Democrat Insists Trump Is A Liar

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is claiming that President Trump is not a man of his word.

Cummings stated, “I think it’s a low bar for the president of the United States to simply say he’s against racism. He’s got to do better than that. He’s got to address the people who are espousing racist type comments and doing racist type acts, white supremacy. Seems like he can’t say those words. But I think he can do better.”

“It’s one thing to say things, it’s another thing when we look at the direction that you’re going and see that the very things that you say that you stand for, you undermine through your actions. For example, I believe that he is about the business of suppressing the vote. I look at the way he has dealt with health care, taking away health care for so many Americans, and I look at the way he has treated, and his administration has treated, the young immigrant children and their parents. That is horrendous. And so when I hear the words, words ring hollow with me.”

“I look at a person’s actions, and you can label them however you want to label them. But I do not believe that President Trump has been a man of his word. I kept going back to his inauguration speech and I ask the president right now to go back and read his inauguration speech when he talked about unity and bringing people together and how our unity will allow us to be the very best in the world. And I think he has done, through his actions, almost everything he could to take that unity and throw it away.”

  1. Cummings claims he is a champion of blacks. Like every democrat/socialist he is lying. He and his fake black friends have done nothing to clean up Baltimore. They don’t improve education and they don’t provide job opportunities or job training.
    Trump has done more for blacks in 18 months than obama did in 8 years and more than
    This asshole has done in his whole career.

  2. As always, Cummings is projecting and blaming someone else for the sins Cummings himself is guilty of. Trump is so racist he has worked to grow the economy and to help supply every minority in the country with jobs. Trump has not taken healthcare from a single American, and the only reason we are not united is because fools like Cummings want to keep divisions and to keep using identity politics. Trump was right in his inaugural speech, we could be the best by far if we were united. Democrats like Cummings, Warren, Waters, the MSM, for whatever reason simply do not want us to be as great as we could be, they appear to be afraid to see this country rise to full potential. Don’t blame Trump for that which you are to blame.


  4. Funny the complete lying socialist communist democratic party are all professional liars, none would know the truth even if it bit them on their asses. That group of liars are more racist than all other groups combined.

  5. Liberals accuse Trump of being a lier but I never hear specifics on what he lies about and what the truths he’s falsifying. This old worn out game plan of theirs is tiresome and pathetic.

    1. They talk about his lies everyday because he lies everyday.Stop watching Hannity & Tucker and start watching real news with real journalist reporting real information.

      1. There you go Ken, just lying and blabbing incoherently. We do watch real news, not CNN which has lower ratings than a cooking show.

      2. Rubbish, the Democrats are racist right down to their toes. Of them all, Elijah Cummings is right up at the top like racist Maxine Waters.

  6. Cummings is a miserable old man and certainly a liar. He has to keep resurrecting this RACIST B/S for a lack of anything else or more substantive.
    Perhaps he should consider providing WE THE PEOPLE some evidence more compelling than words fro his filthy jaded mouth.++

  7. It’s truly amazing that two people can LOOK at the same thing and get TWO completely different answers. Some people accuse President Trump of all sorts of things — usually that he is a liar BECAUSE he does NOT AGREE with them :^) However, in the case of race relations it becomes a “bittersweet’ subject. President Trump HAS WORKED full bore to IMPROVE the marketplace and JOBS since he came into office. HIS efforts have resulted in the LOWEST unemployment rate for minorities in the country’s history. I have NEVER heard him denigrate minorities BUT I HAVE heard him express joy when his programs have helped them. I guess there are some people who wish to look a gift horse in the mouth — NOT ME !!! :^)

        1. It’s no use Ralph — people like Ken are running on emotion — they just hate (for no reason). “He is an idiot” — typical short sentence for a very short sighted individual :^)

  8. Elijah Cummings SHOULD BE IN JAIL RIGHT NOW FOR COLLUSION with ERIC HOLDER during the Benghazi investigation hearings. Here’s the “funny” thing; Holder told one of his aids to call Cumming’s office and tell Cummings “not to worry about documents being released to the investigation committee because Holder had REDACTED anything that was bad and the committee would never get the full document”. I said “funny” because the AID working in the Attorney General’s office accidentally called the office of Congressman Darryl Issa (also on the Benghazi investigation committee) and left the message intended for the Democrat Cummings. Corruption has gone on in Government for WAY WAY WAY TOO LONG. No idea why Congressman Darryl Issa didn’t expose HOLDER AND CUMMINGS for committing COLLUSION??? What a shame that Democrats got away with always covering up for Obama and Clinton. FOUR MEN DIED IN BENGHAZI and it was about a whole hell of a lot more than some video a fellow made.

