Trump To Authorize Troops To Defend Immigration Agents

Immigration agents that are stationed at the U.S./Mexico border can expect support from U.S. troops if migrants become hostile.

An official, who remained anonymous, noted that currently U.S. military doesn’t have the authority to aid the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol personnel. Yet this could be ratified at any moment.

This comes after the U.S. temporarily closed one of the busiest border crossing points so it could be reinforced with concrete barricades and razor wire.

This has been adding pressure to legal migrants who regularly commute through the border for work.

“Today was a lost day of work. I already called my boss to tell her that everything was closed and I did not know what time I would be able to get in,” said Maria Gomez, who crosses the border each workday. “I cannot believe this is happening.”

President Trump has hardly mentioned the caravan since the midterm elections concluded. However this week he posted a photo showing a new installment of razor wire along the fence at Tijuana beach.

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