700+ Illegal Immigrants Caught In 1 Night
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U.S. Customs and Border Protection has reported that authorities in the El Paso areas captured over 700 illegal immigrants in a single night.

They also reported that at least two convicted sex offenders were also part of the detained group.

“Both sex offenders were arrested in different groups attempting to enter the United States illegally evading Border Patrol agents. Both subjects had been convicted of their sex offenses and had served time in jail before being deported from the United States,” the CBP shared in a news release.

They also report an unaccompanied two year old was counted among the immigrants.

This volume of illegal immigrants taken into custody in this single incident is the highest in years for El Paso.

  1. Isn’t this great? ….. and now that they’ve been “caught” on our soil, how long before they give them a court date and are forced to release them into our population?….we don’t have the space detain every illegal that steps foot on our land, especially families (this group looks like young men mostly)!! So many have been intentionally getting arrested by border agents bc they all know this loophole in our system, so there are more and more coming every day. IF WE HAD DECENT PHYSICAL BARRIERS, THE AGENTS COULD PREVENT A LOT OF ILLEGALS FROM MAKING IT ONTO OUR SOIL!!! Its not a fix-all, but it would help A LOT!!!!

    1. The liberals talk about how Trump’s agenda is to separate the family but Obama did this and we have no idea where the kids are that Obama transported to the closed Military bases.
      The kids and women are kidnapped by drug cartels and used to get here using them as human trafficking.
      Nancy Pelosi is in my District and I have never voted for her. Voting Fraud in CA is a major problem.
      Only way Democrats can stay in office.
      Go Trump 2020.
      Build the cement wall.
      I am keeping score on Republican who vote against our security by building the wall.
      Deporting illegals that cost taxpayers money that could be spent on the wall and security at our borders. Especially the gangs and drugs. Crime cost lives and money.
      God Bless Our Country

  2. This is the very definition of a crisis!!!
    Imagine this unsavory group released in your neighborhood! All at once! No job! No money! Probably not speaking a word of English.
    And your state government says, ” You have to open your doors and take these people Into your homes and feed them and send their children to school and dress them and pay their medical bills, I’m keep them safe and protect them no matter what they do. You have to allow them to bring in their family and friends to live with you as well and you have to take care of all of them. And if you don’t, Well, don’t even think about it, You don’t have a choice, you simply have TO, it’s the law. And it all happened because you voted for the wrong people to tell you what the law is. You voted for the people who care more about illegal aliens than they care about you.
    Here are some things you can do, leave the state, quit your job, fire your employees and file for unemployment, food stamps , welfare, Any kind of public assistance you can get. When it comes down to everybody in the state being on welfare, well, what do you think happens to the state? It ceases to exist don’t you think? Like Venezuela, there is no such thing as a free lunch because somebody has got to pay for the lunch. There is no such thing as the free lunch ferry!!!
    Who formulated the concept that the socialist have that everybody needs to pay for them and they don’t have to pay for anybody not even themselves?

  3. And the little town of El Paso, has a Mayor who keeps telling the liberal media. There’s no emergency here at the El Paso border. And what is just unbelievable is there’s a two year old all by themself. Or is the two year old really all alone? Or are the parents just hoping that if they don’t admit to being that childs parents. It would give their child a 100% chance of staying. And yes, that will be what happens to that two year old child. I realize these parents want a better, safer life. So now these parents will be deported, sent home and wait. The child will be put into foster care, for who knows how long. She won’t be able to be adopted because no parent gave up their rights. So for the next 16 years the child will live with a foster parents. And a two year old child will never remember who their parents were. So if these parents are hoping that someday they will be a citizen of the U.S. then they’ll be brought here. Sorry…… that won’t happen. As far as the two year old becoming a U.S. Citizen some day. I don’t know the law in regards to this.

  4. I have been robbed, run off the road, and mugged by illegal aliens. I have no sympathy for them. I have a shock shooter now that I keep hooked up to electric power so I could deliver a million volts if need be. I am a 91 year old female Republican who is not afraid to use it. In fact I would enjoy using it on Pillose and AOC and the other disgusting new female Muslim members of Congress.

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