The Conspiracy AOC Just Made Up
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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting more out of control with each passing day that she wields power. After noticing most people are against her new proposal, the congresswoman is making up conspiracy theories as excuses.

In a tweet that offered no evidence and was quickly removed, AOC claimed that the reason she was experiencing so much backlash was a Republican was dumping money into a bot army to attack her. 

The deleted post previously read:

“If you notice a lot more trolls on social media re: politics, it’s because Mitch McConnell’s former Chief of Staff runs a multimillion-dollar operation to have bot accounts manipulate online discourse.” Adding, “Because we all know how hard they work to make the world a better place.”

The Republican on the receiving end of this bizarre attack is Josh Holmes. He responded by calling on journalists to seize this moment and ask what was going on in a series of tweets.

“Every journalist in America should ask @AOC what she’s talking about here. This was a voter registration project. She’s easily the most reckless politician in America,” the first read. 

It was soon followed by, “If It becomes ok for Representatives to use their office to attack private citizens and businesses solely because of their political allegiances we lose the essence of American democracy.”

Democrats have got to start finding a way to keep their raving upstart more in check. 

      1. Pelosi can’t even control herself so how is she going to control this delusional bug eyed skinny idiotic? Pelosi’s mind is so far gone she has no clue what’s going on around her. The dems better do something about her and Cortez. While they’re at it the need to get rid of the two radical Muslim women too. They are all loose cannons. There is nothing they won’t do to hurt or destroy this coungry. On the same subject I don’t trust any of the Dems except maybe Manchin but not real sure about him either. If anyone tries to destroy this country there is going to be another civil war. The people that are true Americans will fight with everything they have to stop it from happening. Our ancestors fought for it and we can damn well can do it again necessary.

        1. What do you mean “if anyone tries to harm this country”? That started years ago and should have been been stopped begore the muslim (foteign alien – citizen of Indonesia) was bought and paid for to adorn OUR White House. I can’t even imagine how much it cost the One World Order to make that happen. And we the people did not stand up. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET THEIR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND AND PSY ATTENTION. We are in a very bad position with all the anti-Americans being voted into our government and daily trying to destroy this country.

        2. I agree 100%,those nitwits have no place in Govt,the two anti American muzzie’s should be thrown out of Govt,ASSIMILATE or DEPORT THEM,there’s a Federal Law on the books that says that,,We need to let our Govt know it’s time our laws are followed,as for Sanctuary cities,I say if an Illegal Alien commits MURDER in thier safety of those safe places,THE MAYOR OF SAID CITY SHOULD BE LOCKED UP FOR AIDING N ABETTING THE MURDERER THEY ARE PROTECTING FROM I.C.E.,Enough is enough,then we will see how many “sanctuaries” for these animals are left,I believe that wholeheartedly.if they protect them and they kill someone.they belong in prison with them,What’s your thoughts on this?,What’s right is right?

    1. By listening to her rhetoric you can tell she used to be a bartender.. She is so stupid and has diarrhea iof the mouth. I really can’t believe her brain is engaged when she opens her mouth.

  1. There is only one troll in the media and its AOC. She is a damn nitwit. I have never heard a longer string of stupid out of anyone.

    1. Yes, Obiwan, the stupid is strong in this one. However, SHE’S THE BOSS NOW, she even said so herself. It may be true that socialism kills and leads to dictatorships, but it also demands mandatory conformity. Her Democrat critics better knock it off and get with the program. There are few things scarier than the crazed look of a political fanatic.

      1. The constant look 👀 of this “Fly” appears to resemble someone exposed to mercury fumes, as one that used to work in the “hatters” industry, ie, “Mad as a hatter”! In addition to having the mindset of your average 7 year old child with the key codes to a nuclear arsenal. We really cannot trust the ”Dem-tards” to reign in a sociopath like her, considering that this is a political party that put “Chuck-you Schumer”, “Oops I crapped my pants Pelosi”, “Ted I can’t seem to get a woman to ride in a car with me Kennedy, “Joe I can’t seem to keep my hands off of any woman I encounter Biden or “John I am too self absorbed to be believed Kerry”, in charge of anything other than a dog pound!!! Believe me I feel sorry for the dogs!!

  2. Okay; I GET she doesn’t make sense to a lot of people. I seriously doubt a Republican attacked her in ANY shape or form…but for a SECOND…let’s look a little deeper. Has anyone noticed how the President of the United States is being censored on Twitter? Has ANY patriot noticed a suppression of their following list or how many RT’s & likes their getting??? Is it JUST me??? Maybe she blames wrong person…while trying to get out a message she ACTUALLY is in trouble. I COULD be wrong…but I’m wondering if maybe she’s almost a double-agent…lol.

