Schumer Triggered By McConnell’s Move
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has really rocked Democrats by forcing them to vote on the “Green New Deal.” This will expose which politicians support the radical deal and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is not happy about it.

A fuming Schumer took to the Senate floor to directly call out McConnell opening his tirade with, “I heard Leader McConnell knocking the Green New Deal.”

Oddly though, that was all the focus the “Deal” itself would get. Schumer’s attacks sidestepped defending the actual proposal and essentially devolved to a tantrum that climate change was bad.

“I would ask the leader, and we’re gonna keep asking him and every Republican in this chamber what they would do about climate change, about global warming,” Schumer ranted. “So Leader McConnell, do you believe that climate change, global warming, is real?”

Despite those questions not having anything to do with why the outrageous proposal needed to be carried to a vote, Schumer still burst out, “Until Leader McConnell and his Republican majority answer those questions, the games they are playing here will have no meaning!”

“This is not a debate!” he added. “It’s a diversion, it’s a sham!”

McConnell really should be commended. By using the proposal to expose socialist Democrats, he’s getting some use out of legislation that would otherwise be a total waste of time. He’s previously intoned that the deal is a “fantasy novel masquerading as public policy.”

  1. Thank the good Lord Senator Mconnell is doing something! These people need to stop with all this worrying about climate change and all of that stuff because God is in control of the earth and everything in it! He made it and he will do with it as he wills! Just because there are people who don’t believe in a loving living God doesn’t mean it’s not true!

    1. AMEN!!!! GOD IS IN CHARGE OF CLIMATE EVERYTHING!! There is no catastrophic threat…just those of the demonrats!! Pray God gets Cortez, piglosi,skummer,talib and last and least omar OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!

    2. Exactly, Genesis 8:22 is proof of who’s in charge, and as long as the earth remains the earth will continue to have the 4 seasons and seed time and harvest time.
      God doesn’t lie, it’s man that lies and works to creat the fear.

    3. Amen. Thank God for his blessings.
      Thank God for the cement wall.
      Thank God for Trump’s agenda.
      Make America great again
      Christian nation


  3. Kudos’s to Senate Majority Leader McConnell. I’m glad someone knew the right way to handle this situation. Good job of staying one step ahead. Now, if we could stop the Democrats from continuing the daily harassing of our President, he could do an even better job than he already is doing. Does AG William Barr have any say in this? How can the Dem’s legally keep calling for additional investigations without knowledge of crimes being committed? Also., where was the evidence of criminal cause to start the “Special Counsel Investigation” in the first place, because his firing of James Comey was called for, ( Even the AG said so). All this sounds like political BS.

  4. Schumer knows the AOC so-called new deal is just so much hot air but he felt he had to say something, that is his nature as a democrat. He will not admit anything generated by a democrat even crackpot AOC is bad.

  5. schumer reminds me of when I was little and my mother used to tell me when I made horrible faces, if I didn’t stop my face would freeze.

  6. All should read the book, “The Politically Incorrect Book on Climate Change”, by Marc Morano. He has the facts on the craziness of climate change and global warming. I believe in taking care of the Earth but some of these other people are crazy.

  7. God bless New York’s people. They deserve better than Shit Chucker & Occasional Kotex. I pray that they will wise up before the next election.

  8. Schumer and Pelosi need a lesson in courtesy, since they know nothing. My 3 yr old has more sense than all of Congress. It is a shame

  9. Yes! God is in control, but He also gave man freewill to make his own choices. That’s why bad things happen down here on earth. God will allow us to damage His world. He gives us wisdom and knowledge to pay attention and listen, even if the advice comes from the other team. That’s all it is folks, the other team! Are you so brainwashed that you refuse to listen to any ideas that could change things for the better? Are you so tribal that reason can only be from those you have chosen to follow blindly? None of us are experts. Listen! Do not follow without thinking! None of us have been taught in church to act like Trump, you can see that! We are to act like Jesus. If you want to vote Republican at all costs then do it! But be a thinking person, a thinking Christian. If we just go with the party it makes us look like such liars. Would Jesus go along with all this lying? Don’t, please don’t defend it. Vote for whoever you like but please admit that you know the difference between right and wrong. Be willing to say you don’t think something is right unless you search your own moral authority first. Please!

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