( I live here) that there will be enough illegals in this state to possible create 2 additional congressional seats. Alarming? Yes indeed. I can just about guarantee you that there are not too many Republicans climbing the fence to get into the US. Go figure where the vote goes. Also we cannot check identification of individuals showing up to vote. Violates their rights!!

  3. Let Chucky and Nancy shut down the government again and see the negative repercussions from the American voters. I do feel sorry for the unfortunate workers effected by this unnecessary dumbocrat action.

    1. They have jobs when it’s over, and they receive back pay. In the private sector we Americans have no job to return to and no back pay. These government workers should have money saved for these occasions

      1. I’m a Democrat, I at first agreed with Nan/Chuck who is making AMERICA A SOCIALIST country. Count me out. I agreed with Trump on this and illegal immigration. NAN/Chuck wants to open borders to all the illnesses, among other things that illegal immigration brings. How many are under quarantine now with measles, TB, live, chickenpox, among other diseases, who pays THE AMERICAN taxpayers. Who support them and their kids AMERICAN taxpayers.

  4. Time to throw the book at all of these nasty democrats that hate us real Americans, build the wall and put them on the other side!!!!!

      1. Tom, they just “proved” that they are the liars in the government. How did they prove it? What did they do? What did they say? Something in the story above? Well, that story is designed to mislead you, the reader. It’s a story made of lies. These Dems are not the liars in the gov’t. Trump is the biggest liar in the gov’t, have recorded more than 9000 so far in his term. I doubt the 535 in Congress didn’t tell that many lies combined.

    1. JUST SHOWS that these two along with most of the dumorats are working for the illegals and not as they swore to do when they took their oath of office. Pure treason on their part

    2. You are 1000% correct, if they and others don’t like our country they can leave immediately. P.S. Once they leave, no return ever…..

    3. How can some of U with tons of intelligence follow these 2 Twits against America I have given up on these 2 stunods but not the rest of U.If u must hate the messenger [Trump] ok but the message is absolutely good advice if it were anyone one else that wall would be done already not a cure all but another deterrent. Love your Country

    4. Andre , you can keep sticking up for them but after reading alot of responses on this I would say you are not in the majority here , The majority here want the wall and we think President Trump and I repeat PRESIDENT Trump is doing exactly what we want him to do … Go outside and play in traffic ….

  5. Excuse me but President Trump did not hurt the American people, you Pelosi, Schumer, and all the DemoRats did. you have no concern for anyone but yourselves. Get over your childish temper tantrums because you didn’t win in 2016. Do you act this way when you play cards or games have to win all the time? Frankly, demoRats have ruined the United States and this Republican, Our Great President cares and loves this country to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. People be smart do not vote for DemoRat ways, vote them out. If you don’t then you will have no rights and will be living like Venzuala people. Yes the dems are RATS.

    1. Excuse me, Marcia, but Trump has hurt the American people deeply. From his for-the-rich tax cut to his 9000 lies told to the American people since taking office. We all know what MAGA stands for: “Please, daddy, bring back the 1950s, when you could kill a nigger with the gun you keep in your car. When you could grab women by the pwssy and they wouldn’t care.”

  6. So the truth really just came out. They were the ones that caused the Government shutdown and they are willing to do it again. That is what they just said write it down and mark this day dumb and dumber finally have told the truth for once. To bad the damage is done and they will never be able to take back the things they just said. But of course the MSM will lie and cover all over the place for them. But the real truth has all ready been spoken. Now it just time for TRUMP to just build the wall and use Title 10 Section 284 of the US Code. Then he can tell them to stick it where the Sun does not shine and that no Florida.

    1. Tom, the truth didn’t just come out. This news story is lying to you. The shutdown was caused by Trump, it was his responsibility. He even told Chuck and Nancy that he would own it. All that suffering was Trump’s fault after he reneged on his pre-Christmas promise to accept Congress’ wall funding. You know, of course Tom, that not a single inch of new wall has been built since Trump took office. And there’s unlikely to be any wall built before he leaves office in 2021.

  7. I SAY THAT IT IS TIME FOR THEM BOTH TO GO, let’s throw them out of our government, after all, we do pay their salaries do we not?

  8. The Dems. have been working toward a one world government and that is why they don’t want the wall built. It is also the reason they want to let all illegals vote which would put the Dems. in office. A one world government is all about the end times which is found in the book of Revelation. If you think I’m nuts – read that book in the Bible.

