Trump Shares Insight On Latest Summit
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President Donald Trump’s summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un came to a surprisingly early ending. Now he’s sharing with Sean Hannity the reasons why.

Still in Hanoi, Vietnam Trump said that Kim had wanted all sanctions to be removed in exchange for partial denuclearization, which was not possible. Meanwhile North Korea’s foreign minister Ri Yong Ho claimed that Kim only wanted partial relief. With no one permitted in the talks it was left to Trump to elaborate.

“It’s a much tougher deal to make. Maybe it won’t get made, but that’s the deal that we should have and you can’t give up everything if you don’t get that,” Trump said. “And we could have done large portions, but you’re not getting that. So we’ll see what happens.”

“I didn’t want to give up the sanctions unless we had a real program, and they’re not ready for that, and I understand that fully. I really do,” Trump continued. “I mean, they spent a lot of time building it.”

Trump seems to have built a good rapport with the North Korean leader, hopefully future talks will help the two find a mutually beneficial agreement.

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