    The words of Clinton still make people sick “What does it matter now”! Sickening!

  9. I see many things The President has done for minorities. Things like jobs, Economy, tax relief, postive public endorsements and recognizations. What have the Democrats done for them beside lip service?

  10. First, I do not doubt that what Trump says is what he believes to be true at the time of the statement, but when he makes several statements about the same thing that are mutually contradictory where all cannot be true to the observer that, in common terms would be lies when taken as a whole. For example, with the Comey firing, his first statement was that he did it because of the Hillary investigation, which he just brought up again today; then the next time he commented, the reason given was because of the beginning of the investigation into the possibility of collusion (not a legal word) between his campaign and the Russians; while it is possible that both could be true, but he has never combined them into one reason. These are inconsistent with the statements that Comey made under oath which was that Trump had demanded that Comey be devoted to him and not the law. From the woman who came our with her book on Trump this week and her statements about the documents that she was asked to sign, essentially pledging allegiance to Trump, Comey’s statement gained credibility. Some time ago it was reported that as a condition of employment at his businesses his employees had to sign similar loyalty oaths with the non-disclosure statements that were signed by Stormy and others. Just the other day Trump said that 7 new steel mills had been opened where the company reported that only 2 new furnaces had been re-started. Trump claimed that Kim had signed documents agreeing to totally disarm where those who have seen the documents tell us that they do not contain that agreement on the part of North Korea, and other than the possible destruction of the nuclear test site entrance there have been no showings of any move toward any disarmament on the part of Korea. This would lead people to believe that Trump reports what he wants to see and not which he actually has seen, which would make his statements not credible.
    Then there are all of his statements on FAKE news where he never has made any statements about why he considers them Fake or incorrect. An intelligent person would say that the news is not accurate because of some other observable. Reality is consensually defined, so we agree, with the help of the dictionery to put general or specific things by the same terms.
    Then there are all of his personal attacks on people, which are conclusionary without any statement of the specifics, which are followed by his supporters and others in such things as attacking the two now former FBI employees because of their sexual relationship, while if anyone brings up his relationship with Stormy or the Playboy model the are totally disregarded. If he can do the same thing as others who he criticisese for their same conduct that is simple hippocracy.

    1. Unbelievable. There is a world of difference between words and deeds.

      Mr. Comey changed the law regarding the handling of classified material. The standard, by law, is failure to keep classified documents safe. Meaning, that irrespective of how classified documents ended up in the wrong hands, the party to whom the documents were originally entrusted, is guilty of violating the law. Mr. Comey decided he would interpret the existing law to read that to be guilty of violating the law required intent. Where does Mr. Comey have the authority to make that decision. FYI Mr. Comey has no lawful authority to re-interpret existing statutes.

      Mr. Comey violated protocol by inviting HRC’s legal counsel to sit in on the interview that Mr. Comey conducted with HRC. Moreover, Mr. Comey sent the list of questions his office wanted to ask of HRC and allowed her legal counsel to delete any questions that it advised HRC not to answer – not only a violation of FBI protocol but violation of the oath of office. Mr. Comey – sir – works for the American people and has a fiduciary obligation to carry out those duties – none of his duties have anything to fo with protecting HRC.

      We can add to Mr. Comey’s highly questionable, if not thoroughly unlawful conduct, failing to examine HRC’s private server – instead taking the word of the party that servioced the server; then there is the fact that Mr. Comey wrote a memo exonerating HRC of any wrongdoing before the FBI began its investigation.

      You may want to review the correspondence that came to light this AM RE Mr. Strozk who, opened a file on the Trump campaign the day after the Trump dossier was prepared by Christopher Steele and his boss Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS – the dossier that was (and is) a fraud perpetrated and paid for by HRC and her campaign.

