ISIS Bride Has Words For Trump
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Hoda Muthana, who left the U.S. as a teen to join the terrorists of ISIS, is having some problems accepting the consequences of her actions. 

Seeking to return to the U.S., Hoda has been denied. But now the she wants to speak out directly against President Trump.

While being interviewed by Charlie D’Agata on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Muthana stated what she would tell the sitting president. 

“I would tell [President Trump] to study the legal system. Because apparently I am allowed back. I have papers. I have citizenship. I have my dad’s documents. It’s apparent that he stopped working with the United Nations way before I was born.”

Hoda’s citizenship has been called into question as her father was a foreign diplomat. As such she would not be entitled to birthright citizenship. 

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even addressed the situation saying she is “a noncitizen terrorist” and that “she’s not coming back.”

“She has no legal basis for her claim of U.S. citizenship. She’s not coming back to the United States to create the risk that, someday, she’ll return to the battlefield and continue to put at risk American people, American kids, American boys and girls that were sent to go defeat ISIS. She put them at risk. She’s not a U.S. citizen and she’s not coming back,” Pompeo said. 

It seems the issue will be debated until U.S. judges make a decision on the matter.

    1. If her father and her family were in the USA on a foreign diplomat visa when she was born, then she never was an American citizen, and if she attained an American passport, then it was issued by mistake and is revoked as soon as the mistake is found and learned of.

    2. you got that right. she or anyone that goes to the aid of the enemy gives up their citizenship and becomes an enemy of the american people and state……kinda like main stream media. she and jane fonda should both be executed.

    3. She is like many of the people I have evicted in my rentals? They know the rules they aren`t supposed to park their cars where ever they want? What happens with this is this person gets away with this infraction why can`t I?
      The rest is that we live in a world where people want instant gratification.
      That was yesterday but this is today? One thing I have noticed is these Muslim always have that sappy smile. They always have that far away look on their faces. No, she was busted and was promoting death to America. So life for her will be part of a camel dunghill.

    4. You bet your ass … fuck this POS ISIS Terrorist Bitch … she has NO FUCKING RIGHTS after selling her ass out to ISIS and Against The USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’ll shoot the POS Bitch …. if necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Your statement would resonate much better without all the disgusting profanity. And, that stupid last statement might just get you in trouble with the law.

    5. James, I can agree with you up to the fing “RACIST” REMARK, it makes you sound like a liberal. Maybe you are but I still agree let the fing bit-h rot in hell before she is allowed back to the USA. That would just give her the chance to terrorize from within. I guess she can always mix in with the fing S Americans!

    6. You go and join a group that murder and now you want to come back to our country that you fought against that’s stupid you stay where you are and if you did come back you should be arrested for war crimes as for Americans we love having a leader here Trump 2020

  1. I sincerely hope she doesn’t get back into the US….we have enough of that kind already here and doing their evil missions to our citizens. Hopefully the judge that makes the decision is NOT a liberal lunatic like the ones in the House of Representatives.

      1. Sad part U.S. has over 900 liberal judges known for IGNORING our CONSTITUTION and laws. Rule based on POLITICAL and personal beliefs.

        Most have 80% overruling at higher courts

    1. Trump is correct! She should NOT be allowed back in! Her citizenship is not truly valid & her character is definitely in question!

    2. well said Joan Workman, she is talking like it is President Trump only that is against her returning here, for her information it is all sane US Citizens (notice SANE).

  2. I just read your article about the isis bride. There should be NO debate. Everyone official as well as people like myself. We all agree that she cannot and will not be permitted back. I and I’m sure others are asking why? we keep hearing about this.


  4. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let her back into the United States, She made her choice now let her live with it. We can never, ever trust her.

  5. When she left the US for the ISIS life she gave up all rights as an American. Why does she want back any way? Her new life wasn’t good enough with her ISIS partners, or was it that they were all terrorists and just bad providers.

  6. You are a traitor,don’t you dare tell our president what he must and must not do,the only way you are allowed to return is to face a firing squad or a hanging,you committed treason against your country,no one twisted your arm or threatened you, your a disgusting piece of nothing who swore her oath to Islam and the Koran,rot in hell

  7. If a liberal judge allows her in she should be put in jail and stripped of citizenship. Not long ago she called for muslims to run Americans down with a truck. What has happened to this country?

