What Will Happen If We Pass DACA

Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan believes that if Congress allows the DACA bill to pass it would result in an “increase” of “illegal crossings.”

Homan stated, “These families coming across now will be your next DACA in ten years.”

When asked if DACA being passed would result in a growth of illegal crossings, Homan stated, “Yes, absolutely. My experience is if you look at every time you talk about some sort of benefit whether it is amnesty or DACA even if you set rules up like you have to be in the country for so long people are going to take that chance. So it certainly increases illegal crossings, that’s been proven for the last three decades I’ve been around.”

  1. “What Will Happen If We Pass DACA”? What happened the last time we gave amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in 1985?

    1. We NEED TO BE RESPECTED AS A NATION, AND RIGHT NOW THE ILLEGALS HAVE NO RESPECT VOR THIS NATION, a wall will help that in many ways, the DEMONcrats co not want a wall or borders, a nation without borders us no longer a nation.

  2. It’s time to END the madness called DACA. BUILD THE WALL, pass MEANINGFUL immigration reform and ENFORCE IT !!!!!

      1. Gale – yes, it CERTAINLY would be nice if we enforced all the laws. However, there are currently too many loop-holes as written. We really need a comprehensive review and rewrite.

        1. Yes, there are loop holes in our laws cause our state governments fail to obey them and use them properly and this creates the loop holes you are talking about, it is failure to do what is right.

        2. “Loop holes” as you call them are there to protect people from government abuse the problem arises when corrupt government officials abuse these loop holes instead of following the actual laws.

          I do agree that the immigration laws need reviewed but not in the context liberals want.

          When a person who assisted the US in fighting drug cartels is DENIED legal entry and protection because it was not a GOVERNMENT that was after them thus allowed to be murdered by those cartels while the same liberals insist “REFUGEES” (many that may be the actual terrorists themselves) fleeing a terrorist organization that is also NOT A GOVERNMENT be given special treatment and status bypassing the normal process something needs to be changed.

          But we need to be very careful because like when a certain past president “plugged the loopholes” in the tax code (by removing exemptions carefully designed to force companies to invest in boosting the US economy) the wrong fix would be far more harmful to this nation than simply removing the corrupt politicians and enforcing the law as written.

  3. So-Called DACA Scam will certainly Increase ILLEGAL CRIMINAL CROSSING into our Country, USA, if passed by Weak Congressional VOTE BUYERS.
    Isn’t it odd that Most DACA “Children” turn out to be years older & of course, we MUST accept their version of “age”? NO MORE BENEFITS for Illegals & Please STOP the Illegal DACA Program, NOW!

  4. It will make it much worse as they know they have nothing to lose. The amnesty Reagan gave in the 80’s to 5 million showed them we had no intention of closing the border. The invasion kicked into high gear and continues today. Where are the ,1,500 from that caravan? You can bet they are all here. Close the border, build the wall.

  5. The more accommodations we give to illegal activities, the more of it we will get. Like common criminality, if we don’t punish bad behavior, it only grows and continues.

  6. A country of laws is one in which the law is supreme in moderating the relationships between people and people, between people and government, and between governments and governments.

    When the government refuses to keep the rule of law, it is sending a very loud message that We The People do not have to keep the law.

    When the USA government allows illegal aliens to escape deportation, they are telling legal Americans it is ok to violate existing laws. A country without laws is not a country, cannot be a country. A country is a country because it has laws that established it, that sustain it because they are applied without fear or favor. I have not even one example to show you in respect of a country without laws.

    If the people or the government do not like a law, they must change it through the proper legislation procedures. When the government ignores existing laws and refuses to change the law, they are themselves violating the law.

  7. We do not need DACA or any other benefit to attract illegals to our country let Mexco start their own DACA, why here and not somewhere else. The flood gates are already open and mexcans will go for any opportunity to get what they want which is welfare and welfare food. Mexcans only want to scam us out of anything they can and do not really love the USA. Only white people should live in the USA and not blacks or dark skin people they should all go back to their country of origin and fly their own flag and go to school or work in their own country and only be able to come here on a visa, this would eliminate racial profiling and any other racial issues. We need to go back to our roots and start over.

