Teen Who Joined IS Loses Child
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War is a battlefield, not a playground. An extremely hard lesson for Shamima Begum to learn. 

The British-born teen abandoned her home at 15 years-old to join the Islamic State group. Now 19, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have reported that her young son has died.

The BBC reportedly obtained a medical certificate that listed pneumonia has the cause of death. Begum has already lost two other children during her time in Syria from illness and malnutrition. 

Begum had been trying to return to her home in London, but public outcry and her nearly nonexistent remorse for IS attacks led her citizenship to be revoked as she was a considerable security threat.

The case closely mirrors that of Hoda Muthana, who turned her back on the U.S. to join ISIS. 

Muthana is also requesting to return home and has attempted to use the well being of her child to garner sympathy. 

Yet aside from that, Muthana has also shown little remorse and has even go so far as to demand President Trump allow her to return claiming that he is unfamiliar with U.S. law.

  1. Her childish ignorance cost her 3 babies and her country. Were she an American, I would be screaming don’t let her return either. You don’t welcome back, under any circumstances, a traitor to your country. That will blow up in your neighbors faces, causing death and destruction that should have been avoided. No sympathy from this American for this Brit. I prefer to save my sympathy for the loyal Brit’s.

  2. The little traitors went of there own free will. They are no longer americans. They should be exacuted for treason or sent back to the people they chose. Let them chose which one.

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