    1. She is a lose cannon and that goes for most Democrats. Not only the women. Look at Schumer and Booker. They will finish what Obama started. Only reason the Muslim from Minnesota got in is because, the ones they bought there and had grown from 80,000 to over 100,000. Just like she bought her brother in and ends up label as her husband. It not only the border we have to worry about. The organization of Lutheran churches and other organizations help. We are paying for them to come here and destroy our country.

      1. Has anyone else noticed how her grammar and sentence structure seem befuddled? That crazed look in the eyes of a political fanatic gets worse and worse as they get more and more frustrated.

  3. All the people that voted for this moron ought to be proud of what they have done. There must be a way to replace her, and it should be done, it is clear this position is more than she can handle.

    1. The old adage fits here: ’tis better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it’s true’ fit this gire to a ‘t’. She wants socialism, let her move to Venezuela if that’s her goal, good riddance. she needs to go, like IMMEDIATELY! There’re measures to get rid of people like her that were set up in the early years of our country to prevent what we were fighting against in England. Get rid of this no good socialist, oh hell, she’s a communist along with all her other cronies. Her losing 25,000 plus good paying jobs for her district should be her death knell and a wake up call for the constituents in her district: she doesn’t give a rats ass about anyone but herself. She needs to be recalled or censured or whatever before her BS is taken seriously by the fools who keep these obstructionist buffoons in office.

      1. Let’s start with conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws? AOC & her Chief of Staff playing shell games with monies donated to her campaign.

  4. Let her continue to act like a moron. She’s one of the best things the Republican party has going for it as far as campaing ads for the next election cycle.

    1. I agree. Between AOC, Bernie, Wareen, Harris, Clinton & the rest of those pathetic politicians, it should be a slam dunk for President Trump.

  5. Everything out of her mouth is stupid, she has come up with the most assanine things from:

    No airplanes, no fossel fuels, everybody has to go out and buy an electric car, and if you don’t want to work, you will be paid. And, the “New green deal” where everyone has to use bulbs that last 10,000 hours, including Businesses, Hospitals, Factories, etc. Even the Demopoop jumped on her for for her Socialist views. A total “O”

  6. Utter EVIL is what AOC represents. Her desire to cause conflict and chaos. Her ultimate goal is to create the SOCIALIST America that the Liberal left-wing communist believing Extremes of the Democratic Party so desire. I wish AMERICA could see the DEPLORABLE conditions the people in her district are forced to live in because of socialist thinking.

  7. Seems like the liberal democrats can’t or Won’t try to control her mouth, I still can’t believe she got elected into Congress, She’s a dig bat! She’s always running her mouth about something and doesn’t even no what she’s talking about, she needs to be removed from Office!! Now!!!!

  8. This woman says the stupidest things I have ever heard. Her green new deal does not make any sense there is never going to be enough money to pay for any one thing in it. She is a socialist wanna be who doesn’t have a clue as to how to do anything. She always says don’t worry about how we will pay for it just do it. The last video I watched she said she’s the boss so do what she says because no one else will.It seems she is under the impression that she runs the democrat party and they all have to listen to her but at some point they will come down on her like a ton of bricks when she goes to far.


  9. The House was rigged people. They rigged it, none of them won. They will rigg the next election too. They have lost the voters in this country, this is why there is so much voter fraud going on. They lost the power of the people, and will cheat and lie to get their way. We had 98,000 illegal voters here in my state Texas, 58,000 voted, and nine democrats arrested. In other states the same. We must stop this curruption for good and rise up in the millions. If they get power again, it’s over for us and our country!

  10. Her tweets are better than comedy central, just useless waste of space and decent peoples time, let’s all pitch in as nd get her a one way ticket to Venezuela

  11. AOC is the most stupid and dangerous person in Washington.
    She should be impeached but that will never happen because the Demo-Rats
    stick together like glue.

  12. I bet Jussie and its friends were to blame. I hear they will attack anything for a price. Oh, by the way, cash only, they don’t take checks anymore.



  14. She has the worse case of “Diarrhea of the mouth” I have ever heard. Her comments on anything do not make sense!
    Soros helped her construct her, “New Green Deal” and you know he causes problems everywhere! Cortez did not think up this “CRAP” by herself because she is too STUPID!

  15. AOC is probably the best thing to come along for the Republican Party in a long while. She is totally nuts and has a big mouth that the Democratic Party can’t seem to shut up. Let her rant and make up stupid crap, it just shows how crazy most of the Democrats in charge are. The ONLY difference between her and the rest of them is that the rest of them have a mouth filter that keeps them from publicly say all this stupid stuff.

