President Slams Dems While Defending ‘Friend’
Image credit: foxnews

Even with President Trump tackling huge issues as far away as Vietnam, he’s still managing to run circles around Democrats.

In a series of tweets, Trump mocked Democrats for trying to advise his actions while rubbing in that they haven’t been able to accomplish such feats.

It started with Trump sharing the beauty he was witnessing in Vietnam and how optimistic he is for the future meeting with his ‘friend’ North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The follow up tweet is where Trump really let Dems have it, rubbing in how the meeting meant he was set to accomplish TWICE what no president before him has done.

Just another busy week for the president, with no sign of slowing down.

  1. Amen, Mr. President
    It is very easy to criticize. Although it seems ridiculous when the democrats had the opportunity for 8 years to accomplish what they are suggesting that you do now. They did nothing. You are being proactive! Thank you…

  2. Thank you for all you are doing for us. The dems agenda proves to be anti-Christ, anti-guns, muderers of babies and anti-Trump. They need to practice what they preach and give there big incomes to the people that are poor or do not want to work and support themselves.

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