      1. First, read the Constitution – only Congress can make, change or repeal laws. These laws enable the various agencies to make regulations so that they have guidelines in how to enforce the laws and how they must obey them. For example, five years ago when the VA scandal broke regariding the treatment delays that were killing and maiming vets, the Code of Federal Regulations required that vets be given appointments within 10 working days of their requests, which could no longer be met because there were too many patients for the caregivers. I, as a disabled vet, got caught up in that, and so when I requested an eye appointment in June but did not get it until November, I had lost enough vision in that eye that I could no longer drive, which made it malpractice. I filed a Federal Tort claim for the actual loss and the additional costs that I would expect during the course of my life time. This was denied where the VA made the claim that its clerks had unlimited discretion on when to set an appointment. This was inconsistent with the CFR, which is also known as Fraud on the Court, so I refied about 2 months ago, and they have 6 months to reply, and I am now asking for a hell of a lot more of your money, and if denied again, will take it to the Federal District Court. To pass a regulation, it must follow the process required under the Administrative Procedures Act (5 USC 553-559), and once passed can be challenged in Federal District Court all the way to the Supreme Court. When Lois Learner denied the non profit status to the Tea Party organizations, they could have taken the government to court to decide whether she had properly or discriminated in her enforcement of the laws regarding non-profit status The organizations did not appeal probably because they did not pass the qualifications set forth in the law, but they personally trashed her to the extent that she took early retirement. To protect the public from such abuse that was charge, anyone can request copies of all documents.
        You are correct in saying the Comey worked for the American people, which implies that he had taken an oath to the
        All employees, no mater who they are or what they are doing are allowed to make private notes, which are not a part of the official records for what ever reason. When I was working at a nuclear weapons plant, I had mine, where I recorded incoming and outgoing calls and their topics and brief other notes and I kept them in an open drawer in my desk where they were probably reviewed when I was not present, and they were put in my box when my contract ended. There is a process by which things are classified and there is a process for removing the classification and no private notes can be classified because they are not an official part of the record. In this case they did not contain any classified information since Comey has not been prosecuted, but are much like all of the other things that this administration complains of as ‘leaks’ which are information which could be made public with a Freedom of Information Act request. They like the current thing with the former aid to Trump who is spilling the beans – things that are embaassing to him but not classified in any way. When any room is not being used for the name on the door and does not have the red light (required) above it on to indicate that a classified meeting is being held, it can be used just to hold a private conversation, such as notifying a person that she has been fired, to deliver the bad news out of the public eye. If anyone violated secrecy it was Kelly.
        Usually when anyone is to be considered to have information that is material to an investigation they are offered an interview first, where they are sworn to tell the truth, and can be accompanied by an attorny – that is also a part of the IRS procedure for conducting an audit, and if they do not appear with a lawyer and ask for one, the interview must be terminated with another interview with the attorney sheduled for later. This fully explains Hillary’s interview. By Supreme Court decision you can always decline to answer (take the 5th) in any situation where there might be criminal prosecution if you tell them what they want to hear.
        You are right in saying that Comey took and oath to the American People,,and that means to no particualar person, which would include Trump. The American people should have an interest in seeing that the laws are faithfully executed without respect to any individual, but Trump does not seem to understand that. The agreement that the recently fired aid signed, was to Trump the candidate and not Trump the president, where the Supreme Court ruled in the 1950’s that all loyalty oaths, even to the US, could not be enforced because they violated the First Amendment, which is one of Trumps real enemies – a Federal Court had order him to let criticisms and comments be posed to his twitter account. This Brings up the now former FBI employees who said that they did not like him before the election. The Hatch Act which has been in effect since before Trump was born is supposed to protect career employs from political influence, which would include protecting them from being fired when they expressed their personal opinions – even to the extent that they did not like someone. Here, the IG found no evidence that their personal beliefs or views interfered with their work, so, again, the attacks were non their persons and even then, the Congress has authority to regulate personal sexual things outside of the workplace, and since they were not caught humping on the job they could not be fired for that, but fired he was. Now, that is a thing that is very ripe for both a civil suit in DC courts, over which Trump has no control and a suit for wrongful termination in Federal Court.
        Trump wants to go back to the good old days of the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1796, where criticism of any public official or policy could and did land people in jail without any of the little niceities of the Constitution such as a trial. Trump ran for Tyrant with absolute powers who was not accountable to anyone for anything that he did and only won the presidency by a quite unpopular majority of the electors, but not the voters.
        This is what I expect to come in Nov. That Trump will, without any substance, declare a state of national emergency and will try to take whatever actions he wants to make sure that only his candidates get elected.
        You, and others should do what the Supreme Court wrote in Merrill v Federal Crop Insurance – come to know the laws so that government employees will not abuse their offices. You are obviously dumb when it comes to the law, but that can be cured by just reading the things that you have access to on the net, because if you do not know and have the opportunity to learn and do not use it you are stupid. I have been reading the law since the beginning of the internet over 20 years ago, and find that more is added every day, so it is impossible for me to know all that there is, but I am at least trying.