  9. Somehow in their own corrupt political mines Pelosi & Schumer thinks that they are in charge of the United States and whatever they want everybody supposed to comply with. If there’s another shut down the Democrats own it. They made it clear that when they refused to negotiate with President Trump at the beginning of the year and they didn’t care they need hundred thousand federal workers weren’t getting paid. If there’s another shut down they are the ones who should somehow in their own corrupt political mines Pelosi & Schumer thinks that they are in charge of the United States and whatever they want everybody supposed to comply with. If there’s another shut down the Democrats own it. They made it clear that when they refused to negotiate with President Trump at the beginning of the year and they didn’t care they need hundred thousand federal workers weren’t getting paid. If there is another shut down the first people who should not be paid by Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the politicians in Washington and they certainly should have the exorbitant expense accounts that they enjoy or paid for by the American taxpayers cut off immediately. They are both in such a power-play along with the rest of their gang that they are jeopardizing the United States and the American people and they clearly don’t care. That in itself justifies them being removed from office now. We’ve got to get these people out of office America and we got to do it now. Term limits!

    1. Judu. the shutdown was caused by President Trump when he reneged on his promise to sign the bill funding the wall. Trump exposed all those hundreds of thousands of people to suffering and hardship. Trump did it. Congress refused to negotiate with him because he didn’t want to negotiate. He wanted his money or no money. Congress refused, which is their right. Their job. The Dems, or the Congress, had absolutely nothing to do with the shutdown. It was Trump’s to own. He told Nancy and Chuck that he would own it. And he didn’t. He kept spreading lies that it was the Dems fault, and it worked. You believed it! I feel sorry for you.

  10. The woman keeps digging a deeper hole for the democrat politicians. She has floated the idea to cut retired veterans retirement 30% when democrats take back the white house, she has stated that tax cuts of the current administration would be overturned, and all changes that the president has made in the past would be reversed. All voters should take a good look at those congress people who put her back in the speaker position. The woman is a certified NUT.

    1. Bill, we need to stop reversing all the damage Trump has done to this country when he leaves office in 2021. We need our environmental regulations back. And we need to reverse Trump’s for-the-rich tax cut that added tremendously to the national debt.

  11. Time to build a wall around the cesspool of California. Rats, fleas, and typhoid fever in homeless camps next to Los Angeles City Hall, bags of defecation on sidewalks of San Francisco. Need I say more?

  12. We cant’ afford NOT TO BUILD THE WALL.
    We are spending over $700 million a day on the 25 million illegals already here.
    Yeah, they get Social Security, Welfare and all kinds of Medical care.
    This ends up being over $250 a year.
    No wonder they all want to get here.
    So the wall at 5.7 billion. will pay for itself in just 8 days.
    To bad the Democrats are so hungry for votes that they want to import people and then give them our money that we paid in taxes.

  13. Pelosi & Schumer are so anti- American ,that refusing to accept facts about the border that there hatred for our President cloud there judgement & there constitutional duty to protect & defend this country!!! Continually playing the political games only hurts the people they represent!!! There are as much responsible for the shut down as the President !!! Pelosi & Schumer quit your BS & do your jobs!!!

  14. Pelosi and Shumer. You two need to leave politics and let people with brains in. Neither one of you have any business in politics. You are not listening to the people and are only doing what you want to. You are NOT the president and never will be. Stop trying to overthrow our government.

  15. I think that President Trump needs to freeze politicians checks until these things are taken care of. Use their paycheck until the wall is built. Close the government and reopen it 5 minutes later and cut their pay by 65%. That’s saving a minimum 50 million dollars a year

  16. you read what pelosi and schumer said that THEY are willing to shut the government down one more time to keep Trump from doing what he said he would do

  17. Why can’t the conservatives give Pelosi and Schmer the same shit she gives us!! Let’s dig into their past and find the skeletons!!
    These two are destroying our Country and we don’t fight back!! Let’s all find ways to get rid of these two Socialist idiots!!

  18. What these 2 are doing amounts to Sedition as i see it. They were for it before they were against it because it now has Trump written on it. Never thought they could be so petty about the wall but i was wrong. Put them against a wall and shoot them for treason as that is just what it has come down to. Or at the very least lock them up and put them in jail as they did swear to defend this country and have not done so. Just look at all the illegals in this country in democrat held city’s.

  19. You 2 are going to pay for your consent deceitful breaking the law. The people are seeing you for what you are sewage rats that needs to be defeated for your treasonous actions. You have done spending behind out backs and behind closed doors. ———NO ONE IS GOING TO TRUST YOU EVER AGAIN.!

