Exposing Obama-era Tear Gas Use

By now most people have heard about tear gas being used against the migrant caravan. But as criticism rolls in many seem to have forgotten how frequently Border Patrol deployed the tactic under Obama.

Data from Homeland Security gives insight into how often tear gas was used under the Obama administration. It also shows that the same type of gas was used.

The data shows that tear gas was deployed as often as one a month, each month, until 2013 when gas use dropped dramatically.

Where was the outrage then?

It seems to be yet another example of Democrats lashing out at the Trump administration while remaining silent about the frequency of gas use during previous presidencies.

  1. this is nothing more than the usual lib brain decay symptom… you know, the one where they accuse others of something they are actually guilty of in an effort to divert attention from their own transgressions. Shameful.

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