  16. Who has the b—s to stop this crazy Socialist control freak loony. Even Pelosi can’t control her. Nancy is really slipping and will loos her speaker chair very soon if something isn’t done. I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Nancy. I was wrong. This nut job acts like she’l just waltz into the Oval Office and take over. Be afraid Americans be dam well afraid. Wake up America you are letting the power hungry control freaks get a take over foot hold. It has to be broken. Get out and vote. Stop the Socialist/Commie/ Dems take over and killing off of our Freedoms and country and Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. That is what they are out to do and go to that NEW WORLD ORDER control. Break all their control NOW before it is to late. WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!

  17. This brat needs to be spanked and sent to her room without dinner.
    This is the BOSS of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, good luck with this CHILD.

  18. I can’t believe those people in New York were stupid enough to vote this quack into office. She has no sense whatsoever. The Democrats keep lowering themselves at every election. Guess they no longer have any intelligent people to run for office. Can easily see that by the people who have signed up n to run for president in 2020. None of them are smart enough to get out of the rain.

  19. I feel sorry for the USA, I am not a citizen and do not live in the US. You all have elected some real doozies to your House of Reps. I used to think that the US was great but Obama really started to take her down and the Dems are continuing the descent. You all need to stand up and reclaim your country. A Trinidad & Tobago citizen.

  20. a childish kid trying to play grown up. if things dont suit her she will use her imagination to make up fairy tails to please herself, she is letting her alligator mouth over load her humming bird ass.

  21. Actually she is an asset for our Rep campaign. The Dems continue to let her dribble her insanity so she needs to be encouraged. It’s not like she is actually getting anything done anyway.

  22. Hitler was a carpenter that had a knack for stirring up crowds. He stood for something so henious and vile, yet people flocked to his ideals because he knew how to speak in public. Sound familiar? AOC, ex bartender, and her cohorts say republicans are natzi, but history is repeating itself with her and her hero worshipping followers. It doesn’t matter how idiotic she sounds when she opens her mouth. People are listening. And THAT’S what’s frightening.

  23. She really is dumb as a box of rocks. And absolutely a bat shit crazy psychopath. But make no mistake, she is dangerous because she has a huge fallowing. If any of you Patriots really love America you better be getting prepared to have to literally fight for it. That day is rolling up on us like a freight train.

  24. WACKO!! She needs to think before she speaks….what a loony. DemonRats have done more to hurt Americans. I feel sometimes we are little pawns to them. First this week she has called Reagan a racist, made a terrible mocking out of our prayers. She has also broken the rules of her campaign donations. She says, oh I’m being attacked by the Republicans and they made all this up. She sounds a lot like Clinton and blame everybody but herself!! Get out of Politics my dear, you suck at it!!

  25. Trump is revered for “Owning Liberals”. OAC is a very smart woman with an outrageous laugh. She is more effective than Trump by her “ownership ” of Trumpetistas. Her claim about Mitch McConnell’s covert political BOT operation is very plausible. Her purpose, like Trump, is to generate publicity and investigation of her statements. OAC is truly sucker punching readers of these pages.

  26. To the man whos friend can herd cats,
    I like cats but not this woman –she seem to angry to have a decent thought and she has never had one, she want to do away with the working white class and black class and have her Mexican friends only, but the sad thing is they don’t want her either. What is a socialist to do when no one will let you play, she want a land of tax payers who over pay and send her and Bernie Sanders the money so it can go to the deadbeats who do not work, I think that we should all here more about cats we know what is up front with them. And less about her ignorance.

  27. This woman is lights out stone crazy ,she should be recalled and replaced immediately.The Democratic has gone completely insane .They are socialist traitors to is doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see there’re only after the power to destroy our country. DDW

  28. There are about 30 million men in this country that spent large periods of th their time defending the USA from socialism and communism.
    AOC is bound to come face to face with them at sonme point.
    It won’t go well for her.

  29. When is going to be in the courtroom, not as a bartender? But, on trial of the $973.000. That her boyfriends name is on. And she has only been 2 months in office. Wow, does that calculate to be stealing 5.8 million a year?

  30. AOC is the gift that just keeps on giving. The Republican party must be happy seeing her as the new face of the democratic party. Live long Democrats and independent voters are looking for somewhere to get away from this new socialist party. In the 50`s they would have been blackballed as Communist supporters.

  31. In true demonorat fantasy world, an adage was formulated “never let a good crisis go to waste”. Being the millennial she is, she has furthered the adage using common core thinking of “if a crisis does not exist, fabricate one until it is mainstreamed ” – todays hip is tomorrows hype”.

