Trump Slams This ‘Wacky Nut Job’
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President Donald Trump has finally had enough of one media commentator and their constantly shifting support/ridicule.

Television and radio presence Ann Coutler, who once penned a book praising Trump’s 2016 campaign, has crossed the president one too many times. 

While previously a staunch supporter, Coulter has been increasingly critical of Trump. Especially when it comes to what she believes is a lack of action getting the wall built and less than adequate immigration laws. 

Trump has used kid gloves when it comes to handling her outbursts. Making claims like, “I just don’t have the time to speak to her,” while stating that she’s “off the reservation.” But those days appear to be officially over. 

A series of tweets from Trump slammed Coulter as a “wacky nut job,” while he pointed out all the massive action he’s taken to get the wall completed. 

Hopefully Coulter will reflect on this message and go back to focusing her efforts on helping the president, rather than hassling him.

  1. Without a doubt Obama was the biggest disaster for America and his radical Muslim ideology and friends is the absolute cause for doing everything possible to destroy our great country. There is no other President other than Trump that cares more about America and trying to put us back on track despite the the left wing obstructionist demorats. We can’t let these radicals left wing demorat nuts destroy America.

  2. I know Ann loves America, but if she thinks she can do a better job than President Trump to get the Dem-Dums to see reason, she can run for president herself.

  3. Thank God we have Leadership with Donald Trump. Without him this country would be a third world shit house with Hillary, Ploosi ,Obama and Shummer running all free Americans into poverty! Rise up and take control like we did in 1776

    1. ‘Pussy Kisser’ fan, what hole do you live in? Under PK we have now replaced Putin as the “biggest threat to world peace!’ You may not be able to tell a lie from fact, but the rest of the world can and excusing you as being “uneducated” will no longer cover it. Your IQ is too low to count…

      1. Brad,
        I served during the Cold War era, the Russians know what would happened in conventional warfare. Still flying the same rag tag surveillance spy aircraft.

        Keep in mind they are just now rebuilding, yet they are still a broke nation. They taunt, but, dare not as to how we will fight them. Your are clueless. I’ve ben involved in training on carriers for years and know the score.

        Also, we’ve had super carriers for decades that are so well run, it will take them decades to come close to comparing. China as well would be just decimated. If you’re from the military you would appear to be delusional to give Putin, so much dare.

        Norm DeSha, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  4. Something has reversed itself with Ann Coulter. She is aware enough of the political climate to know what Trump was up against regarding the wall and all of a sudden she became a different person. It is almost like she was blackmailed or something to make her do a 180 on her political rhetoric. A very strange situation.

  5. I’ve been saying for months rhat the prez can get the money from military traing funds be make it a JTX (a joint training exercise).
    It’s legitimate training.

  6. It saddens me to Ms Coulter doing this. We are all frustrated by what’s going on at the border. We have to have faith and pray that this gets done. Heaven help us if they would just pass proper legislation!!l

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