Viral Alex Jones/Joe Rogan Video Buried By Youtube
Image credit: dexerto

Just recently, The Joe Rogan podcast struck internet gold when it had almost 200,000 LIVE viewers tune in to see the return of ostracized Infowars founder Alex Jones. If it weren’t for Youtube, it would be something to celebrate.

Within 24 hours the video had gained over 2.5 million views, yet it was no where to be found on Youtube’s trending section, where videos with viral clicks generally appear.

It would appear the Google owned video platform is joining the likes of other liberal social media outlets in censoring, repressing or otherwise blocking the conservative views that the people are actually interested in hearing. 

To compare, Michael Cohen’s testimony had less than a quarter of the live viewers that Rogan and Jones did, but it was easily visible in a top trending position. 

On Twitter, where Jones no longer has a presence after being unjustly banned last year, his name was trending in the number one spot. Surpassing other major news stories. 

Many of those tweets were to praise Alex Jones’ triumphant return or to point out the suspicious video placement on Youtube.

However this movie quote probably said it best.

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