  32. This airhead lacks common sensed, ethics and integrity. What she does have is ignorance,
    stupidity, and literacy. She needs to be on a lost planets with the other space cadets! Like chuckles, and nutty Nancy.j

  33. Let this nasty un-American wench keep shooting her mouth off so everyone can see that she has no place in the position of power & trust that she has usurped. Wake up people of America–she is a true apparatchik of the Left who does not wish our country or Americans well but rather who is championing the millions of others who have made their way into our country illegally & otherwise with self-serving & harmful intent,

  34. this is clearly a case , where she has never once thought out her ( aoc) political views , she does not know her foundational axioms , and she is not confused , she simply does not have a bumper sticker , poster or news cycles to repeat as her point of view of the hour , to be more aggressively vicious …. the word integrity has as its origin the word integration , or the idea that your philosophical ideas mesh together in a harmony that support each other …. this becomes imortant in this case , because AOC is a very nice lady , who no one until now has ever taken seriously because she is young , pretty and a women … but now that she is among adults… she does not know how to support her ideas with logic , reason or common sense… much like berny sanders is all emotion and no brain , AOC and her anti semite friend both need to do there best to show the rest of us…. what democrats are…. they are not our equals , they are children who have not one clue what they beleive , and are totaly irresponcible for the out come they will hand the adults to repare

  35. STOP LYING, AMERICANS ARE NOT STUPID! But can’t say the same of you communists wannabes, you lie about things you can see with your own eyes!
    This is so childish, you shouldn’t be able to hold any position in government!
    DISRESPECT, HATRED, RACISM AND IGNORANCE. You have to be brainwashed to think there’s any credibility in classless liars!

  36. This cortez thing is beyond civility. She’s no longer respectable (never really was) and her waning credibility has all but dissolved, at least in my opinion. I have absolutely no respect for her socialistic agenda nor do I believe anything that happens to come out of her mouth or is documented by her and those who may support her. That “earth agenda” thing she passed off awhile back was unfortunately hilarious. The unfortunate part being she’s serious about her hype. It’s hilarious yet concerning that she’d expect some sort of support re: her rants. If she wasn’t so spiteful and didn’t carry so much hatred I’d share a bit of pity on her behalf. But nah, I’m enjoying watching the libs squirm when she approaches a camera, a microphone or anyone who’s from the press. Sadly, she’s fun to watch. I’m also a bit ashamed for enjoying her idiocy as much as I do. She’s one of the several laughing stocks of the national liberal movement… Democrat and Republican liberals included. And that’s quite an “achievement” for failure. I have one question though… What the heck were her “voters” thinking?! They must’ve been drunk, high, or just bored.

  37. This Representative is out of control. I’ve been reading that this young lady comes from Westchester County and not Bronx or Queens Counties. Is she a fraud or just a spoiled brat.

  38. I’ve stated this before and it is worth repeating. I believe AOC will eventually go too far, then the Democrats will expel her from Congress.
    The only question is: Will they do it in time to minimize the negative effect AOC will have on the 2020 elections results for other Democrats?

  39. Congress has done nothing for the American people since they took office 2 1/2 yrs ago. They have been paid for nothing that deals with its citizens and everything to do with their own personal agenda of getting rid of Trump just because their little darling Hillary lost the election. Then you compound that with the 3 newbies from New York, Michigan and Minnesota who only have a personal agenda and to hell with the American people. What a mistake the voters in those 3 states made! Not to mention Cortez saying cauliflower is racist and eliminating cows because they fart. Now how far fetched is her brain, she needs to go back to tending bar because she and her other newbies certainly don’t need to be re-elected they just need to be removed even sooner than that. Pelosi and Schummer should lead the way out and not come back they give new meaning to worthless and at tax payer dollars we’re not being represented!

  40. this little girl is “dangerous” cause she has no idea about what she’s talking about! democrats need to tape her mouth shut until she learns some respect for intelligent people!

  41. Now I know what the initials AOC stand for. “Absolutely Out of Control”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She definitely is NOT IN CHARGE!!! She can’t even control her Alligator Mouth which is constantly overloading her Hummingbird Ass!!! Hell – I know how to bartend – I should take her place!!!!!!!!!

  42. What is sad and stupid about AOC is that she doesn’t know when to shut her mouth and stop making yup conspiracy theories to double down on immature and ridiculous comment she continually makes. By hanging on to this imbecile, democrats are showing how partially, at least, bias they are in protecting a rebel among them almost at any cost. To be sure, republican will use some of her infamous comments and remarks she’s made to bolster their illegitimacy.

  43. AOC is an out of control nitwit. She is not smart just a smart ass! She should never have been elected. A worthless member of congress.

  44. This lunatic is mentally challenged, just look at her eyes lmao she is crazy and the hole world is racist because they dont want to eliminate the cows and airplanes 😂😂😂😂bright future for demrat party.

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