Trump Says China Economy “Not Well”

President Donald Trump told Breitbart News on Saturday that while China would love to strike a new bi-lateral trade agreement, they’ve made too much money for too long and as they’re not doing well now, they’re not yet ready to do a deal with America.


“How will you know when China is ready to negotiate again?” Breitbart News asked as president Trump spoke with reporters on the South Lawn of the White House before departing for a Kentucky rally.

“China wants to make a deal. China would love to make a deal,” said Trump. “I don’t think they’re ready yet.”

Pressed on why they aren’t ready and how he will know when they are, Trump said, “I just don’t think they’re ready yet.”

“They’ve made too much money for too long,” he went on. “What they’ve done to our country is take out anywhere from $300 billion to $500 billion a year. Rebuilt China.”

“I have great respect for China and for President Xi [Jinping] in particular,” Trump reinforced with expectation of a deal someday. “We’ll probably make a deal, but I don’t think they’re ready.” 

“They want to make a deal,” he repeated, adding, “They are not doing well. If you look at their economy, the Chinese economy is not doing well. And we’re doing very well. We’re doing better than we’ve ever done.”

“But I told them a week ago — they want to come in, they want to make a deal — I said, you’re not ready to make a deal,” he said.

Later another reporter asked whether the U.S. has leverage over Saudi Arabia given their multi-billion dollar investment in the U.S.? In his response, president Trump remarked, “And we have the strongest country economically since I took over.  You know, we’ve gained $11 trillion in worth.  China has lost many trillions of dollars.  We’ve gained $11 trillion in worth.”

President Trump has been very clear that China must halt “unfair” trading practices including theft of U.S. intellectual property. He has also called repeatedly for a more reciprocal trading relationship with China and other countries. Top U.S. and Chinese trade officials have held meetings in each Beijing and Washington, DC. Negotiations have been on-again, off-again between the two nations. 

The U.S. has levied multiple waves of additional tariffs on a total $250 billion in Chinese goods with president Trump previously warning there are tariffs on another $300 billion in abeyance. China has shot back with retaliatory tariffs, appearing to specifically target industries that have been supportive of the U.S. president. President Trump revealed his belief that China is not ready for a trade deal shortly after late-September plans for another meeting between U.S. and Chinese trade officials was canceled.


  1. Thta’s why as I travel around Our Wonderful Country more and more citizens are getting on Pres. Trumps side because he is a Tough Businessman and knows how to make deals and “WIN” !!!

  2. Trump previously warning there are tariffs on another $300 billion in abeyance.
    Is it time to find out how that works?
    It would not be so bad to but good American products instead of Chinese junk knock offs.

  3. I read years ago that china because of its population needs 11% gdp growth to survive and if they hit 7% for a short time it can destroy its nation.
    Now other nations need 4-5% and no less than 3%, because of their population.

    The world is tired of our theft of ideas, electronics and more.
    The world is tired of the corruption and the goods being delivered filled with poisons such as drywall from china, dog food, baby food and shrimp and seafood loaded with toxins.
    The world is tired of the toxic light bulbs from china, we want the old American light bulbs.
    The world is tired of the smart meters that cause house fires, from china! I guess smart does not mean functioning.
    The world is tired of buying 15 toasters that don’t work, we just want one that works, and the world is tired of filling our dumps with thousands of goods that break or don’t last and you have to buy them over and over again.
    The world is tired of other nations not following quality control and clean food laws and importing toxic food, washed in polluted water or grown in toxic air. (fair trade is you follow the laws of the nation you sold to this includes wage laws too!)
    The world is tired of human abuse on workers, working them 18 hrs. a day and threats of dismissal if they don’t perform, they are basically enslaved.

    Eventually Communism will destroy itself.

    Just think if every nation was free, how wonderful the world would be.

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