Trump Makes Emergency Preparations
Image credit: pbs

In an interview with the New York Times, President Donald Trump shared that talks with Democrats have been a “waste of time” and that he saw declaring a national emergency as an ever more likely possibility. 

Trump explained that the remarks and continued stance of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had left him little option if he is to make sure that America is kept secure.

“I think it’s a waste of time … They don’t want to give money for the wall,”  said of talks with Democrats.

He confidently shared that, “I’ve set the table. I’ve set the stage for doing what I’m going to do,” adding “I’ll continue to build the wall, and we’ll get the wall finished.”

  1. The Democrats are just stalling. I still think that they should not be able to collect their pay. I bet everyone of them have a privacy fence around there homes. Plus security guards. But they don’t want to keep the rest of America safe and secure.

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