‘We Are Willing To Suffer’: Farmers Stand with U.S.

President Trump’s trade war is still on going, but many U.S. farmers are ready to weather the storm.

Despite taking the brunt of the effects here from tariff’s on China, American farmers like Trent Loos are prepared to hunker down for real results.

“We understand that we take care of God’s creation,” Loos said to Midday Movers. “And by taking care of the land, the water, we produce the essentials of life. And the essentials of life — food, fiber, pharmaceuticals, and fuel — come from our toil. We understand that and we are willing to suffer short-term pain for long-term gain.”

Loos described the farm and ranch community as “the most resilient community” in the United States. They understand and accept what it’s going to require in order to fix things with China. Loos noted that, “the only time we really got upset with policies,” was when Trump gave out $12 billion in aid to farmers.

“We want proper fair trade, not aid,” Loos said. “And that’s the policies, that’s the mindset of the farm and ranch community in this country that just wants to be paid a fair price for the products that we produce, that improve human lives around the world.”

“The [long-term] gain, we do believe, is that we are paid properly for the products that we produce,” Loos continued. “The United States farmer and rancher can out-produce a safe, healthy product to supply the global needs of the world.”

“One-third of the food that we produce in the U.S. is currently exported somewhere else,” he concluded. “We want to meet the needs of the U.S. consumer first, and then we want to be that global supply entity that produces what people need to improve their lives. … So the end result is, quite simply, we want to be paid properly for the products, the health, the safety that we produce that improve human lives around the world.”

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