Facebook Outed For Shocking Practice
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A former facebook employee is speaking out about the policies that Facebook puts in place to suppress conservative content on the social media platform.

The media giant even goes so far as to provide examples of content that it deems “destructive.”

One such presentation used a video of conservative Lauren Chen of the show “Roaming Millennial Uncensored.” It identified what it considered as conservatives “red-pilling normies to convert them to their worldview.”

The term “red-pilling” is meant as demonstrating a harsh or brutal truth on a subject, while “normie” means someone who is not currently associated with a specific cultural or political ideology. 

Underneath all the jargon the meaning is that Facebook considers videos that use the truth to persuade people to become conservatives is what it considers “destructive.”

After realizing they used her video, Chen spoke with conservative outlet TheBlaze on the matter.

“That video was very targeted toward being persuasive. The fact that they chose that out of all my videos; I’ve said more inflammatory things than what was said in that video,” Chen said. “But I think what makes that video stand out is that it’s directed at changing people’s opinions, and I think that’s what they’re scared of, they can call it moderating troll behavior, but they’re just trying to stifle debate and anything they think can be persuasive toward conservatism.” 

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