AOC In Hot Water For BF Payouts
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A Federal Election Commission complaint has been made against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for sending thousands of dollars through her campaign to her boyfriend. 

The Coolidge-Reagan Foundation filed the complaint and also targeted AOC’s congressional campaign and her campaign firm Brand New Congress. The filing was made after two $3,000 payments were discoverd from the Brand New Congress PAC to Riley Roberts, the congresswoman’s boyfriend. 

Roberts was paid for “consulting services.” However, in a odd coincidence, Brand New Congress was paid by Ocasio-Cortez in the same time frame a single sum of $6,191.32 for “strategic consulting.” 

This makes it quite apparent that AOC essentially took campaign funds to pay her PAC, for paying her boyfriend nearly the same amount. Which is how the complaint reads:

“Thus, over the span of a little more than a month, Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign committee paid just over $6,000 to Brand New Congress PAC, while its affiliated LLC turned around and paid her boyfriend $6,000.”

The complainant “respectfully requests the Federal Election Commission commence enforcement proceedings against” the respondents. 

Now it’s time to see what the FEC does with the new information. 

  1. She is no different than the entire Democrat leadership and the RINOS. The entire Democrat Leadership, Total sewer rats and corrupt. A bunch of slick talking total liars, and the RINOS are no better. I grew up in the Democrat party after WW 2. Honest Hardworking people. My entire g]family, Democrats. The working People. They built this country, fought the wars, protected our country, worked in the factories. Gave others a hand up, paid their taxes. And look at the Crooked Criminals they are today. All of them want a one world government, and are paid off by their leaders, The globalist Group of the Elite of the Elite Rich. And Rinos are no better. There is not a word that I can use in the dictionary that would describe how low these people are. So why be angry at this stupid barista who sold coffee at Starbucks, and paid her election costs, (about 1-18 million) using tips from selling coffee? Do you really expect her to even have a brain with a spark of decency or intelligence?

  2. She is another theif in the White House she has just got in office and already proved twice she can’t be trusted. She gave her boyfriend a illegal E-mail address now sending him illegal money she like most of the people who win their seats in congress and senate they are only their to see how much they can steal and get paid from special interest groups which will be her next move just wait and see. She dont represent the American people , She hates our country and if it was looked into I bet she illegally won her election.

  3. There is no law that forbids a political candidate from hiring a relative, a girl friend or a boy friend to help in his/her campaign. The only time I will have an issue with such a hired person would be that the candidate played a favoritism card by paying the relative , girl friend or boy friend more than those unrelated to him/her for doing the same work. So, as long as there’s no factual evidence that Representative Ocasio-Cortez did something like that, there is no basis for the empty cry and the unnecessary condemnation of her. It is about time that each and everyone Republican or Democrat recognize that our country would be best served if we respect one another’s view objectively no matter his/her political affiliation rather than resorting to unnecessary and filthy insults.

  4. Denny I could not not have said it any better all she is a big mouth and she has no clue what she is advocating because she never got out of kindergarten, listen to her she truly does not what she is talking about only that it is communist based and is backed by Soros. I hope they hang her for misusing campaign funds for her boyfriend and others. I to used to be a Democrat but looking at pelosi and the rest of them am so glad that I now am REPUBLICAN AND PROUD OF IT.

  5. Question; What will happen?
    No evidence and lots of innuendo equals two year long and very expensive investigation that not only finds nothing, but inspires ENDLESS Congressional investigations and CEASELESS obstruction.
    Proven criminal activity and cover-ups, from known mishandling of classified data up to and including mysterious deaths that anywhere else would be classified as murder, receives “Stern Warnings and a Harsh Glare.”
    Answer; Nothing.

  6. Listen to her speak in Congress, its like a middle school chat around the lunch table. Dem party pushed this illequiped person into a political arena she’s not prepared for. They thought she was going to galvanize the young voters, create the get out and vote energy, to destroy our great nation. Like the democratic voters, they watch too much CNN. Trump supporters are galvanized and ready to take our country back. We are determined to clean the swamp, and we’re in for the long haul. AOC and others like her, are not equipped to stop this swamp drain. That scares DNC. They’re popping their collars but they’re shaking in their skippas. We will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND PUT AMERICANS FIRST!

  7. It looks like A.O.C. has already mastered the principle of latin government!She is probably getting on line lessons from Maduro,and other equally successful socialist dictators,the main thrust being “Me,Me,Me”

  8. it seems to me the FEC is not doing their hob -if outside sources must file complaints to investigate these campaign fund improprieties- The mere fact that she has not been scrutinized regarding campaign funds and the transfers to boyfriends or into a personal account is something very disturbing and seems more then just an oversight! The illegal email address of the boyfriend is odd and suspecious, too-are these people also using illegal servers-like Clinton did? You must wonder why these the democrats continue to repeat their same actions- illegal or not- they are determined to cheat us out of all our rights and freedoms- we need to remove the scourge these anti-Americans are casting on our government and upon our nation- all who are not fully legal must go and any who defy our laws or our constitution- mus b removed from any government positions- period 1

  9. They will not do anything to AOC and frankly I hope they don’t. AOC is the gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party. Her sheer idiocy shows just how stupid and dangerous the Democratic Party can be if allow power. AOC is a complete Socialist and her heroes have been those Socialist who have failed and failed miserably.

  10. AOC is a phony it’s “you have to comply with what I say, no as I do” This “Green new deal” is full of crap. Same old BS no airplanes (does Military planes go too?) don’t eat hamburgers “because of cow farts” what the hell does that mean? And the coup de gras is those who do not wish to work will still receive money from the taxpayers?????

  11. Time for an investigation IMMEDIATELY. Apparently she’s been caught with her pants down. This misconduct should cost he her job. in private industry this is called embezzlement or misappropriation of funds. therefore she’s FIRED! Contrary to what she may think, she ain’t above the law, ’nuff said about this ywot and waste of air, move on!

  12. AOC cut a wide swath for the few weeks she strutted around like she owned the place. Looks like her very brief three moments of fame are up. Good riddance. Time to get someone who knows who knows what they are doing and appreciates the wisdom of keeping their mouths shut.

  13. AOC has already learned the Dems best and most used part of their agenda; the art of giving other peoples money away with a percentage of the money sricking in her own personal pockets..

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