  20. Thes two are a danger to America!!! They care nothing about America or Americans!! They support socialism and dictatorship.their only goal is to try to make A great PRESIDENT fail. Nancy is not a good speaker and her Puppets could care less about America they all must go !!!

  21. Pelosi and Schumer never intended to work with the Republican party or conservatives. They lied to the whole American people they said very clearly did if Trump would end the shutdown for 3 weeks they would discuss border security they did no such thing everybody knew they were lying and Trump went ahead ended the shutdown took them at their word and got nowhere. Schumer and pelosi I’ve no interest in serving the American people they only want to serve their party and they hate Trump. Trump may have caused the shutdown but the Democrats or the reason the shutdown went so long they are not blameless.

  22. It’s just like the ‘climate change’ crap…anything that makes the Dem-Dums look bad, it’s ‘Trump’s fault”, never THEIR’S!

  23. Schumer and Pelosi are destroying the democratic party and pushing an over throw of our nations government. They are acting as gangsters and destroying their party.

  24. I hope and pray that the time will come after the next election that not only will the southern wall be built but Canada will come to its senses, before it is necessary to build a northern wall.
    And we will see the end of the left wing bible hating Democratic party.

  25. I am looking so forward to the arrest, conviction and removed from society
    The dregs of the dumacrap communist traders to America, be patient, their
    time has come and they know it, but they will do everything they can to completely destroy America, until they are taken away! They look like Mutt and Jeff standing next to each other!

  26. Pelosi and Schumer, as well as the rest if the Democrats, should be charged with dereliction of duty considering all their time is spend trying to get rid of President Trump instead of working for the people who elected them. They have done squat for us.

  27. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised by the Dems stance. As usual, they put their need for control and power above what’s needed to secure the American borders.
    They continue to attempt to sneak voting rights for illegals into every bill they introduce.
    It’s time for constituents to demand they either represent them they way they were elected to do or find a new job next election. Many deserve pink slips after their performance.

  28. What on earth are these people trying to do? Completely destroy this Country? It is not human nature to agree with everyone on everything. It is equally not human nature to disagree on every thing. These people have been sent to Washington to look after the business of the American People and all the do is REJECT every single thing that comes out of the White House. What has happened to discussion and compromise in this Congress. It is totally partisan without any consideration of the merits of an issue. They are an embarrassment and have become destructive to this country. Term limits should be established and the two party system completely done away with. It is now totally two parties and NO Congress!!

  29. It seem that Congress may have had something to do with the shutdown. They refused to vote for his legislation. Vote it in and the shutdown would have never happened. Congress is just as guilty of the shutdown as was POTUS. All the name calling and bad mouthing ain’t gonna change that. They are just as responsible.

    1. No, Ken, the shutdown was all Trump’s fault and Trump’s responsibility. He was ready before Christmas to sign wall legislation that Congress passed, but then he heard criticism from Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and he refused to sign the bill, as he said he would. Ken, you believe all the lies the president tells. The Congress refused to vote on his wall to stop the shutdown, but that doesn’t make Congress complicit. Congress has every right to refuse to pass what the president presents. That refusal is what got the shutdown ended. Don’t believe what Trump tells you. Every time he opens his mouth, he tells another lie. 9000 so far in his presidency, according to a newspaper. Simply stop believing him. He’s a pathological liar.

  30. I swear to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and dom…….. oh wait foreign and domestic….. O sheit, does that mean us? But I am a US Congressman/woman US Senator, are we excused????? Nancy and Chuck

  31. I really do not understand how Vhuckie and Nasty can still keep making threats to the President when they never Win! They pretend that the democrats were not responsible for the last government shut down but they were and everyone knows it! They look like chicken s. t after the wringing out by the low life Cortezwho steals and the Omar who try’s to hurt our Jewish Citizens and the pig looking representative who called President Trump a mother f. kerry! What kind of trashy people make up the Dnc these days?