        1. A couple of notes

          First, from a fellow vet (USMC) thank you for your service to our great nation.

          Second, I wish you Godspeed with the VA. My father was a WWII veteran and when he was treated by the VA in the 1990’s the quality of VA care in LA was abysmal – they misdiagnosed his cancer and when they finally caught their mistake it was too late.

          Third, you touch on a number of different topics and I’m only focusing on Comey’s malfeasance. While HRC may have the right to legal counsel, the FBI Director is still bound by the law and no, he does not have the authority to make up or change the laws as he sees fit. The laws respecting culpability for mishandling classified information are clear and specific. Mr. Comey’s malfeasance goes beyond his unilateral and unjustified reinterpretation of the laws surrounding handling classified material.

          Mr. Comey, by the very fact that he wrote a memo exonerating HRC before even interviewing her shows what a demonstrably corrupt and dishonest men he is. Mr. Comey submitting a list of questions to her attorneys is also a dereliction of his duty as his failure to have the FBI examine her server instead taking the word from an outside source. His fiduciary responsibility is to protect the American people not protect HRC from her contempt for the law.

          1. Thank you for your service too, and sorry about your dad. I have met more recent vets who have had the same problem with the VA, particularly in cancer diagnosis and treatment. The, we have to also look at the time of his fatal problem with the VA. For Reagan, his big foe in addition to being against big gumment was simply the evil of domestic spending. We do not hear the words any more, but the actions have continued. I was working at the nuclear weapons plant when Reagan wanted to abolish the Department of Energy. Then, with Chernobyl, his bitching about the DOE ended – someone must have told him that 90% of the DOE budget went to nuclear. There had been 3 Mile Island, and finding that the San Onefe plant was on a fault line and other things that may have made contact with reality.
            I read the law a lot – plain English and it makes what has gone on more understandable and makes the prediction of what might happen tomorrow, at least until Trump, more predictable. I think that all of the current laws, regulations and rules on interviews go back to Murphy v Waterfront Commission where the SC ruled that the 5th amendment priviilege applies to civil actions where there are possible criminal prosecutions if a person is forced to testify in a civil matter – this was “On the Waterfront” with the mob involvements. Here, in an interview with a person possibly facing criminal charges, it would make good sense if the goverment provided a list of possible questions in advance so that the person could have a chance to develop an answer that would not be self incriminating before the interview. With Trump, Rudy is demanding that Mueller not have any questions on obstruction of justice, so if Mueller wants to do an interview, he will have to submit questions in advance in order to get the minimal cooperation from Trump. In all legal matters most witnesses are scripted and rehursed and when the witness goes off script the results can be very funny. Such as the IRS employee who obviously went off script and told the jury that the IRS was the favorite government organization of all the people. The laughter was not on the rranscript but could be heard on the tape. The law that might have made her use of the private server required that the prosecution show that the accused had the specific intent to release the classified information to a person without he proper clearance. It was used to get the guilty plea and impose the life sentence on Jonathon Pollard, the Navy Intelligence Analyst of the 8early to mid 80’s who was physically handing copies of reports that crossed his desks over to Isreal where the FBI had pictures of him making copies, putting them in his breif case and physically meeting and handing over he documents to Israli intelligence, so there could be no question about intent. Then there was General Petraus when he was head of Central Command or another agency and he took binders of classified information home to his misstress/biographer – he got years of ‘supervised release’ (probation). Mot recently, the Supreme Court made 18 USC 875c, communicating a threat in interstate commerce, a crime of specific intent in Elonis v US, so it is no longer a slip of the toung – such as “if I could get my hands on you, I would wring your neck”. While I was in the USMC I was duty clerk in the unit that was !stMarDiv S4 – supply, and our CO had a safe in his office with the Div mountout plans so that we could load the 30 day supply of everything on ships if we had to go someplace – the OD came in about 9:30, went into the CO’s office and the place filled with MP’s – I was cuffed to my chair. Then all of the rest of the world showed up including the CG in civies. What I learned the next day was that the safe, which also contained other classified information that was used on a daily basis had been opened early that day so that the 1st Sgt, who also had the clearance necessary, but did not have the combination. The CO Co, a Maj, had gone to a meeting at ElToro and had not made it back, the 2 Capts had been called away and had not returned, and the 1st Sgt had a family emergency and was picked up by an MP car with lights and siren about 3 in the pm, so no one knew where