    1. what happened to this country???? LIBERALISM is what happened. They ALL need to stripped of their citizenship as they don’t like this country anyway, then deport them..where?? anywhere but here

  8. I couldn’t care less if she’s an American citizen or not. She left this country, called for the death of Americans, and now wants to come back only go to to therapy? I don’t think so. Actions have consequences and anyone who leaves this country to support our enemies have absolutely no right to step foot back in our country again.

    1. Sounds good, BUT, if we recognizer her and bring her back, her children may claim citizenship. We don’t want that. Take her to Guantanamo Bay Cuba and try her same as other criminals plotting against the people of the U.S. Best leave her where she is and let her live with the choice she mad. She can learn how the law there treats her. What ever happens, she is a traitor and performed treasonous acts against the people of the U.S. She should never again experience the freedom of an American citizen

  9. Sorry for the naive little one that wanted to give her life to ISIS and become one of their sluts – she got what she ask for and she must pay the price for commiting treason.

  10. She doesn’t deserve to live here after calling for attacks on American citizens
    Even if she were a citizen…she is now traitor

  11. So, now she is referring to the legal system, as THEY ALL do when SH*T hits the fan…..She, herself should have INFORMED herself BEFORE she left the USA….Especially of WHAT would come to her AFTER hooking up with a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, it’s NOT so that she “just left the country” and wants to RETURN now…..!!!!! little FOOL really has her NERVE to COMPLAIN NOW….She is in the RIGHT PLACE and needs to STAY there….AND WHY should the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS fund her trial, housing in JAILS etc., it’s so EASY to say: “Oh, I am willing to go to JAIL in America = let THEM “PAY” for my STUPIDITY yet AGAIN…..!!!!!???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thank you, American Tax Payers money is already being WASTED on BS left and right….!!!!!!!

  12. And I have words for the ISIS bride: It would have been better for mankind if you had never been born.

  13. Why do we allow this in this country??? She should be given a choice, stay where she belongs or if allowed to return, be tried for treason and shot by firing squad. That is all she deserves if that much.

  14. You should study our political and religious system. Stay in Syria, we don’t want you here.
    If you come you will be trailed for treason. 25 years in a federal prison on taxpayers money is much more than you deserve.

  15. This Bitch needs to go no closer than GITMO, I prefer the DEATH PENALTY for her and her little PIGLET, who will grow up to kill an American.
    Stay the FOXTROT out of our country, you INBRED SWINE.

  16. Why should a judge have to decide anything she is a terrorist and only wants back in here as a Trojan Horse!! Anyone who can’t see that needs their head examined!

  17. Let the Dems take her back, that will go well for thier efforts to let all non citizens in no matter what. POLIICIANS WAKE UP !!!
    NEWS MEDIA WAKE UP !!! Why is anyone giving her the spotlight at all. She gave up any rights once she left and supported The terroist causes, if anyone disagrees let them go join her and her cause

  18. Don’t you dare let that scumbag back here. It is a ploy. Look into her eyes, that tells the whole story Tread against her and her kind. Do not follow for their evil..


  20. From her comments its obvious she did not join Isis out of ignorance. All the more reason she should not be allowed back in the US. She has to be brainwashed

  21. She made her own decision voluntary to leave our country and its safety and benefits to join a militant, terrorist nation of people who are sworn enemies of our nation and its sovereignty. Now, realizing that the move was not the wisest of choices , she wants to return to the USA! She is still part of that militant culture, and by her demeanor and attire still identifies with the militants.
    It was her doing to give up her citizenry and that is just “a bed that she will just have to live with.” There is no place for her here any more! BTW, Were she allowed into our country, she could then file to have her husband, undoubtedly a militant terrorist, to join her in the USA. Think about that for a moment!

    1. If ISIS was not failing, would she want to come back? Obviously she put her money on the wrong horse. She can’t unring that bell.

  22. It’s called the “consequence of her actions”. I suppose she thought by saying “I’m sorry, and I want to come back”. SHE SHOULD NOT EVER BE ALLOWED BACK INTO THE USA , PERIOD !!!!

  23. You have no right to come back here.. You are a traitor to America and we don’t want you here.. You made your choice now live with it.

