Russia Singles Out Nuclear Targets
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Shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that Moscow was prepared for another “Cuban Missile” crisis, Russian state tv identified what U.S. sites would be targeted.

Touting that the Kremlin has developed hypersonic missiles that could reach their targets in less than five minutes, Russia singled out the Pentagon and the presidential retreat in Camp David, Maryland would be the first targets in an attack.

With the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty coming to an end, the relationship between the United States and Russia is exceptionally tense. It borders on an arms race. Numerous times Russia has stated that it will respond harshly should the U.S. deploy missiles in Europe that the treaty would have forbade.

This new revelation from Russian media is more aggressive and combative than usual, even for the Kremlin. However the Pentagon largely sees the declarations as posturing that only serve to unite NATO.

“Every time Putin issues these bombastic threats and touts his new doomsday devices, he should know he only deepens NATO’s resolve to work together to ensure our collective security,” Pentagon spokesman, Eric Pahon said.

  1. The Salt agreements, Russia never lived up to. They were rearming Nuc’s on their Kilo Subs in the 90’s and we were taking our nuc’s off and arming with Cruise missiles. s There is a war coming, and that is for sure. The Democrats don’t care as long as that war gets rid of the United States and it is all predicted. they then can have their one world Government briefly.

  2. The Mach-10 missile is intermediate range, not an ICBM or a neutron bomb capable of generating an EMP. The treaty bans intermediate-range nukes. Obviously, Russia has openly admitted they have violated their end of the treaty by developing and testing this missile. This weapon could fit a nuclear submarine.

  3. I am afraid if they start a war using nukes there will not be anything left of this place. Whoever starts it will win it, the weapons they are going to use will wipe this whole country out, we may hurt them pretty bad using the nukes we have ready all the time but they will no doubt win.

    1. The Russians would have to fire a minimum of 1,500 warheads to knock out ourland based ICBM’s this leave all our B-52’s, B-1’s and B-2’s with 1,000 mile plus standoff missile launch capacity. This also leaves a minimum of 4 Ohio Class Subs with 24 tubes with 8 MIRVs (warheads) plus numerous Los Angeles class subumarines, several cruisers, several destroyers and several frigates fitted with nuclear tipped tomahawk missiles. Our missiles are much accurate and target packaging downloads much quicker on our side. Both sides would be devestate but the whether they believe our not in all out nuclear attack the Russians would fail to exist.

    2. No one will a nuke war between US and Russia! The world will be a radioactive mess lucky are those who get killed in the first bang!

  4. I wonder why nobody is acknowledging that it was Hillary Clinton, when first becoming Obama’s Secretary of State, who gave the Russians our technology on the engines that achieve those supersonic missile speeds, on a thumb drive given to the Russians in order to get the Russians to agree to a new friendly restart between Obama and Putin (remember the “red button” Hillary presented to a Russian leader for a hopeful closer association between the Russians and the USA).

    We had the technology, but were not advancing it to use, because we were more interested in stealth technology for our planes and missiles.

    But the Russians knew that the speeds that could be achieved with these supersonic engines would negate any need for stealth, because the missiles would be on their targets by the time our radars would pick them up, and before there would be any time to respond.

    The US was actually trying to pair these supersonic engines with our planes, instead of our missiles, which takes much more research on how to make the airframes strong enough for the speeds that would be in use when making turns and maneuvers, as well as making them without the sonic booms that would give them away to the enemy on the ground.

  5. If this his plan, maybe we should tell Validmir that we will target him pre-emptively. But rather than create high collateral damage we will just use our stealth aircraft to place an HE JDAM through his bedroom window. I think his immeadiate successor would negotiate an end with us quickly.

  6. If there is a nuclear war really no one wins. It will effect everyone, pray it doesn’t happen if it does it’s in GODS HANDS AND MAY HE HAVE MERCY ON US

  7. The Democrats incessant hype & lies about fake Russian conspiracies has created this tension, forcing Trump to unnecessarily oppose Russia. With the EU as a shaky & unreliable ally the US should be trying to work with, not against, Russia; as they are doing with North Korea. We don’t need any more cold wars with their attendant risks.

  8. Here is the Russian and/or Chinese target list:
    1) First Wave: all military targets, all command & control centers, all military bases since the land-based nuclear arsenal has been dispersed since the 80’s, Wash. DC & other federal government clusters, Norad, SAC bases, any air field large enough to land & refuel a large bomber, Johnson Space Center & Florida space bases, decommissioned military bases that still have a small contingent of soldiers in civilian clothing showing up for work every day put somewhere out in the back lot behind multiple fences…yep, there is a nice tight little bunker on the back of the base that still has a few active nuke missiles in secret silos…surprise, surprise, surprise!
    2) Second Wave: industrial targets, all refineries, all industrial centers where industry is clustered like the Houston Ship Channel industries, Golden Triangle, Southern Louisiana industries, all industries in eastern PA & NJ, industrial clusters in the Midwest like the auto industry, aerospace industries in WA, Southern CA industries & Silicon Valley…also foreign industrial clusters like Monterrey & ports that ship crude out of Venezuela & Brazil (where the US refiners get most of their crude), other North American refineries in the Caribbean or Mexico (yes, the gloves are off, this will quickly turn into a world war, any country that could help the US get back on its feet will be targeted)
    3) Third Wave: civilian targets: look at a map of the US by night to see the big clusters of lights…all state capitols, all major metropolitan areas, where there are lights there are people…there will be dirty bomb air detonations that will poison whole states in the corn belt & wheat belt…they won’t be able to farm that land for 50,000 years after being dusted with an inch deep layer of plutonium dust…mass starvation will result
    WHAT A NIGHTMARE…There will not be a safe place in North America if a full-on exchange happens.

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