  32. I for one feel we as American citizens whom have been directly effected by the heroin epidemic coming across our southern border should all come together and sue the democratic party for all our financial, family and health losses due to the open border policy of the Democratic party. My own personal family (child of 32 yrs old) got hook on heroin actually in Tucson directly coming across the border. when she was in her mid 20’s, The cost to our family, our health as parents and everything else amounts to over 70% of our put away retirement about 600,000++ We as Americans who pay taxes and have gone through this situation should be able to sue for damages the DNC seeing they will not build a wall to stop the drug influx along with all the illegals whom cost us per year way more than a wall. lets get together and do something

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! There are people overdosing like crazy in ARKANSAS!!! This heroin is being laced with FENTANYL which is 100x stronger than Morphine!! It IS coming straight out of MEXICO!!! Its so bad that anyone can purchase Narcan over the counter to have on-hand to reverse overdose. I believe it is being laced with ill intent. It has made its way all across America, and NOBODY in the democratic party wants to admit that there is a problem coming from Mexico bc they want their illegals to be able to vote 2020!!! These politicians should be thrown out of office immediately for knowing this is happening and trying to cover it up!! Them AND the new member of the WACK-PACK, Alexandria Cortez!! This CRAZY bitch thinks we should hand over nation!!!

  33. The Dems have 2 uncontested points of view 1) if it is something that was done right then they take FULL credit 2) if it is something they do not want and causes a political problem then they are the first ones to point the finger at other because it was not their fault or doing

  34. These DemoCommunist were never American’s they were Communist in sheep’s clothing they worship only one thing Temporal Power fifth columnist Agent Provocatuers . That is all they ever were and ever will be and one day they will pay for the lies as they are thrown into the Lake of Fire.

  35. Just read something in RD that sums it up perfectly. Pelosi and Schumer are like cats in the litter box. They keep moving “stuff” around to cover up the mess they have made.

  36. Pelosi and Schumer have been on the “gravy train” for too many years. We need strict term limits–no more than 2 terms for anything to do with Congress, Supreme Court, or Presidency.

  37. I will do my BEST at the NEXT ELECTION , to see that pelosi and schumer, never step foot in the congress or senate, I will do everything to get them NO VOTES. The only way to bounce them out of the government LEGALLY. They are like the 4 rookies in congress and 1 rookie in the senate, UNFIT to HOLD OFFICE ENEMIES of the USA

    1. I am with you 100%!!!!!!! They do not give a shit about American citizens!!! They WANT him to order another shutdown so they can try and turn the Americans against him. Their hate for our president and twisted craving for power has them going out of their minds!! These two, and that new NUTBAG AOC are the ones who will ruin this country if people don’t WAKE UP!!!

  38. President Trump should go after both Pelosi and Schumer and have them get back the 150 billion that they donated to Iran. The 8 billion President is a mere pittance to the 150 billion these two clowns donated to Iran which netted us nothing. We must find a way to get these jack asses out of our government. They have done more than enough damage to the US.

  39. No, the democrats have to take full responsibility for the shutdown. When Trump found out that the government employees would not be paid, he put a bill through that they would be paid. PELOSI refused
    to sign the bill saying, “they will not be paid until you lift the shutdown.” The democrats held their own employees hostage.

  40. Since Pelosi and Chuckles Schumer think that the border wall is ineffective and a waste of money we should demand and start a campaign for the removal of the fence around Pelosi’s California home. I can’t imagine why she has a wall and the American citizens can’t have the same luxury. It would appear that the hand full of people in her family are so much more valuable than the millions of us. Lets get her wall torn down as soon as possible.
    While on the subject of queen Pelosi I think we should have her and her husband pay for her private jet which takes her to and from San Francisco home on weekends. Her family is filthy rich unlike the rest of us, so she should fly commercially at her expense like we do. I realize that the president flies for free
    but he is the president and he donates his salary to various charities. Maybe queen Nancy should follow the presidents example.

    I also wonder when queen Nancy and Chuckles Schumer will make their past 6 or 10 years of tax returns public.

    I also wonder how much better America would be if you two would support President Trump instead of fighting him on every thing he tries to do. You and Chuckles are a disgrace to the people of the US.

    You two are the main reason I would under no circumstances ever vote for a Democrap. I belong to a lot of organizations and I am doing everything I can to to get as many people to follow my lead and not vote for any democraps.

  41. Its amazing how little these two clowns feel about the american citizens and only about themselves. Greed and jealousy are horrible vices. These two must have little or no regard for the american citizens. They must study for a blood test. If they only knew how much damage they are doing to their own party. Every time they attack President Trump they cost their thousands of votes. They as it turns out they are our presidents best cheer leaders. If they keep it up mush longer President Trump won’t need to campaign. I can’t believe that I was once a democrap , those days are over.

    One thing for sure, I will never, ever vote for a democrap again. I am already campaigning for President Trump. I belong to a lot of organizations and I am extolling the virtues of President Trump. I have gotten a lot of friends to see the light and change parties.

    Keep up the good work Nancy and Chuckles and I also include Adam Schiffles in the mix

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