Schumer Eyes Next Opportunity To Spurn Trump
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After voting to move forward with a resolution to block  President Trump’s national emergency, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is already declaring his next target to hinder Trump.

This time Schumer has his sights set on the Presidential Committee on Climate Security, which hasn’t even been fully assembled in the White House yet.

Much like Democrats position on other subjects, Schumer wants to kill this committee before it can even begin. 

“I’m announcing that if the Trump administration moves forward with this fake climate panel, we’ll be introducing legislation to defund it. … It is long past time for President Trump and Republican leaders to admit that climate change is real, that human activity contributes to it and Congress must take action,” Schumer said addressing the Senate.

With Republicans still in control of the Senate, it’s unlikely that Schumer can back up his words and get such legislation passed. 

If anything this is likely preemptive retaliation for the fallout Democrats are expected to experience when they are forced to vote and reveal their stance on the “Green New Deal.”

  1. Why don’t you do something useful, you nasty old man. You are supposed to be serving your constituents, not plotting and scheming to get rid of a duly elected President. You aren’t even worthy to lick his boots. Politics, and politicians like you, have reached the bottom of the cesspit. You can’t stand for a Republican to be elected to office, you won’t stop until you have destroyed everything Republican and substituted the dishonest, disloyal, totalitarian rule of the baby killing party.

  2. The Democrats will get the Trump is evil vote. Anyone else with the slightest amount of common sense will see through this charade. The Dems have NO plan for America. It’s ALL hate Trump.
    I feel sorry for them once Trump serves our his TERMS. TDS withdrawal will wipe out the Democratic party.

  3. “Chuckie Slew-more” the baby killer and morphing Doppelganger of Satan and Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghoul is up to his/it’s evilness yet again. Hey you leftist, suicidal useful idiots, keep putting these demonic psychopaths in power and see where it gets you dumb-(m)asses!

    1. I love it. Dig yourselves in a deeper hole, Demon Rats. They are vile, evil, vitriolic, snakes! There is a spiritual battle in this country and I want to be on the side of good, when it all goes down. God, please guide Mr. Trump everyday and protect his family. What was stunning to me at the State of the Union speech was how the white (klan) women had no collective reaction. They sat stone faced and had no emotional reaction. That said it all!!!!
      BABY MURDERERS!!!! Despicable people!

  4. If I were Chuckles Schumer I would spend less time trying to hurt the best president we have ever had and spent more time working on something more important like banning abortion. He should look at his own family like his lesbian daughter Allison who recently married a woman. The only good thing about that union is that she can’t reproduce and create another queer. Maybe they should of had an abortion when the were expecting Allison.

  5. He is a total obstructionist. His entire effort in life is negative and anti- any and everything that he disagrees with. He is a total insult to this country and how the Congress of The US is suppose to conduct business. He needs to leave on a permanent basis. Disgusting!!!

  6. There needs to be a National Contest to be able to tell Schumer to his Old Wrinkle Face that he is so FULL of Crap that his eyes are brown!!! This needs to happen on Pay Per View TV so the entire world can see it!!!

  7. Shu the jue is just one more wannabe Catholic traitor…..what’s about the wall around the heavily fortified residency of millionaire Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco? Doesn’t work also?
    99 percent of the CATHOLICS give the rest a bad name. 
    they do not call the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS what they really are!
    Pelosi, Catholic traitor, pay heed…. In the USA they are CATHOLIC traitors. If they are outside the USA they are ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS. 
    Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a traitor. Vote FOR ANY CATHOLIC AND THE BORDERS WILL NEVER BE SECURED.

  8. They talk about climate change they should stop cutting the trees and start utilizing old buildings or renovating them. The asphalt jungle or the cities are always hotter then suburbs because we have trees to keep cooler, can’t they just use common sense, which they don’t have and start getting on China they’re the polluters and why do we have to pay for that. GOD BLESS AMERICA what’s left of it.

  9. Oh no Chuck the Duck said it must be true. The only thing this man can do is obstruct the progress for the American People. His 15 minutes of fame is long up and he needs to be put back in a can where he belongs. He could care less about this Country and his actions speak so much louder than his words. If the people really want to make progress it is time for BOZO to go. He is an insult to human intelligence and does not have a right to screw the American People because he is the minority leader. Looking back not to long a go he was telling us all he and the Dem were going to take control of the government. The only way to take care of the climate change issue is to shut up this bag of hot air. that include hi partner in crime Nancy the national debt make up artist. God only know how much the national debt increases every time she has to have makeup put on.

    1. How can this committee believes man that has been stripped of lawyer licenses, is a felon, and lied to Congress once before so why should they believe him now? The Democrats wait until the President is out of the country to bring on this attack. The least that could have been done was let him face his accusers. Beware those that think their dirt& dirty deeds are hidden , God is ripping off the cover & revealing all the dirt.

  10. Of course climate change is real! It was real 10,000 years ago when we had global warming at the end of the last ice age! My question is, who drove the big SUVs and owned the factories that produced the damaging pollutants back then? Some Neanderthals have a lot of overdue explaining to do!

  11. Climate change? Chuck and his Waco friends want to keep their private jets, SUV’s, and million dollar mansions while spending trillions of taxpayers money on “green energy “. Money they will send to thier campaign donors.

  12. Study the Oceans which make up 78 % of the worlds surface, and then for carefully thought out solutions. Congress are idiots generally.

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