Trump’s Phone Compromised by China, Russia?

President Donald Trump on Thursday hit back at a New York Times article about his use of an unsecured iPhone to call friends outside of the White House, labeling the report “so incorrect I do not have time here to correct it.”

“The so-called experts on Trump over at the New York Times wrote a long and boring article on my cellphone usage that is so incorrect I do not have time here to correct it,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cell phone. Story is soooo wrong!”

The Times reported on Wednesday that despite having access to a secure landline in the White House, Trump frequently uses an iPhone to call friends “to gossip, gripe or solicit their latest take on how he is doing,” exposing him to eavesdropping by Chinese and Russian spies.

“American intelligence reports indicate that Chinese spies are often listening — and putting to use invaluable insights into how to best work the president and affect administration policy,” the Times reported, citing unnamed U.S. officials.

  1. That should not be a big surprise after the way the FBI and the DOJ and the illustrious Brennan have behaved! Obama and the demorats do not have much going for them in The credibility area!

      1. I thought this was about surveillance? the bugging of trump began with OBAMA. Trump did not use his personal email to send top secret classified information to allies. HILLARY DID THAT.

        1. Funny how ignorant the “Left” is when it comes to political positioning. A simple move by the British allowing the body of a man to wash up on Spanish Shores influenced the Germans to move an entire army to Greece. Allegedly 200,000 Germans were not in Southern France and unable to repel the “D-Day” invasion, as a result. Funny, education has merits, but what is included, or excluded, in Journalism schools?

    1. Why has it not occurred to anyone the Russians would not even want to ever help President Trump, as they already had a fix in with Hillary and Kerry and others. Remember she let them buy our Nuclear fuel Uranium They had no reason to support President Trump then or now.

      1. AND lets not forget that he BOMBED Syria and russia for using chemical weapons…russia does not like trump one bit.

      2. Sure was one bad bunch of pirates and Self Servers. Scary now that there is a possibility Chelsea may run to grab any loot that Hillary was unable to grab.

  2. Is this the same NYT that is publishing so called fantasy stories that involve the Russian Dossier & Collusion investigation? Way to encourage hate & violence toward our President. I wouldn’t believe a word of print from NYT.

    1. NYT was purchased or rather got a sizeable loan from the head of the mexican cartel, the richest man in the world..CARLOS SLIM…$250 million dollars. He recently sold a portion of his shares, probably because more and more americans want to know who OWNS NYT.

    1. They are attacking on ALL fronts to swing the midterm election from destroying the stock market to continuously raising the Fed rates six times in less than two years. Then the unrelenting media savaging the president and his entire family, the thousands of illegals heading from Central America, tens of millions (30 +million) already here and the bombs which I believe is a False Flag to gin up sympathy for liberals and the trashing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family not to forget the many Republicans who have been confronted while at restaurants. This is a full scale attack by Democrats including Obama, Schumer, Clinton, Waters, Booker, Brennan and other hate-filled leftists.

      1. You are so right! President Trump has succeeded in a small amount of time with nothing but lies and obstruction from the demented Dems.

        Nov. 6 will bring the much needed change for good as the Republicans win the Senate and take over the House in
        THE RED WAVE that will carry the USA away from the Socialist, Marxist attempt by the Democrats to take away
        our freedoms.

    2. Of course they are. They’re hoping to change the balance of power in the House & the Senate. Good luck with that! They’re hoping to turn both houses blue, so all I can say is: just try. With the economy rocking and unemployment at historic lows I don’t see them making tremendous gains. I could be wrong, but with how far Left the Democrats have veered, moving left & supporting Socialism, let’s hope most Americans see the damage that would be done if the Dems take over.

