Texan Officials Exposed Squandering Funds For Obama Book Tour
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The DNC took another blow after two politicians in Texas resigned amid allegations that they spent public funds on tickets for Michelle Obama’s book tour.

Linda Thomas, mayor of Forest Hill and Mayor Pro Tem Beckie Hayes both vacated their offices preceding a public hearing to address their alleged misuse of funds.

With the city manager’s approval, the tow women obtained reimbursements for the $545 tickets. 

Thomas had initially asked for a three month extension to prepare for the case. When that request was denied both she and Hayes submitted their resignation in a bid to protect themselves.

“I will not leave my fate in the hands of other individuals,” Hayes declared on ABC affiliate WFAA. “I am a woman of integrity, and the allegations, they have no substance. They are false.”

It seems that in resigning the pair hope to remain eligible as candidates in the next election. They filed their candidacy the following day.

How is it that after being caught red handed these two can simply resign and make a bid for re-election? Hopefully the ensuing court case will see better justice for the taxpayers of Texas.

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