Battle for Governor Draws Out in GA

Votes are still being counted in Georgia, drawing out the election of governor.

Republican Brian Kemp, who holds the majority and is expected to keep it, has asked Democrat Stacey Abrams to concede. Yet Abrams has vowed to stick it out and is receiving support from civil rights groups.

A statement issued by Kemp’s campaign claimed that there was not enough votes left for Abrams to merit a runoff, certainly not enough to win.

Yet civil rights groups like the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People continue to stand behind Abrams. They rally for her to keep her word in waiting until “every” vote is counted.

Kemp unofficially holds 50.3% of the votes holding somewhere around 63,000 more than Abrams. But there are some provisional and military ballots to be counted.

Kemp’s campaign holds that a max of 17,495 are outstanding, not enough to merit the holdover. While Abram’s campaign alleges that a minimum of 30,823 votes remain, which might be enough to change things if the majority supported Abrams.

This battle doesn’t look to be winding down, but one way or another a result must prevail on the 20th.

  1. Funny how votes keep popping up for democrats when election offices should have a total of votes submitted even those from military and absentee ballets but in each of these cases Georgia,Florida and Arizona are being run by democrats.

  2. There should be some sort of federal auditing system whereas Trump should be able to send in federal oversight when it is plainly clear there are shenanigans going on.

  3. The dems hate to lose,thats why they steal a lot of elections,have been doing it for years.Why the hell has the republicans.not woken up to putting there own people in areas where needed?

  4. Let’s let it all play out. The Republican party in Georgia has repressed black voters in this election at an alarming rate. As they have done in NC and FL.

  5. If the election was fair, the recount wouldn’t be necessary. If all people would understand that we are all God’s people. Our problem is that politicians are so used to receiving FREE money that they would do ANYTHING to be elected. This country’s problem is that RICH people don’t pay taxes, because of loopholes.

  6. Let me help YOU ALL SHE LOST it’s DONE ✅ wake UP DEMOCRATS has always been sore losers why I change now that’s why I’m NOW A REPUBLICAN move on you couldn’t win even with Obama’s and that so called African American tv host TRUMP 2020

  7. This women is really crazy. Another one of Soros, etc that are being paid to thwart our elections. Call in a private investigator, it’s time to stop this.

    1. A fine example of a poor looser. Should have conceded graciously long ago. Think they are having the dead vote, what a disgrace.

      1. I think she would love to be a looser…of lbs! But since she can’t manage herself to do that, how could she manage to lead a state?

  8. Voter ID .That is not a dirty word. Spend some money , ever weekend , and day if you can afford it , register at : post office, city hall , court house ,library ,firehouse, police station; advertise in the local paper, on radio , and T.V. as to what is needed,and a van for the sticks . This should be done for at least one year ,two years are better; that way , no one can bitch .Next it is called “ELECTION DAY ” not election week ,election month ,election season . We , as a people , have made too many concessions to dead voters. They are slow, after all they are dead ,and some allowance must be made for them . NO EARLY BALLOTS WHICH ALLOW EARLY FRAUD ; NO LATE BALLOTS WHICH ALLOW LATE FRAUD . THE VOTER MUST APPEAR IN PERSON AT THE POLLS . SORRY, NO BIGOTED , BIASED NURSING HOME BALLOTS , THE POLICE CAN DRIVE THEM TO THE POLLS. MAIL IN BALLOTS FOR THE MILITARY, AND OVERSEAS FEDERAL EMPLOYEES . OUT OF STATE , TOO DAMN BAD ; YOU CAN VOTE IN TWO YEARS.

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