  24. It should not matter whether this ‘ISIS Bride’ is a citizen. She left the United
    States, and joined a terrorist group. She made her bed. Now, she has to lie
    in it.
    If her parents want their daughter, and grandchild, with them, they should
    emigrate to be with them. No if’s, and’s or but’s!

  25. We have words for you skunk ………… defected this nation siding with the most atrocious enemies ,beheading our good citizens ,journalists and now you need mercy .DON’T WASTE OUR PRESIDENT TIME WITH YOUR WORDS .You have words without brain ,you deserve to be put in to GITMO if you want to return . Our freedom is precious ,so many lives lost for it ,what did you do TRAITOR !!.If a n American citizen is banned from travelling for minor infraction of the law ,why is this skunk even a Q to reenter in US.

  26. If she is allowed back in, she should be confined to Gitmo until she is tried and convicted of being a traitor.

  27. 1st, she is not a citizen of the USA. 2nd even if she was, generally wives become citizens pof the Husbands Country.3rd if again she was/is a US citizen she could apply for her husbands admission to the USA, But i doubt very much if it would be approved with his background.. 4th if she were allowed back into the USA she would be tried as a terrorist and jailed in Gitmo. 5th i think the USA as well as any other country has the legal right to remove/revoke a persons right to live in a country. That is why you have Stateless people in the world. They can apply to live in a country but it is under no obligation to accept them. She shit in her own nest now she has to live with it. No sympathy from me..

    1. If she’s a citizen, then she is atraitor. Who’s to say if she gets back she won’t make good on her previous threats.

    2. She made her choice to leave her USA happy home and become Issis now she can stay there, she was old enough to know better then and should not be allowed back. Don’t feel sorry for she doesn’t deserve any of our milk and honey!

  28. Finally someone took my advice that if you don’t like it here, go somewhere else. Now she wants back in. Sorry, homey don’t play that game. You burned your bridge, live with it. May this be a lesson for all those testing our “compassion” and “free speech”.
    You get what you deserve when you bite the hand that feeds you.

  29. Shut the fuck up. You’re stupid ass needs to stay there. That’s your country now. You chose it. You probably had it pretty good here. So too fn bad. We don’t want you here. You’re a damn terrorist. No one in their right mind would have done something so stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. So the the fuck out of our country you’re a traitor. But mostly a terrorist. We have no sympathy for you. We have plenty of terrorist here already without letting you come back. I hope the judges that get to decide your fate remember all of our service men who have lost their lives over there trying to prevent what you think we should let back in. You’re a pathetic piece of shit. 😡😡😡😡 and we especially don’t need another child here that has been brought up by terrorists for us tax payers to keep.

  30. She voluntarily joined an organization whose reason for existence is to attack western civilization, including the US. If she is determined to be a US citizen, that borders on the classic definition of “treason”, and as such, would certainly make her subject to criminal prosecution. As a non-citizen, she cannot be charged with treason, but could be treated as an enemy combatant. Sounds like she might need to spend some in the US hotel called GITMO!

  31. “Liberalism,” “progressivism,” “socialism,” “communism,” etc. have been cultivated by the “dimocrat” party for decades and has now permeated our society. The “dimocrats” embrace every depravity imaginable, all of them, mere to keep the “dimocrat” deep-state party in power. There are even republicans among them. We are in deep trouble. Obama divided this country during his two terms and we may have passed the point of no return. I feel that this country is ready to erupt in civil war. This stupid muslim woman is a primary example of the stupidity of liberalism. When our government ceases to work for “We the People,” then it is time for “We the People” to make things right.

  32. Anyone who does not condemn, and damb a terrorist– makes them a terrorist too.
    Hey bitch, This precious country was built on a foundation of Christianity and freedom. Eather love it, or get out.

  33. She chose to leave, as they say she made her bed now lay in it. I can see her coming back and bombing a church, concert, etc. She married a terrorist, they are probably using her as a mole. I DO NOT trust her.!!

  34. It sounds like she is not a U.S. citizen. Even if she was what she did was not a 2 + 2 = 5 mistake. Stay in Syria where you so wanted to go. Your not wanted here.

  35. she was born her when her father was a UN diplomat, hence he was never a citizen which means she was never a citizen…sounds to me like she has already been recruited by ISIS and is prepared to influtrate and destroy once she gets back

  36. I really could care less what her father did or does or if she was born on US soil and had birthright citizenship she is a terrorist and lost whatever right to citizenship she may have had.