the others were, and the safe door was shut and closed with the wheel but not locked, so all 4 who were supposed to check on each other were gone. I spent the night sleeping on the floor, guarded by 4 MP’s and got breakfast delivered but not in bed, by 10 am they had not found my prints on anywhere that they didn’t belong so all was clear. Nobody got Courts Martialed. The problem was that I have an almost totally photographic memory, and from just what had crossed my desk which had to do with mount out, I had been able to make educated guesses as to what I had not seen. I leaned that a few weeks later when I was in the hospital because of pulled ham-string and one of the Capts came to pay me and we got talking about this excitement, and I got telling him about what I had been able to figure out. Since I did not have the clearance to know what I knew I could not have been prosecuted because I did not officially know, so the next day the Capt came back and told me that I now had a top secret clearance and was not to talk to anyone about anything. When I returned to duty I was made Company gardner where I could not learn more. But from then until I got transfered out of the unit a year later I would get called in to talk about what I remembered with one of the officers, and can still remember some of it over 60 years later. I have continued to do this ever since in all of my jobs and even in my private life – you give me a key word, or an immage or even a smell or something else and it all comes flooding back – flash backs. The bottom line is that mishandline or a Comey put it in his announcement, careless handing of classified information does not constitute a crime that meets the requirement of the law at the time. When Gowdy was investigatting his committee could have made recommendations for changing the law, but that was never even considered, so now we have a 100 year old law that cannot apply to 21st century technology.
            What you are essentially saying that Comey should have convened a Special Grand Jury as has been done by Mueller where Hillary would have been Subpoenad to testify, and where she would have been without counsel, and could have just taken the 5th on all questions just to be sure, and the only way that she could have been forced to testify was with a grant of immunity, but since she was the target of the investigation had immunity been granted she could not have been prosecuted. Regarding the server – in many cases the Government does not have the personnel with the technical know how to do this work with government personnel, just as it does not in most areas of IT or good old Data Processing. During the 1980’s I got several contracts to work on goverment projects at the Denver Federal Center, as well as the one at Rocky Flats because I had the technical skills that were needed just for the duration of the project. Most Government IT projects are actually done by Contractors and that is why our Government IT system is so fragmented and so not even the intelligence agencies have systems that are compatible with any other system. 10 years ago I suggested that there be another Cabinit level for IT that would have the continuity that cannot exist under the current system of relying on contractors. During the past 40 years they have hired contractors to develop systems for almost everything and have gotten nothing in return on most of them because they underestimated the task at hand. The Cheyenne VA can still only access records from the Denver VA in fragmentted form, and to go outside the region is still paper. I got a really blank look when I had to go the DesMoines ER and had my VA ID but I was out of Cheyenne.
            I have discovered a couple of other possible causes of action to get the VA back in line. For example, it does not follow the mandates of the Americans with disabilities act, and it does not have any legal exemption from following it either The ACA does not provide for damages to the person damaged, but they can and have been awarded to people damaged where the entity required to follow the ACA has not. For example, if your city does not provide curb cuts for wheel chairs where they have to under the ACA, and you are in your chair and fall and are injured when you try to cross a street that does not have curb cuts, the city will be liable for your injuries. An easy is example is: My VA disabilitiy is Major Depression/PTSD – for clinic visits for physical problems, including my VA psychiatrist, I get travel reimbursement, but not for the counseling service at the Vet center – they have not adapted to ACA which requires that mental illeness be treated the same as physical illness; vets with PTSD after 9/11 are supposed to get caregivers, but there is no money, but those before that date do not – violation of equal protection of the laws due to an arbitrary drawing of a line in the sand. Failure to treat PTSD resulted in a $3.2 million settlement in favor or another Marine about 5 years ago. When I mentioned these and other things to lawmakers they have quit contacting me, so I must have hit a nerve. I am hoping that someone decides that I am also a threat to national security and sends me off to a country of the same name with a large bundle of taxpayers money. The problem is that I only like to have the money that I need to survive and if I had more I would use it to do things that need to be done to help my fellow man bur are not being done such as housing and services for the homeless to get them back in the workforce rather than throwing them under the bus.

