MSNBC Makes Vile Statement About Trump

Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC announced on her show that a source in the White House informed her that President Trump is “upset” that he is unable to watch porn in the White House.

“I know someone who spoke to Donald Trump recently about life in the White House, and Donald Trump’s biggest complaint was that he’s not allowed to watch porn in the White House. So, there you go. There’s a little bit of news for you. He’s upset that he can’t watch porn in the White House,” Brzezinski stated.

  1. Anyone who would believe this is a moron. I talked to an anonymous source in the White House a couple of years ago and she said that Obama liked to watch gay porn the the WH. Now if Obama was allowed to watch gay porn why could Trump not watch straight Porn. America is responsible for 65% of porn in the world so surely no one would care if he did watch porn. I mean with us producing 65% of it someone around here is watching and buying it. If it were true and it was News we are in bad trouble.

    1. “Prince” had an archive of porn..he even starred in his own porn…like Pamela Anderson and other women who enjoyed doing it on film…so did Prince…We all loved Prince…with or without his porn…he was a talented musical Star beloved by the world…Much beloved ike Donald Trump.

    2. I will be sooooo glad when they get this piece of crap out of the WH!
      An anonymous source said that while a bunch of Reps were watching gay
      porn Giulani tried to grab Trump penis but he could not find it!

      1. Why would you want Trump out of the WH? You don’t like all the jobs he has created? U don’t like the unemployment %? U don’t like what he doing for the vets? U dont like what he’s doing with NK? U don’t like him trying to secure our border? U don’t like us being respected by the rest of the world? You are not an American if u don’t like what Trump is doing.

  2. they have nothing and they “need something”, Soo they just make it up.Msnbc is not a news organization just a politcal weapon of the left. They certainly giving cnn some competition in the race to the bottom.truly pathetic

  3. Well, I consider myself a reliable source, And I would much rather he watch porn than f&^k interns! But that’s just me. From what I have heard ( from a reliable source ) was that MSNBC sucks donkey c&*ks for ratings!

  4. Mika Brzezinski, I heard from an unnamed source that your man Joe has to watch porn to get it up just so you 2 can have sex.

  5. Why would anyone want to watch a film Brzezinski made when she was in college? Besides I hear from a reliable source that she has intercourse with her pets on a daily basis. (look up the definition of intercourse- see how that works)

  6. Mika is not a creditable source of anything and now she can add prude to her resume. Sex addict clinton and homo obuma and this is what you consider news worthy!

    1. Clinton’s not such an addict
      He just needs “some” on the side
      You can take a look and instantly see
      Hillary ain’t much of a bride.

      Hussein’s not really a homo
      He just likes to ride it both ways
      In the front, in the back, while he talks
      You can keep your insurance, he says.

  7. A reliable source has told me Mika practices SM with Joe because he CAN”T perform. Another source has said your messiah was doing drugs in the Oval Office. Then, how can we forget doing interns in the Oval Office, raping and sexually harassing women in the WH?

  8. President Trump has a wonderful sense of humor and would not be above playing the MSM for the fools that they are.
    I believe that our POTUS maybe knew that this tripe would get leaked to the rabid media. I think it is hilarious. They fell
    for it hook, line, and stinker. It is like the fake story that Shifty fell for. LOL

  9. Mika, I heard recently from a friend of yours, that you give BJs to the camera crew between segments, while Joey gets his rocks off. On occasion, you also do your guests.

  10. I would rather watch porn than watch MSNBC…or CNN…or CBS…or ABC…or NBC…or ESPN…or Bill Maher.

  11. The whole idea is just stupid on two points. I would guess the President of the US can watch whatever he wants in the WH. If there is no cable or internet connection for him, he could send a SS agent out to buy or rent the stuff and watch it on a DVD player. The other is this: I thought they were praising porn? Last I heard, Stormy was their darling. Are you saying now these folks at MSNBC look down their noses at porn stars? So, this whole thing, from an “unnamed source” of course, is just BS…much like their network.

  12. There are two kinds of men in this regard… those who watch porn and the who lie about it. While I doubt the veracity of this stupid story, I don’t care what folks watch, from my next door neighbor to the POTUS.

  13. Mika may as well turn to porn because she is failing as a news host! She doesn’t have a good thing to say about anything. Their whole organization is flopping and they are too stupid to realize it! You would think she is having cramps all the time!

  14. Why don’t they ask that question about their Camelot Kings, Robert and John Kennedy who brought prosittutes into the White House? J. Edgar Hoover confirmed this and since he did provide it they, the media and entertainment pushed a lie from a bitter divorced woman about Hoover being same sex attracted and they have pushed this lie every since.

    1. Bath House BarryOHOMO delighted in MAKING GAY PORN. Research, “Larry Bland, Nate Spencer and Donald Young”.

    2. And when did Trump become a racist? For many years people like Jesse Jackson and al Sharpton loved him. He was never accused of this until he ran as a Republican and won. Now I know that you didn’t know this so instead of staying stupid look it all up and do the right thing. One more thing you like pornography too it may be gay porn but you like it none the less. Question what do you think of the black racist Farrakhan, Cummings, and Lewis just to name a few.

  15. Libtard Dems . Support Killing the unborn, Open borders, MS – 13 Gang , Taxes , War, Perverts , Pizza Gate , Illegals Voting , Dead voting ,Lie ,Cheat , Steal, The Russians are coming ,Fake news , Destroying our Constitution , Anything and everything that is anti American. This is why many Democrats are leaving the Sick perverted Demoncrat party to join with the best President ever. MAGA President Trump !

  16. Hey Little Mika, reliable sources report you were whelped from a swine that fornicated a goat and Little Joey is in fact your Brother.
    How do you feel about this news.

  17. I may laugh at the buffoons who masquerade as objective, but it IS a SAD LAUGH, as it’s NOT really funny. If you listen real close, you can hear the sound of desperation in their comments. They KNOW they are losing.

  18. OK Mika, who is this mythical someone. Why should we even believe someone from MSNBC there is a someone who says Trump can’t get porn in the WH? People watch MSNBC not for the news but for the same reason they would stand on on bridge overpass and watch a train wreck happen. Fortunately, for many of those watchers they get to see one wreck after another. Mika and her bubble headed morning Joe are a train wreck guarantee.

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