Teens The Victims Of Fake News And Racist Liberals
Image credit: bloglyric

The Liberal media was up and running at full speed when it thought it had a story of white students, wearing “MAGA” hats, intimidating a frail Native American man. Except that this wasn’t the case at all. 

The boys had actually come and participated in the March for Life. The event completed, the boys were merely waiting for their bus to arrive. 

However, there was another group protesting, self-described as Black Hebrew Israelites that were hurling taunts and insults at both the boys from Covington Catholic High School and the Native Americans of the Indigenous People’s March.

Nathan Phillips, a Native American Elder, took issue with the harassment yet confronted the wrong group. 

Phillips can be seen playing loudly in the midst of the young boys. Obviously thinking it would make for better headlines if he approached the young, white students, rather than the individuals provoking him. 

As the actual facts become apparent and the story becomes outed for the fraud it is, news outlets and reporters are clambering took make their apologies.

It looks like liberals are doing damage control after trying to cash in on a fabricated tale.  

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