          2. I wish I had time to read your commentary – you obviously care about our country. Unfortunately, I’m working and my business takes so much of my time I don’t have the time to do so.

  11. A low-land gorilla if I ever saw one.
    People keep calling Trump a liar-What has he lied about? No one ever seems to say.
    I’m sorry people but democraps are nothing more than a bad joke.

  12. Elijah Cummings talk about racist what have you done for the black people in Maryland? Not one damn thing but let a white
    cop kill a black man even though the cop was right in what did, then you come out of hiding and can really run you big mouth.” All white cops are racist so on and so on” Quit hiding and do something even if it’s wrong!

  13. The POTUS should answer Rep. Cummings directly. Mr. Trump can point out separating children from their ‘parents’ at the border is the law and the he is following directly the laws and procedures that Mr. Obama’s administration followed. Further, Mr. Trump may also point out that part that Mr. Obama is on the record stating that part of the reason for separating children from ‘parents’ is to intimidate illegal aliens from coming into the country. Lastly, Mr. Trump may want to point out to Rep. Cummings that not all of the ‘parent’s that bring their children into the US are the actual parents of those children. Part of the separation process is to insure that those who claim to be the parents (or in some fashion related to the children) actually are who they say they are and are not someone to abuse or harm them.

    While he’s at it – Mr. Trump should point out that he made a commitment that education reform (i.e., allowing parents to take their children out of failing public schools and place them into charter schools or provide the parents with vouchers so that their children, particularly minority children have the opportunity for a good education and in a safe environment.

    Rep. Cumminfgs, along with the Democratic Party have done nothing to improve the lives of minorities. The Democratic Party and Mr. Cummings for sure, has made their appeal to minorities based on fear, hatred, anger, envy, jealousy and victimhood.

    Rep. Cumming has been a Congressional Representtive for his district in Maryland for decades. The district has shown very little improvement under his ‘leadership’.

  14. If trump’s mouth is open, he’s lying. Even republicans know it. Proven Thousands of lies since taking office. No news here. What is news is the amount of crap his followers will eat while he picks their pockets. Shameful and unAmerican

  15. Another democrats that is am obstructionist. If he could pull up his diapers and pants and stop being a cry baby and do the job that he was elected to do is work to do what is best for every American citizen not illegal immigrants or generation of welfare recipients. Work with the dually elected President instead of going to liberal press and cry and spread your propaganda

  16. they should have hung this sob back in the day , because like pelosi , warren , and maxine , his is brain dead , if you ever listened to the crap that comes out of his mouth , like mccain he uses mlk like mccain uses pow , they rode it all the way to the bank, just what has he done for the black communitte , their still killing each other , you don’t hear him talk about that , i can garenty you , blacks have killed more blacks then the kkk

  17. Having read some of these posts about Cummings being an accomplished Socialist liar, I can’t add a thing. The others here did a very good job of describing that unmitigated lying racist ass.

  18. So Rep Cummings, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SPEAK UP ABOUT THE CHICAGO PROBLEM. White people always told you gotta do more. You haven’t done a thing. So Shut UP.

  19. He speaks in “unknown tongues” politics. ”Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is claiming that President Trump is not a man of his word.” Check out all his accomplishment Mr. Cummings since he took office in 2016. He would do better if all the Democrats would jump on board working together for the greater good of this country.
    I am glad only God can read the heart of Mr. Cummings and yes even the intent. One day were told every knee will bow to God’s justice and love. I would ask Elijah if he is ready to meet Him in his current state of mind?

  20. Cummings, a member of the Congressional BLACK Caucus has no room to call ANYONE a racist. He is a good example of a racist himself.

  21. It was Barack Obama who started the separation of children from their parents and holding of children. The original article that started the whole detention of children issue was from an Arizona paper article in 2014. The paper backed up their claim and admitted it was from a 2014 issue. The children were detained so they would not go to prison with their parents. Obama ignored the law and chose catch and release.

  22. I have seen and heard more Democrats telling their lies constantly for several years. This Cummings man is not only one of the biggest liars but one of the worst racist. He has done nothing for the Blacks. He is just a big mouth who constantly tells one lie after the other. He knows the Democrat party is for slavery and he wants to be one of the big owners. He shows his racism every time he opens his big mouth.

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