Intel Insiders to AG Barr: ‘Lock Them Up’
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It is a hard task to work as a government official in the time of the Trump Administration. Each day there is a new event that is monumental and breaking the news. This has lead many to abandon their duty as officials to indulge in what has become a type of political fame.

But not every member falls prey to the temptation. There are several high ranking officials who choose not to constantly expose themselves through the media. They don’t constantly seek out interviews and they aren’t making posts to millions of followers on social media. 

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have concerns that they want shared, they just don’t want their message to be ignored because of who is delivering it. They don’t want to detract from the issue itself. 

For that reason, some intel officials have anonymously shared some of their thoughts with The Hill in the hopes that Attorney General Barr might overhear them.

Just because the individuals don’t want to reveal their identities shouldn’t detract from their credentials. Some have served in a Cabinet-level office under former President Obama, as an FBI unit chief, as an FBI attorney, as a senior-level CIA official, as a two-star military officer, as an NSA forensics expert and as officers in the Defense Intelligence Agency. They have experience and their opinions should carry weight. 

A list of priorities has been assembled to answer the question, “What should be Attorney General Barr’s top priorities?”

Not surprising that chief among those priorities are that numerous former intel officials be sent “to prison.” That they “belong in jail” for “wanton lawlessness and unconstitutional actions.”

Seems like the biggest request is one of the oldest, drain the swamp.

  1. Actually we should start with Hitlery Rotten Cliton. She is a non indicted federal criminal and she has the gall to run for president again??!! She needs to be shut down NOW.

  2. A criminal is a criminal no matter who they are!!!
    It is not fair that high ranking officials get a pass for crimes that others spend a lifetime in prison for..Hillary has so many skeletons in her closet and we the public aren’t fooled..
    It’s time to put her in her place along with the deep state.

  3. The democrats who are currently in office and are and have been breaking the law should be jailed yesterday. Let’s get them there.

  4. I Hope and Pray that SOMEONE who has the AUTHORITY sets our Justice System back to what it SHOULD BE! SO MANY have broken the law and have committed treason!

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