Was Guest Too Christian For Christian School?
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A pro-life, Christian speaker has been denied a chance to speak at the University of Northwestern St. Paul in Minnesota because her views are allegedly too “sensationalized.”

Star Parker is a conservative political activist as well as the founder of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. It seems she was invited to speak at the school only to be asked to back down shortly after noting she would speak about abortion within the black community.

“I accepted UNW YAF’s gracious invitation to defend life and traditional Christian principles,” Parker had said. “Abortion has devastated the black community and is the moral crisis of our time. Christian universities are precisely where this urgent discussion should be happening.”

An email was sent from one of the university’s administrators that weakly began to imply that the event was merely too “open” for Star to speak at.

“UNW really only does events for our community, not ones open to the larger community,” a news release reported the email reading. “Therefore, it would be different if you were having a speaker just come speak to your club. Speakers open to all UNW students would have more strictness.”

Anticipating that such an excuse was not going to cover it, the email became more direct stating, “There were quite a few concerns about Star.”

“Our staff has been very adamant about bringing speakers to campus to educate and expand worldviews, but we really don’t bring speakers who radically hold beliefs that UNW as a whole would not agree with,” the email said. 

“Again,” the email added, “it may be if we were able to bring a panel and provide a variety of thought, but in the past UNW has stayed away from sensationalized speakers.”

Curiously, no where in the email does the “Christ-centered liberal arts university” define which of Parker’s views it considers to be radical. 

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  1. No surprise here; after all, we have become “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED AMERIKA”, Babylon II so this is par for a pagan nation that has been taken over by devil worshiping reprobates that are a culture of death and destruction! ADIOS AMIGO – yes, an intended pun – your toast, burnt toast and deservedly so!

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