Clinton Blames Her Shortcomings On This
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Over the weekend, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton visited the historic Brown Chapel AME Church to commemorate the Montgomery marches of 1965. 

Or at least, that’s what she would have you believe. 

In reality Clinton attended the function so that she could speak about the Voting Rights Act, as well as call it her reason for losing the presidential campaign in 2016.

The Montgomery marches resulted in the the Voting Rights Act, which forced federal oversight of nine southern states and numerous smaller jurisdictions that at the time, exhibited discriminatory practices in their voting procedures.

However, in 2013 the Supreme Court deemed the bill to be unnecessary and in Clinton’s words, “they gutted the Voting Rights Act.”

This was enough incentive for Clinton to accuse states like Alabama, Georgia and most prominently Wisconsin of manipulating the system. Causing her to lose the race.

There isn’t evidence to support the claim. State records for Georgia even show that there were more voters in 2016 than in 2012.

Funny how we’re nearing the end of President Trump’s first term and Clinton is still sore about her 2016 loss.

  1. Is this woman EVER going to get over she lost the election….and is she ever going to quit giving one reason over the other why she lost. We don’t care. She lost. That is it in a nutshell. She looks like nothing but a sore loser every time she comes out and speaks on this issue.

  2. She threatened bill Clinton’s victims, she under paid her female staff members she promoted the Muslim brotherhood, and she put government work on a private server. She is lucky she is not in jail

  3. She also was behind selling Our Uranium and then the Clinton Foundation got several million dollars in ccontributions from the same people our Uranium went too! If a nuke ever goes off in the USA and OUR Uranium was in it, Hillary will either be marched out, beside Obama to a military firing squad or maybe it will be the Average US Citizen that will stone them, since they helped the Muslim so much!
    They investigate Trump but let Hillary walk! We need a reset on our politicians!

  4. killary, after you’re in prison for twenty years, are we still going to hear about old news from 2016??? that’s old news and were bored of hearing it, you old goat. why not get on the treadmill and work on the huge gut??? we’d all like tooooooo hear about that……. or maybe benghazi???? or iran deal, even better clinton foundation……………….

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