    1. Why everybody wants to blame the Democrat
      What if Trump have something to do about this matters .Money talks bullshit is what it is bullshit
      All is getting crazy since Trump been in office
      I really hope it stop you don’t know who to trust

  3. I have to inquire how does the NY paper get the information ? Are they in contact with Chinese spies? Are they involved in spying on President Trump? Are they the leakers or do they know the leakers? Should they be investigated by the Secret Service or the FBI? Oh that’s right we can’t ask questions if the press they have freedom of the press, makes no difference about National Security they get to protect there sources

    1. 9 times out of 10 their source is their own imagination, as in anything they can think of to bring about a NWO/OWO they will do, habitual liars is all they are and will ever be unless true patriots permanently shut them down but that will mean cleaning the corruption from the federal court system and the FCC after all when those Communist judges do not approve of action by POTUS Trump it is unconstitutional.

  4. OR maybe someone else -inside leakers- are using the phone , unbenounced by the president !!
    Just a thought.

  5. Anything to deflect from the fact that Finestein had a Chinese spy driving her around for 20 years.. Trump completely ripped Hillary a new ass for using an unsecured phone and people actually think that he’s so stupid he do the same thing? My God they’re grasping at emotional straws… I wish there was a way to help someone find their common sense but you just can’t fix stupid not even with duct tape.

  6. With all the CAPABILITY the feds have, to spy on Us serfs, not to mention those idiots with the so called Social networks. Do you think that the President or other officials would be left open ?
    Of course unless they didn’t give a damn, like hellary.

  7. There has been enough said about President Trump to write several books, but who would read them? We live in a world of uncertainty, so who really knows the outcome? I don’t claim to know what is in our future, but I’m sure of one thing: God is in control…. wait and see what He does!

  8. All the lies that the lieing media and obama and hillary gang say and do on a daily basis just never stops. How stupid DO they think the American people are?
    I dont get mad at liberal people anymore because they dont know any better. They are not getting any good news about President Trump at all. They are listening to the media that manipulates man on a daily basis with no facts, no proof, no videos, no evidence. However! Alot of libs are seeing through the bs.
    Oh and to the guy that said this is about Trump…not obama…..wrong….obama is spreading the manure …..and hillary is making it.
    God Bless

  9. I think the New York Times shows considerable lack of responsible reporting. In fact, I strongly suspect that they just make up stories about our President to make him look bad.



  11. It is not POTUS’s phone. It’s the Fed’s responsibility to get insure security. Says slot about our counter Intel services and security of computer/phone systems. They are so busy working against POTUS, they are being circumvented by opposition forces, demonRat, Chinese, Iran, & Russia. We already know how effective the feds are with OPM being hacked.
    Yep, blame POTUS for everything from your toilet being stopped up to Diarea.

  12. While America was Revening in the fact that we now have a black president being so excited that the Democrats won the Election they forgot to see what happened next. Obama was overseas apologizing for our stupidity. and giving the Iranians$150 billion dollars which is strange since our troups are over there fighting them.Obama never did anything to stand up for America because he was trying to allow the Muslim influence to penetrate America culture and look around you. We have muslim terriost camps all over the U.S. We have Pakastan immigrants all over Minnesota and W.V. A. And our gov’tis building houses and Apartmentsforthem that you are paying for. Those Muslim terriost did not just arrive they were allowed to come in by us. But hey don’t build that wall I’m sure there are others that will be coming to kill all the american Christians you might want to also look at our new representatives that was voted into House of Representatives like Cortez and Omar. I don’t remember them actually Running for their offices do you. They are very young and don’t really know what America is all about. They don’t know that the GOD of Isreal is also the Same God of the Christians. And cortez does not know Economics101. But somehow they got into office. I wonder who is backing them. Who is telling them what to say and who has the money. I believe they are just puppets and have no ideal why they are there. And Hillary got dooped by the DNC since she didn’t get the election she was promised back in 2008 whe she turned her support over to Obama. The muslims backed obama when he ran against Hillary. The whole Democratic Election was rigged from the beginning and Hillary played along but she did not expect the American people to turn against her. She though We would not notice all the corrupt things she and Obama were doing to the American people Between the two of them they were turning the U.S.A. into Muslim symithisers and a country Runned by a bunch of Muslins. Don’t mess with our Faith in GOD almighty.

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