Trump: Wall for DACA Relief?
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President Donald Trump on Saturday proposed an immigration deal to end the government shutdown, though Democratic leaders quickly declared his overture dead on arrival.

In an address from the White House, the president proposed a bill providing temporary protection for some undocumented immigrants along with other measures in exchange for $5.7 billion in funding for his border wall. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said the bill will come up for a vote in the coming week, testing Democratic unity on exchanging border security funding for protections for young immigrants and refugees.

“I am here today to break the logjam and provide congress with a pathway forward to end the government shutdown,” Trump said in remarks from the White House’s Diplomatic Reception Room.

But the approach had already been rejected by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats who said it largely repackaged a proposal that had failed earlier. Pelosi called the idea a “non-starter,” and Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) also panned the proposal as a way to reopen the government, even though Trump’s plan cribbed from Durbin’s own legislation.

The approach offered little hope for ending the government shutdown, which entered its fifth week Saturday. The Senate was in for fewer than two hours on Saturday, and then split until Tuesday, suggesting little urgency is afoot to reopen the government.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said she was “skeptical” that the president’s latest approach will break the standstill in Washington on the shutdown’s 29th day.

“If there is something of substance that comes with his wall request, [Democrats] are willing to listen. But you can’t keep the government shut down while we work on it,” she said in an interview earlier Saturday. “The White House figures that the real leverage that they have is the fact that they’re holding the keys to this shutdown. And so if they release that?”

    1. Trump still owns it!! He said he would PROUDLY OWN IT!! NOW HE CALLED MY HOME WANTING A DONATION IN EXCHANGE FOR A BRICK TO GIVE TO NANCY And Chuck!!! He better keep his Damn bricks because he’s going to need them when we get his FAT ASS out of office!!!

    2. The Dems owned it from the onset. They could have tried some kind of compromise but all they said was “NO”. They get as much credit for the shut down as he does. There is nothing he can do to get anything done with that bunch of clowns. It is totally partisan and has nothing to do with dealing with the issue. Irrational

      1. I don’t think Trump should give the Democrats anything. I live on the borders in CA. Between drugs gangs, drugs and criminals of all kind. It’s not safe to go to the store. The American Citizens are the ones in cages. The news doesn’t report 10 percent of the crime and murders. Drug overdose. We need to close the borders. Mexico is getting paid to help the caravan to our borders. Nancy wasn’t in Mexico talking to the president for nothing. What was her deal. Obamas trips to South America countries and Cuba. China and Africa. We are getting illegals from all the countries he visited. God Bless our Country.

  1. The president needs to find a legal way to go around them and do what has to be done. This shows how much the democrats care for the DACA people . They don’t and they don’t care about the rest of the illegals either And they definately don’t care about us. If they did they would fund the wall.

  2. Providing another amnesty just encourages other illegal immigrants to enter our coiuntry. Deport all illegal immigrants and incarcerste all repeat offenders in tent cities at the border. As they do their time they can keep the wall area clear of brush and trash. They won’t want to come back after having to work for free and being deported again after their sentance is done. Emmigrate legally or don’t bother! Wave your flags on your side of the border, we don’t want immigrants who refuse to assi l.p. l.p.milate.

    1. I agree. Our borders need to be closed. No more Mexican trucks here. To many illegals are found dead in the trailers.
      Drug problem with sucides, domestic violence and murder is causing our kids to use more drugs. The drugs are mixed and more addictive.
      God Bless Our Country
      God Bless Trump
      Build the cement wall
      More Military going to the borders.
      I am very upset with. Paul not supporting Trump’s wall and our safety.

  3. Trump & Company do not care about the wall. If they really cared, they would have made the big deal about it during the 2 years that they held the Senate
    and the House and the Presidency. It’s a hot button item now because with the Meuller findings about to be made public and the House in position to hold hearings on any findings, they need a way to divert attention.

  4. You are exactly right it show they fill about the American people give president trump the money for the wall they take my retirement money for what and make me pay taxes on aver year and mlame the democratic on That.

  5. The President should send more troops to protect the border and just close it down until the liberals stop fighting him on everything. Plane and simple CLOSE it to all immigrants until further notice:)

  6. Great articles & updates. Please allow us to tweet these to our followers on Twitter.
    Thank you.
    Leslie Taylor

  7. Trump has Declared the Border an Emergency and he is not only right, but has the right to obtain funds from other Governmental available sources to protect all American citizens from entry of illicit Drugs, Criminal attacks by Illegal immigrant entry, Human Traffic Coyotes, and Health concerns!

  8. I live about 30 miles North of San Diego. I invite all the Dem’s and tree huggers down to the existing border control and let you see what’s happening. This is just one of many entry points! If it’s not a crisis I’d sure hate to see a real one. We already have millions of illegals in this country that we totally provide for and they contribute nothing through out taxing system Federal or State. Schools, Health care, housing, welfare, and other schemes are all provide for them. Also be aware that congressional districts in the US are made up according to population. Yes, that includes illegals because census takers haven’t and will be unable to ascertain citizenship. You can bet that there “ain’t” very many Republicans climbing the wall. We have more problems on the horizon.

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