Try To Keep Calm Learning What Liberal Students Endorse
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It was an enlightening day at the campus of UCLA. Conservative activist went undercover asking left-leaning students if they would endorse putting Trump supporters into involuntary re-education camps.

Try not to let the shock overwhelm you.

Dressed in an “Equality” t-shirt and sporting lots of rainbows, Ms. Bennett was able to successfully catch liberal students whole-heartedly supporting locking up conservatives.

Even when Bennet began her proposal by admitting that she was “pushing something radical” students still accepted the idea with hardly a second thought. 

The ones who did pause to think, only did so to further the ludicrous scheme. One student notably called for the language of the proposal to be changed to read as “diversity” and “inclusion training,” thus making it easier to slip past unwary lawmakers. 

It goes to show that the socialist agenda is producing some very extreme and very real threats with the next generation.

    1. From one proud vet to another, I say “thanks for your service”! However, I must add that your spelling (amendment, NOT ammendment) and grammar (lose, NOT loose) are as flawed as your political views!

  1. It began with Obama and the Clinton crime family. Let’s not leave out George Soros, who admittingly hates the United States and hires brainwashed youth to threaten anyone who dares to disagree with their message of Socialism, and then doesn’t pay them. No, I will not give up my guns, nor my Country, whose ancestral Patriot blood was spilled to preserve this never before achieved free people, whose rights are endowed by our Creator. You have already aroused His anger. You will fail. May God have mercy on your souls. President Trump is our President because God raised him to the position, knowing the lies and despicable schemes he’d have to battle. You will see the Glory of the Coming of the Lord. You know the rest, probably.

    1. Wrong. It began a hundred years ago, when we were actively importing Bolshevists, who went on to infiltrate academia, the government, etc. Ever heard of the Frankfurt School? They’ve completed their “long march” through the institutions. We’ve been thoroughly infiltrated. They have nothing planned for America except her extinction. And she’s not far from it now.

  2. This story is about student totalitarianism. How then does the writer apply socialism to the story? Meanwhile, ProudVet: There are very few communists in the Democratic Party. And what does this story have to do with the Second Amendment?

  3. It’s time we stand up to these Satan followers – killing babies but not murders? I am also sick of all the media lies. I am terriably sick of Nancy & her unintelligent white suits. We are a free country & liberals are taking away our morals, freedoms & pushing same sex on our children & adults. Stop it – give us back our America – build the darn wall!!!!! Stop making special groups -pathetic – they deserve any special treatment – don’t think they should be treated badly but they don’t deserve anything special – radical, no common sense. This craziness is insane. It’s got to stop

  4. It will come to that. They will one day come with unmarked vans for us. A friend of mine who worked for Radio Marti (SP), Radio Free Cuba, said in the beginning, after the Left took power in Cuba, things were relatively calm. They (the police) would come quietly in the night with vans to pick you up from your home, to interrogate you. Then they’d drive you home. Then they got bolder, as they consolidated power. Before he was jailed, for 17 years, they would stomp into restaurants full of people, to drag you out by your collar. And the restaurant full of people would watch and say nothing at all. And you wouldn’t go home. You’d go to prison, to a reindoctrination center, or you’d just disappear forever.

  5. One prominent Leftist, with the initials “N.C.” reportedly has said that it will be necessary to purge between 20 and 25 million “irredeemable conservatives,” once the Left is in permanent power. By that he presumably means relocating us into cemeteries.

    And the Leftists will indeed soon be in permanent power, due to massive Third World immigration. Few of our newcomers, arriving in the millions, vote Republican. The Democrats are importing their electorate. Good-bye, America.

  6. I keep returning to this article, because I live in an exceedingly liberal / Progressive / Pinko neighborhood, and this is exactly how they think. Their brains are gone. They are thoroughly indoctrinated and have internalized all of the Left’s poison Kool Aid. This brainwashing poses an astonishing danger for all of us who have dissenting viewpoints. The most frightening part of it is that no amount of reasoning or logic permeates their brains. They operate from their Media-provided conclusions, and it is impossible to make appeals to their intellects.

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