    1. Wait a minute, sure it was basically whites that came here but the Native American Indian was here first and the blacks came because of slave traders and then others came to become citizens. You cannot claim this country should be only white, that is ridiculous. It has only been over the last 50-100 years that we have had so many illegals show up and done nothing about them. It is not too late to start the process of getting the undesirables out of this country if only the congress/senate would do their job.

      1. White people and the American Indian should be the only people in the USA. We brought the blacks here but sure some came on their own and do not forget the mexcans and the Alamo. If we revert back to white people and American Indian we would eliminate all racial conflicts and the American Indians could all do better and help build our country instead of all these so called people who do not belong here bomb it to pieces. This is the only way it will work for our country to benefit and people coming here on a visa must go back when their time is up and not try to plant any bombs before they leave. Interracial mix does not work here.

          1. No, it is just the beginning and this is what we must do to make it right for all people, God is also white and he is a Jewish and do not say he is a mexcan, only if you want him to be but I have my beliefs also and this racial mix thing will not work and never will people love their own race so they all need to go back and start over in their own country and do what it takes to prosper and leave the USA alone it belongs to the white eyes and American Indian, no one else.

      2. Yes, get rid of all undesirables and that is illegal mexcans and all other brown skin people and black and remember Jesus is a Jew not mexcan so why should they think he mexcan.or black this also is ridiculous , we need to stop prentending and send them all back this is the only way it will work. Let them all prey to their own God.

    2. This land was vacant until the Indians crossed an Ice bridge to get here. Then all others came. This is God’s Land and belong to all People.

  8. The US needs to change the immigration laws first, along with building the wall. Stop all foreign aid to the country’s that send their people to our country. Stop all benefits to illegal immigrants. PERIOD. This will stop the flow of freeloaders that are trying to get in the country.
    We probably have more foreigners on Social Security than Americans. They paid nothing into the system. and are robbing our seniors of the money they put into the system.
    Let DACA expire.

  9. No DACA and no illegals. They came here illegally and they ALL need to go back and come in the proper way. When coming to America they need to be able to support themselves. Our welfare cow needs to dry up. It is time for Americans first!”

  10. For sake of appeasing Dems and Libs and get thaeir votes, you can pass DACA ONLY after finishing the complete wall. At that time , illegals will stop from coming in large numbers and it is safe to forgive DACA already in the country. It is that simple!! Nothing more, nothing less.

  11. It is time to start enforcing the law of the land not what you think is right, our state controllers need to go back to school to learn the law and what it is all about. We are electing people that do not know anything about politics except for what they want, not for the American citizen and all the 50 million illegals living in the USA and the 2 million living in California is a good example it is screw the American citizen and open the flood gates to illegals and help them all thru our good old tax payer system, this is what it is all about especially in California.

  12. If you go to Social Security website, you could learn about the myths and untruths. Illegals & immigrants never get Social Security. They get SSI (supplemental security income). I have to admit, I do not know or understand our budget or exactly where the money comes from or goes to…but just to get the terminology correct.
    link: https://www.ssa.gov/history/InternetMyths.html
    link: https://www.ssa.gov/history/InternetMyths2.html
    Also, just to be clear…we are only a nation if we have laws and we follow them. We need a WALL; we need to NOT TOLERATE ILLEGALS; Illegals need to be deported; DACA needs to be resolved, perhaps by giving them a path to citizenship, like: for the next 10-15 years work on clearing up their records, paying back taxes they probably never paid,(or at least legally paid and credited to a legal US citizen or applicant) making sure they are “good citizens” that we want in this country, make it clear that they have been criminals hiding all this time taking advantage of a mismanaged government, but we are now making laws more clear and adhering to them! NO! They are NOT DISADVANTAGED. They are definitely some of the most ADVANTAGED people in the world by getting away “scot-free” for many years in the most successful country in the world with freedoms unmatched in the majority of other countries of the world!

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