  37. Who’s to say this ragheaded bimbo didn’t go to Syria to learn terrorist tactics and come back to this country to kill and maim true americans. keep her the hell out.

  38. If she was allowed to return here she would not be safe. she would live her life in fear.I wouldnt be surprised if someone killed her. best to not return.

  39. Hey bitch guess what Trump ain’t your President. You made your choice so rot and die in whatever shit hole you’re stuck in.

  40. It’s VERY hard to feel ANY sympathy for a person (citizen or not) who exhibited the HATE for America this woman has DEMONSTRATED. I would HOPE that she is found to NOT be an American citizen for IF she is, the ONLY verdict would have to be TREASON!!! Just how is Cuba this time of year???

  41. This I. S. I. S. Bride is a traitor to America and has no right to have any words about Donald Trump. Shut up traitor you made your bed now lay in it!

  42. There comes a time when one must take responsibility for their words and actions. Who’s to say she is being truthful. What’s stopping her from switching back should she disagree with Our Constitution again-? ISIS is a terror organization against the USA. She doesn’t deserve to be permitted to come back. Consequences-!!!

    The old saying, “You made your bed, now sleep in it.”.

  43. As far as I am concerned, she gave up the right to enter this nation the moment she decided killing Americans was acceptable. I don’t care where she was born, who her parents are or what right’s she thinks she deserves. The day she left and married a terrorist, then another, and yet another….gave birth to a next generation terrorist, made post and speeches about killing American’s, tried to convert people in this country to become a terrorist like herself, witnessed beheadings and was okay with it, this thing lost all rights to enter this nation. If her parents want to be with her and their grand child, let them go to her and live with her in what ever $hithole she winds up in. She is not our problem, she is her and her parents problem. She made her bed……sleep in it. Just because you lost doesn’t make the USA responsible for raising and supporting you and your next generation terrorist child.

  44. I don’t doubt that the Leftists would love to have her here, to help them destroy President Trump. I am beginning to think the Chief Justice Roberts, has gone left far enough to allow her back into this country. Roberts helped our Muslim President oboner, by rewriting his Socialist Health Bill, in order to make it pass, why not letting in this POS bride back into the country. The Left is as bad as this Isis loving Pig, since they have shown their Hatred for President Trump and are voting in the very Muslims that hate the country by electing them into the Congress. Starting with that whimp POS Congressman Schiff, they should be all BE shipped to Guantanamo with the treasonous Hillary Clinton as the guest of honor for life. Sick of the left and all it stands for with all its HATE. MAGA 2020 PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP….finish draining the Swamp and making America the Greatest.

  45. If she really believes that she is a U.S. Citizen, bring her back. Try her for TREASON, CONVICT her and send her to GITMO for 30 – 40 years!

  46. Hoda Muthana left the United States of her own free will to join a jihadist group to fight against American soldiers and possibly even killed or wounded American soldiers. If she ever was an American citizen, she gave up that right when she took up arms against America. I maintain that President Trump has the right to block her re-entry into the country. I’m beginning to wonder if the real American patriots are going to stand in the shadows and allow this kind of travesty to continue without taking up a..s, and defending our country. It has become apparent to me that our country is under attack by the liberal leftist trash in congress aided by the Muslim trash we have allowed to enter our country. In the words of Thomas Paine, when the time comes will the sunshine patriot be found wanting. Anyone that fails to see the threat that Islam poses to our freedom is blind to the so called peaceful religion. First and foremost, Islam is a political movement bent on world domination and that has not changed since the 12th Century. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Enough said.

  47. If they let her back it will show people what she did is ok and it is NOT!!!!! stay yo ass where you at and live with what u choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Known as the       McCarran-Walter Act       , the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952   allows for the –     “suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the president, whenever the president finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.”
    “The president may, by proclamation and for such a period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens, immigrants or non- immigrants, or impose any restrictions on the entry of aliens he may deem to be appropriate.”
    Additionally, it is important to note that the       McCarran-Walter Act       also requires that     an ” applicant for immigration must be of good moral character and in agreement with the principles of our Constitution. ”

    Therefore, one could surmise that since the       Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution,       technically, ALL Muslims should or could be refused immigration to OUR country.

  49. I agree she made her decision and now she needs to live with that decision. She should not be allowed to return to the US

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