Trump Foes Deploy Smear Tactics

The opponents of President Donald Trump just try to see the worst in all that he sets out to accomplish. Now they’re even trying to fault him for acts of kindness.

Over the weekend Trump, along with his wife Melania and their son Barron, traveled to a wounded Alabama that had just been hit by the worst tornado in 6 years.

Trump consoled victims of the storm with posing for pictures and signed autographs. One item that many people asked Trump to sign was the Bible, a symbol of hope. 

Apparently that was unacceptable to some, who’ve tried to manufacture outrage over Trump’s alleged “hubris.”

However religious leaders have largely come out to defend Trump, especially as previous presidents were also known to use the practice.

“Though we don’t have a national faith, there is faith in our nation, and so it’s not at all surprising that people would have politicians sign their Bibles,” said Hershael York, dean of theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. “Those Bibles are meaningful to them and apparently these politicians are, too.”

Founding dean and professor of divinity emeritus at Wake Forest’s School of Divinity, Bill Leonard shared that Trump was right not to refuse the requests. 

“It would’ve been worse if he had said no because it would’ve seemed unkind, and this was at least one way he could show his concern along with his visit,” he shared. “In this setting, where tragedy has occurred and where he comes for this brief visit, we need to have some grace about that for these folks.”

Although there are some detractors, Rev. Dr. Kevin Cassiday-Maloney of Fargo, North Dakota claimed, “It just felt like hubris.” He added, “It almost felt like a desecration of the holy book to put his signature on the front writ large, literally.”

The bottom line is Trump only signed the books as a form of comfort for people who had been devastated by the tornado.

James Coffin, executive director of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida said it best, “Too much is being made out of something that doesn’t deserve that kind of attention.”

  1. I’m surprised the complainers even knew what a Bible was…since their actions so defy any knowledge of the Book

    Trump was asked to sign some Christian folk’s Bibles…he did do with graciousness

    These demented D ms will spew anything they hope will damage President Trump

    Sorry guys…you failed on this attempt.

  2. We are in fact a Christian nation. Founders such as John Adams stated that our government coul1d work any other way. Today, many want to chop the intertwining vine of christendom in the name of an imaginary secularism. With God as Creator, as our Declaratio states nothing can truly be secular. Throughout our history as a nation, and govrnment, Christendom and the Bible have dominated our direction and a complishments. No aclu can undo this but satan is trying through those humans who abort, kill their OWN! AS DO MUSLIMS,SOCIALISTS AND OTHERS WHO HATE LIFE, CREATION! GOD the Creator, upon WHOM we based our Declaration, our Law!

  3. Yawn…..The Haters long ago reached ridiculousness in their Trump hate. Hope They keep it going however as they’re so obvious and predictable and we blew them off a long time ago and now it’s just Ho-Hum.

  4. People should remember Ted Cruz and how he was given Mein Kampf to sign and how well he handled it. I hope it becomes a trend, like Merry Christmas! If I get Happy Chanukah back I repeat it and show due respect. If you want, get your Bible signed. The Bible only spoke of one perfect person. All the rest of us should think about the opportunity to “go and sin no more.” There is only one Judge that gets final judgement, all others are “hirelings” and don’t count in the end-if your read the book-the Bible.

  5. It does not matter at all what those other people’s Opinions are.
    Donald Trump was asked to sign those bibles by people who wanted it, and would treasure his gesture.
    He did it for those who asked it of him.
    Those other whiners just don’t matter and they need to go away and accept that no one asked them If THEY approved or not.
    Pack Sand – snowflakes and progressives.
    God Bless You, President Trump!

  6. If having PRESIDENT TRUMP signing bibles for the people in Alabama is sooooo wrong then why did they bring their bibles to the President to sign? The leftist IDIOTS and FAKE News media should pull their heads out of their asses and ask the people of Alabama why they did they want the President to sign their bibles. If PRESIDENT TRUMP did not sign the bibles when asked the Leftist IDIOTS and FAKE new media would of had a shit fit.

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